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            This is a recent renovation of our previous coop.  We expanded the run to triple its original size which allowed for more shade and happier hens!  Then we removed the "box" portion where the girls slept and nested.  We built the new hen house outside of the run and at my waist height for easier cleaning and access.  Instead of using the space under the hen house for more covered run area, I asked my husband to enclose it and create a storage space.  Loooove having a secure spot for feed, supplies, tools, etc right there where I need it.   This is... read more

NorCal CC

Here’s the finished product.  Cost about $1,500 (I was shooting for $500 - Oops).     Here’s the story of the build:   Buy house in Northern California.   Think it would be nice to have chickens.   Don’t ask wife.   Buy chicks.     Google.    Discover  Learn first mistake people make is to buy chicks before coop is built.   Google more.   Decide on small coop inside a big run.   Something like this:     Buy coop (from antique store for $185).   Try to figure out plans for run.   Give up.   Continue... read more

Omak Chicken Coop.... "Fort Omak" as dubbed by Sally Sunshine

Below is the link to my 4 month build...  Many ideas taken from builds by members on this forum...  Thanks for your ideas...     read more

Our little almost done coop

Heres a picture of our coop with the doors on one side open. Easy access to everything. Doors on other side also. Windows in doors open also. Plus we made some insulation panels to fit in the windows on cold nights. Coop all closed up for the evening, with wheels on. Is kind of a chicken tractor, run is separate, pictures will come when run is done. Coop plugs into extension cord with two switched lights and a couple outlets to boot. Those come in handy. read more

Red Door Inn

This coop is 4 x 8 with a run on right 12 x 8, a run on left 10 x 8. read more

Playhouse/Shed conversion

I'm not quite sure how this is going to work out, but I'll give it a shot. The coop is aprox 6' by 6' and the run is 6 1/2' by 12 1/2' All preditor proof (probably shouldn't have said that) In the middle of July, I decided to convert my old kids playhouse, that I took down off of the stilts and have been using to store STUFF. So, the first thing I had to do was to reside it and put a rain proof roof on it. So I cut all of the pieces and painted them. They went over the top of the barnboards, which did not keep the rain out. Then I started on a plan to have a... read more

Incredibly Cheap Small Space Feeders and Waterers

“ There isn't any room for the chickens!”   Yes, that was my first thought after we had placed the just purchased typical red and white waterer and it's look-a-like feeder in our newly built coop.   “What to do, What to do?”   The old expression “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” set me on the path to create more “size suitable” waterer/feeders for our small coop and our new family members.   The first was this Hanging Waterer -           This waterer was constructed from an empty Schweppes Tonic Water bottle. First, two smallish holes were drilled... read more

Carrie's Coop

Carrie's Coop 2013-2014     The Criteria-  Had to be better than the neighbors box chicken coop and easy to clean.  Could hold 15 chickens.  Easy too clean without bending over.  Gather the eggs from the outside.  Predator proof from Racoon's, Coyotes, Hawks, and Dogs.                       This is the model my wife Carrie wanted.         Carrie From the model 1.  Off the ground for predator control. 2.  Outside access to nest boxes. 3.  Cleaning without bending over. 4.  Slopped roof for snow load. 5.  Sliding windows for ventilation.   Changes from the... read more

Aussie coop

A few pics of the coop, made out of steel struts and bracing, coop out of ply, metal roof. Cheers read more

Country Barn Chicken Coop

We decided to get chickens in spring this year (2014). We ordered 4 RSL pullets, then decided we had better get cracking on the coop. Here is the finished coop:   We used TSC's plans for the How The Chicken Crossed the Road Coop, but we played with it a fair bit. We started with a square frame (sorry, we didn't take any pictures early on!). Then we cut all the wall, door, and 2x4's we needed (labelling them carefully!) The next step was to attach the walls to the frame. 2x4's in the corner added extra bracing, then we put on legs on the outside, as well as... read more

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