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The Renaissance - "A" Frame Tractor Coop

    This is the first chicken coop I've ever made. The bottom run is about 6x6 feet square. The challenge was to not spend anything on materials except for screws, hardware cloth, hinges and latches. We just had a workshop built so I used some of the leftover pine wood (1.5" wide strips) for the framing and I used "free" wood from shipping pallets for the back wall, side panels and coop floor. The initial sketch was this:   Get twice as many pallets as you think you will need. A lot of the boards will split or are already split when pulling them from the... read more


Hi everyone I would like to start this post by saying, neither my husband or myself are carpenters of any kind, by any means. That being said, I think we did a pretty dang good job with our little coop! (After many weekends/evenings of frustration and pondering, and a little help) We wanted to save some money by building our own coop instead of purchasing/having someone else build it. Who knows if we actually did save any money, after what seemed like hundreds of trips to home depot..   Our coop is 5'x4' with 3 external nesting boxes about 13" wide/long each Here... read more

Cheryl's Hen House

Hello everyone! My name is Terry. My wife of 32 years, Cheryl is an incredible cook and has always wanted chickens of her own so she can get those beautiful brown fresh eggs. In the spring of 2016 we brought that into reality. We'll start this story with some photos of the finished coop and run. The coop is 9x8. The run is 9x26. My goals for the project were to build something that would be very functional and ascetically pleasing. I wanted to make sure that Cheryl would be able to tend the chickens as easily as possible and that the chickens would be... read more

Virga's Coop Rehab

Coop with a budget of $200 4' x 12' run 4' x 6' elevated coop   My awesome neighbor @armorfirelady found an old coop from a coworker. My wife and I rehabbed the coop. It took us about 6 weekends of work. I thought it was going to be less work, but never underestimate a wood work project :) The coop was built with scraps and needed reinforcement. Here we removed all the old wire, staples and the bad wood, I reused the old wire to make cages around my plants. Home Depot and Lowe's have discounted lumber piles. As you can see the 2x4 I bought to replace the old... read more

The I've Never Built Anything Before Coop

After many hours of internet research before getting our chickens this spring, I decided to build my own coop. I've never built anything before (learned the hard way that a 2x4 does not actually measure such) but I'm a good problem solver and we had tools in the garage, so I went for it. My husband pitched in but I did the majority of the work. My motto throughout was, "it's just for chickens!" As long as it's secure, they don't mind much if it's not square or Pinterest-able. The one thing that hasn't worked out well is the door at the end of the run. I planned on this... read more

Coup de Grâce

                                read more

"CASA DE POLLO" -- Beautiful & Functional Dream Chicken Coop with atttached Run

CASA DE POLLO" -- Beautiful & Functional Dream Chicken Coop with attached Run Welcome to my chicken coop: "Casa De Pollo"! This is a very beautiful and very functional chicken coop with attached run that my husband made for me (along with assistance from me and our teenage son) based on what I came up with for my "dream chicken coop".   "Our Story:" Our chicken journey started in March of 2015 when the local feed stores had adorable little pullets for sale! I just HAD to have chickens and of course needed a coop. But not just "any coop". I wanted a... read more

The Breakfast Barn

  Hi there and thanks for checking out my coop page!   I am a newbie in the chicken world; I’ve only had chickens for about 16 months. For many years I have wanted chickens but I lived in a community with CC&R’s that did not allow them. Last year I moved to just over an acre of land in an area where everyone has chickens. Needless to say I couldn’t wait to start my brood! My house even came with a chicken coop which I thought was just awesome… Until I realized how lousy it was when I tried to actually use it. It is barely big enough for 3-4 chickens, has one small... read more

Buy the Coop, Build the Run!

After doing intensive research and drooling over all the beautiful coops here I set my sights on having a pretty coop.  It may house chickens and poop but I didn't see any reason not to have something I loved.  However, after realizing that "we"aren't handy enough to build our own, or that a coop online advertised for 8-10 chickens would realistically hold half that many I was lucky enough to come across a local guy on Craigslist who was selling my dream coop (for $2500).  Needless to say my husband put the kaboosh on that, but I was able to work with this guy to build... read more

My "I Had No Plans" Chicken Coop Build!

I am new to chicken keeping but I knew what I needed and then tried to incorporate what I "wanted" !  I decided to attach it to our two stall horse barn so they can free range in the pasture when I'm home.   Protection from predators was very important so I have tried to make sure every inch has double coverage of some sort .  I extended the hardware cloth approx. 1 ft beyond the run and then covered it with large rocks, dirt and then logs from some felled trees. The vents leading to the outside have hardware cloth on the inside wall as well as the outside wall.  I have... read more

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