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Scribe Fit Coop

  Heading out to get logs for the coop. First pack a trail. It helps to stay upright. Find some nice trees Pack side trails to the trees. The key is to keep all your log skiding trails downhill and as straight as possible. I have learned it is well worth your time to wait over night so they are hard. If the weather is over -10 C don't even bother trying to skid logs with a skidoo. I have a Lewis winch that attaches to my chainsaw to move the logs to the sled and trail. Winch slowly and don't get them in a bind. 2 logs ready for their ride.  Waiting for... read more

"BPRducks" Duck Coop

        Well, I had a bit of a challenge when looking for designs for medium to large duck coop.  It appears that duck geared designs are sparse online; everything is designed for chickens!  I've decided to include some details regarding my particular design for duck housing to help you if you're working on building yours.  This coop is designed to have an inside area (nighttime and if the ducks want to warm up in the cold new england winters) and an outside area where they can make a mess and catch some sunshine/insects.   Just to put things in perspective,... read more

New "Chick-Inn" Coop Design

Well, the story of my chicken coop begins w C....list, where I got ripped off from a builder, so my husband and I had to build our own.  However, being handicapped, it took a few church brothers to putt the ground in and the roof on and us two old gimps did the rest.  I don't have the myriad of pictures that most people have that include all the steps.  I wish I had had the energy to run up the steps to grab the camera, but I'm just glad to have finally got it built.   We looked at designs and talked w/ our "builder" for a few months, and our final product is an... read more

Converted Playhouse

Almost as soon as we built our first coop/run, we decided it was going to be too small (because...chicken math). We had a mixed flock of 8 pullets and 1 roo (Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, and Barred Rocks). Over the past couple of months we looked and looked and tried to figure out what we wanted to do- use a shed and convert to a coop? A deer stand? Buy a coop from someone? Something else? So, we found a 4x6 playhouse on Craigslist and made plans to modify it to be a chicken coop.   My husband (god love him....he is handy and patient too!) did all the hard... read more

The Challenge Coop Project

  MY CHALLENGE COOP A story of ambition, perseverance and a rampant inner Martha....   Once upon a time -- as tales of toil and triumph often go -- there was a couple who, at last, moved from the city into the country where they envisioned and dreamed of growing their own vegetables and raising chickens in their September years.   The following (long and very detailed) is what ensued and the endeavors from scratch to get a chicken coop built.     It all started with a simple suggestion from my husband:  "Why don't you hatch some eggs and build a coop?"  Alas,... read more

Cheep N Peep's Chicken Bomb Shelter

Yes! This is where you can learn to make a bomb shelter for chickens! Because they need one, right? Yeah! O.K,  but seriously, this coop is at least racoon proof. And the bear has shown no interest, so...   The coop is 4'x7'.   Our backyard is a hill. A hill that happens to be covered in a dense forest of pine and scrub oak that is nearly impenetrable. We do have paths that the dog created:     ..... but still. Our front yard, also a hill, while not forested,  was also not fenced in. I made the decision to put the coop on the only  grassy/flat patch in the... read more

Our Chicken Coop / Dog House

My husband, John, built our house all by his self (I was 5 months out of back surgery) and since we had 8 dogs at the time, we needed a dog house.  When we finished our house he immediately built this. It has the same foundation and rebar in the footings as our house. The dog house it self is 10' x 14'.  It has electric and recessed lighting and is plumbed for water. We did only put a 8' ceiling  I don't they mind much. We find carpet remnants and put on the floor on the dog side and they have our old leather couch that they sleep on.  On the chicken side there is press... read more

Hoop Tractor

I've tried a number of tractor designs to allow for growing out chicks in a safe way, while taking advantage of all the benefits that a chicken tractor offers. This is my latest design, hopefully easy to understand because I took a lot of pictures as I built it. I have made these in 8x8 and 8x12 versions. This one is 8x12 and the size I recommend unless you are really cramped for space.   Here are some pictures of the finished project:             And these are detailed pictures of the construction: Cut angles 8 inches back on both ends of 2 - 16'... read more

Crazy C Farms Coop

Our coop has been a while in the making. A lot of talking, dreaming, and planning. My wife thought I was crazy (still does) but she is starting to like the girls. Little C, she LOVES them!    Our coop is 4x8 with a 16x8 fully enclosed run. I did not have a set "plan" drawn out. Most of my plan was in my head from looking at numerous BYC coops. I am hoping this thread will be as helpful as the ones I looked at.    In the process, I have learned a lot. My carpentry skills are limited at best. Next time, I am going to run the 4x4s for the coop legs all the way... read more

Our Chicken Coop Gors Through Changes

Our Chicken Coop Goes Through Changes Our 1st coop .4 foot x 4 foot Next we added a permanent run with a partial roof on top over the raised coop Snow came in the part that wasnt covered with roof did have a tarp over it ..which had to be cleaned off .. so it didnt wasnt totally inclosed so it didnt keep heat in and melt the snow off like a hoop coop does    Nesting boxes were in the run     the next year we decided to put a roof on the whole run we added boards on the sides and the run became our coop   the old coop became our... read more

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