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Greenhouse to Coop/Storage Conversion

OK, so 12 years ago I built myself a greenhouse, thinking that I was going to grow things all year round. Well, after several years, and less than stellar results, the "Adventure in Horticulture" turned into a great place to store the tools and lawnmower.   Here's what the original greenhouse looked like:               The first step in the conversion process was to clear out all of the plant shelves, tools, and everything else that had accumulated over the years. Then, the building was divided in half, with the coop side walls covered with plywood and the floor... read more

Green chicken coop

My husband & I thought we would try raising 6 hens in our backyard. We have zero experience with chickens, so this will be an adventure We ordered 6 started pullets that will arrive early next month -3 buff Orpingtons & 3 golden buffs Trying to decide how many chickens to get was the hard part. Since we live in a small neighborhood we couldn't let the chicken math get out of hand We did TONS of research on this site & found some awesome ideas & tips! This is the coop we built. Our coop is 4x6x7 feet tall (tallest part of angled roof) Other than the free wood for the... read more

The raised coop

I really didn't have a plan, I just grabbed some wood and started building, overall I am pretty happy with how it came out. read more

Completely recycled wood coop

        I told my dad I wanted to get chickens again and could he help me build a coop. He's always been very handy. My only requirement was to spend no money at all, he had to use what we all had laying around our yards. Here is the finished product! I absolutely love it. He listened and didn't spend a dime. I do have to admit that he's in the construction field so there really was a lot of materials laying around and he's pretty talented. The day he told me he finished it was the day my girlfriend told me her eggs had hatched. Yeah! read more

Our cool colorado coop and fenced in yard.

  read more

Bill's Shed Coop

Here are a few photos of my coop that I made out of a Shed. I started to make a Coop that will do several things First is having Non-GMO meat chickens, egg layers, and a brooder for future meat birds. I started with a used shed that I had installed glass-board on the floor (like a shower wall that is glued on). This I hope will make for an easy clean up. then  I started to install the walls make out of 1/2" PVC piping (which you can see in the photo I just started to design it). This is the wall complete and were the meat birds will go. The second wall is complete... read more

Actually our chick nursery

Here it is, our new chick nursery. Here they will grow until they are old enough to join the big girls. It was completely free! We used pallets, lumber from a job sight that was headed for the dumpster. The tin and fencing was some that we have harvested from around our own land. The brooder box was given to us from a neighbor, it used to be a rabbit hutch. Allot of elbow grease and 3 weekends worth of work isn't to bad for a free coop and we love it!       read more

Plasic Shed Chicken Coop

I'll start out by saying that this post is one of the main reasons I joined BYC, as I'm not much of a blogger / social-media kind of guy. But I wanted to share my chicken coop experience and design since I couldn't really find much when I looked into it, but figured there are plenty of others with the same questions I had. Originally, my plan was to just build a coop and run out of 2x4's and plywood - like you do. But I had some concerns with keeping it clean. I was looking at a 4ft x 6ft design so my 6 birds could have 4 sq ft each inside - which seems to be the rule... read more

Modern Surreal Coop

  I'm not sure any of the layout/designs I started with will be helpful? Would definitely need to revamp using dimensions of window you obtain. I found a couple very cheap windows on craigslist. I thought it'd have a garden top at first but then decided that'd be too high to maintain. My wife and I were looking at homes of the surrealists. Frida Kahlo's house (colors mainly) definitely influenced. Had to get rid of a nice bit of shrubbery first. Shame to see it go but the roosts were made from the branches. Recycle right?! Attached the floor and the roof to... read more

Our Florida Coop!

  Here is our coop that my crafty husband built. We currently have 6 girls, about 4 weeks old. They spent their first night in it last night and seem to love it.   We wanted it tall enough to walk into so we can get in and out of easily. We live in Southwest Florida, so we needed to consider all the predators that might try to get in.       He dug a trench all around the base and put bricks in to prevent critters from being able to dig underneath.                  We wrapped the sides with hardware cloth, this has pretty small holes so... read more

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