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Rubbermaid Tub Chicken Brooder DIY

Hello, I am a new chick mom. Never had chickens before, so am really new at this. But am LOVING it already. I have been learning what I should and shouldn't do with the 'girls' over the last few weeks before we decided that we could do it. Asked all my friends who raise chickens everything I could think of.   This was an easy to make Chicken Brooder. Just a few items needed. All supplies were cleaned, disinfected before assembling. A large plastic Rubbermaid tub I used for the brooder box. Used a jig saw and cut the opening in the lid. Then drilled small holes where... read more

Coop in the burbs.

  read more

The Nordic Hare Pen

As the name would suggest, this structure is actually used for keeping a rabbit (and later her offspring), but with some minor modifications, I think this would work great for chickens too, so I thought I'd write up an article on the build. If it were to be used for chickens, I think 4-6 birds would gladly call it home.     The pen has a 10½ foot (3.15m) by 4½ foot (1.35m) footprint, and offers about 80 square feet of floor space on two levels. At the moment, only one bunny lives in it. Be sure to check out my coop page too, the Scandin-Avian Coop.   7.4.2015... read more

shipping crate for basic framework

  • by gypz

I was looking for an inexpensive way to build another coop. Wood is expensive and I couldn't find free stuff. I found on Craigslist a sign company that sells large shipping crates for $10.00 to $30.00 just to get rid of them after shipping. I went there and found a great 4x7x7 with the metal straps still intact. $20.00! I built a screen door and some boxes and am in the process of painting it. I am very excited and will post before and after pictures soon! read more

Quick and easy 5 gallon waterer

  • by RonP

Had to leave for a few days, needed a quick and easy way for the flock to have extra water.                               read more

Using Cedar

I understand that using Cedar is not recommended for bedding because of the fumes that Cedar gives off.  But how about using Cedar for the siding and trim on your chicken coop? read more

Little Yellow Hen House

We finally finished our chicken coop! Yay! Check out the entire process at my blog: Pedicures and Powertools :)           We still have several finishing touches and a run to add but overall the majority of the project is finished and I love it so much!  read more

Our large coop for 6 hens

Took forever to build but totally worth it! read more

Downton Coop

(The coop (the red building on the left) in the process of being built) My chickens: Mary, Edith, Cora, Mabel… all characters from Downton Abbey, which explains my very weak attempt at a pun as the title of this page   When I finally convinced my reluctant parents to allow me to get chickens, I moved right into action as far a preparations. The priority was establishing a decent living space for them- but my biggest mistake was not judging the amount of time it would take.    I knew I wanted the following things A walk-in coop An easy access cleaning door A... read more

Southern New Jersey Cluckingham Palace

Living on less than 1/4 acre in a housing development I was unsure of my immediate neighbors' reactions to chickens in the back yard.  Most neighbors have what we call "party yards" complete with in-ground pools, barbeque pits, cabanas, bars, umbrellas and potted palms.  Our yard is the only "farm yard" in the entire development.     Our first coop was a small (VERY small) coop that I found on Craigslist.  DH added a nice run for our 2 then 4 pullets.  The entire coop/run was so small that we would go outdoors as often as possible to garden while the chickens free... read more

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