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Pallet Base Coop

My niece and I went to our local Restore and bought a pallet, old siding and other odds and end wood. We spent $15.  We had the plastic sheet for the roof.  The flowers and pots cost more than the materials! ;) But our ducks love it.  Thinking we may need to add on as we may grow the heard soon.   read more

Garage Door Coop

The material for the coop was given to me by my wife when she backed my van into my shop and took out both garage doors. The doors had to be replaced but were not totally destroyed. They are metal on both sides with insulation in the middle. I used all the hardware and hinges to make the bottom swing open for easy cleaning, and the back panels open up to get inside to fill feeders, waterers, and get to the nesting boxes. There are two trailer jacks mounted on each end of the axle, so i can jack the back end up. I hook onto the tongue with the three point hitch on my... read more

Littles Safe Zone

  This is The Little's Safe Zone.  I had been telling DH the a Falcon had been killing my chicks and small Silkies, of course DH said it had to be a hawk.   Well he was home early from work one day and the "Hawk" struck again!! This time it got one of his favorite breeds a "BO " chick was the victim. I chased it down ( looking back I probably looked like a crazy woman to the neighbors ) The "Hawk" dropped the poor chick but it was too late it died in my hand before I could even get it home.   When I got back into the yard DH was standing there and the first thing... read more

Wine Down Coop

In 2013 my wife and I decided to move to the Wine Country of Temecula, CA. We had lived in the city for about 15 years, and were limited to 2 chickens by city ordinance (we had 5). :) During the late summer and early fall of 2014, after many months studying the coops on BYC, I decided to build a modified version of Rick's-Chic-Condo   We decided to put it on one of the only "flat" spots on the property. Working on the front porch. FIL making sure my cuts are true. The walls are up and front porch is... read more

Jumbo feeder by Danny Bahr

  INSTRUCTIONS FOR BUILDING A 6 STATION, ROLLING CHICKEN FEEDER: Mix up a batch of plaster and pour into garbage container to make a mold of the container floor.   After it is set, gently turn container upside down over something soft to break the fall of the hardened mold. Tap lightly if needed.     When the mold falls out, use it as a template for a ¾” plywood copy.   Place a 3” elbow on the outside floor to get an approximate height for your 6 holes to be drilled through the container walls.Mark the 6 locations around the container perimeter and drill with... read more

Converted Backyard Tin Shed Chicken Coop

  Getting holes ready to set the posts for the run       Old window that we bought at a salvage yard.   Frame for the window (frames for the window and door are secured in the tin wall by bolts that run through the wall from the outside to the inside)   Building the door and door frame   Welcome girls!   The completed run     Silver roof and red paint give the coop a barn look.     Heavy duty wire to keep out racoons, etc.     The roost is screwed into the window frame, giving greater stability to both the window and... read more

coop for Easter Eggers and Guineas

We built this 12 x 16 foot coop from scratch.  It has 3 x 12 feed storage area and the remaining 13 x 12 area is separated by removable panels.  We built sandwiched hardware cloth between 1 x 2s so there wouldn't be any sharp corners exposed.  The perches are 1x3 to give them a comfy roost.  We kept the EE and guineas separate until they got use to each other then we took the panel out so they have the run of the entire coop.  The guineas tend to bully the EE but they are rarely in the coop at the same time except at night.       read more

Upgraded coop medium to large

We bought a house a year ago that had a chicken coop already built in to the back fenced area.  I'd always wanted chickens for fresh eggs daily, but never thought I'd love chickens so much.  Since moving in and getting them, I've added to my flock and built onto the coop that was already on my property.    Lucky for me, my awesome father in law's a contractor who's incredibly knowledgeable in constructing and executing his own plans.   Once I asked him to help me do this, this is what he came up with.  I'll start with what we had to start with then add pictures of what... read more

Privacy Fence Coop

This is a coop I made from an old privacy fence and some other scrap wood I had laying around.The paint was the only thing we bought total of about $22.00 The whole side opens for easy cleaning,       read more

Another Harriet's House Coop

I followed an excellent youtube video documenting how to build a Harriet's House Coop.   The link to it is here:  The video shows the size of all the pieces you need to cut. There are one or two size mistakes I found, just be sure to measure the lengths on your coop before cutting, and the details regarding assembling the laying box are a little sketchy, but it's easy to figure out.  The video doesn't address the roof.  I used an online home depot shed construction guide for the step-by-step roofing instructions.   Here... read more

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