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First chicken coop for our first chickens

This is our first chicken coup for our first chickens.  I looked at some designs on here and took the ideas I liked and this is what I came up with.   The first weekend on the project all we did was the foundation.  The foundation area is 8' x 12'.  We also laid chicken wire under the dirt to prevent predators from tunneling in. Now on to the build.  The front is 6'6" and the back is 5'6". The coop it self is raised 30" of the ground and is 4' x 8' wide.     I put the window in for ventilation on nice days.  I will be putting a hinge on the board I cut... read more

Half Monitor Style Coop and mini greenhouse

Our Coop was built this spring with help from a contractor and my husband.   We built a 12x16x8 Coop using the base plans from the book How To Build Chicken Coops on Amazon   From there we poured a concrete base to attach the coop to.  We live in the middle of the prairie and corn fields so wind is a problem in the winter.  The north, west, and east sides are insulated.  All of the inside was painted with deck paint in ultra white.  It is bedded in the deep litter method.     Because I'm an avid gardener and wannabe homesteader, we decided to make the first... read more

Chicken Playhouse on Wheels

We've wanted chickens for a while and finally made the move this year. Although our city ordinances allow hens in the backyard, if the neighbors complain you have to get rid of them. Faced with this stipulation we designed a chicken tractor to look like a kids' playhouse. Hopefully we'll win over our neighbors with the cuteness.        In that we live on 1/4 acre we can't have our chicks free-range all the time. (That said, I do realize that we will be sacrificing a section of our lawn to the chickens, We're not naively hoping we can keep our lawn even with the... read more


      Because I work Mon through Friday, the time I was able to spend on this project was limited to weekends (weather permitting).  Prior to starting, I spent a lot of time researching and talking to friends who have chickens to try and come up with a plan we would be happy with in the long run.  This picture was taken after the first weekend.  At this point, we had the framing complete.  All of the materials used for the floor were pressure treated, as they will likely come in contact with moisture from rain as well as chickens.  The walls were constructed with... read more

Wichita Cabin Coop at a Mile High

This spring, my neighbors brought home 5 terribly adorable australorp chicks. Our county had recently passed an ordinance saying anyone not in an HOA could start their own mini chicken farm - WOOT! I had been researching keeping chickens since the neighbor mentioned it in passing the prior summer, but I was still on the fence about whether I could commit to any more creatures (we have 4 dogs, a bearded dragon and a huge reef tank). Watching those chicks grow the past few months and reading up every (and I mean every) post on BYC, I realized there were a whole lot of... read more

our first attempt in building a bear proof coop (or hopefully a bit more secure)

we started framing with plates on both sides to make secure joints,  and we had no set plan just thought this would be nice and all fell into place.  My wife and I enjoyed our joint project, she had suggestions and we tried to make it happen.                                     read more

Nanaimo Coop

We borrowed the idea from the California coop on this website  A concrete outer foundation with an inner 1/4 wire mesh floor covered with sand was used as a floor Our Columbian Rocks  use a "poop blanket" underneath their chicken roost .  The blanket is emptied every morning into the compost.  Sand is used for an inner bed through out the coop.  The poop can be emptied much like a cat litter box.  So far no smell  :) The nesting boxes are on the side of the hen house.  A carabiner is... read more

Pallet Ritz

So, I work at a school co-teaching 3 and 4 year old special needs children mixed in with general ed. Summer started and I was completely bored. I have had chickens before(every Easter) but never for long term. I convinced my husband I needed a project for the summer and he agreed to 5 chickens... I started collecting pallets off Craigslist for the wood and doing research on coop needs as well as chicken breeds. You can never learn to much. I quickly learned pallets are not easy to break apart and borrowed a chop saw from my wonderful neighbor to finish cutting the... read more

With left over materials diy'ed our leg horn home accept the fencing

  • by cb75

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Self buit coop/shed conversion

Hi everyone,   I have a large shed at the bottom of my garden and have converted about a third of it into a coop for the winter months and for when we have excessive bad weather. The shed is approximately 13'X8'.   This is how it started out...     I bought some cheap wood and some off cuts of plyboard from a timber merchants and sectioned off a third of my shed by building a frame for my winter coop in the left hand side.          I used some thick, rigid wire mesh for the window to allow ventilation and built a door with two sliding bolts to keep the coop... read more

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