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My Kozy Koop!

I got the brilliant idea of building a coop this summer! Having no carpentry or chicken experience, my husband chuckled.  I figured I could do it in a weekend but I spent every weekend and evening for 3 months.  The husband was impressed  and so am I actually!   I went into it knowing I wanted a hutch style coop for silkie chickens.  It is fully insulated 4 x 8 hutch with a hardware cloth 12 x 12 hardware cloth enclosed run.  There is full electrical with 2 outlets inside, a bathroom ceiling fan for ventillation & an outside light.  In our harsh Canadian prairie... read more

Our [Cheap] Log Chicken Coop

  Our [Cheap] Log Chicken Coop 2015 Chicken coop design contest   - - -   This is my first post on this site so please be patient and hopefully I do this correctly! I thought I already posted about my coop but as I can't find it, I likely didn't succeed! Here is attempt number two!   BACKGROUND INFORMATION My parents moved from the beach to a five acre hobby farm in 1998 and one of the first things my dad did was to order 100 day old ring-neck chicks and build a pen in our garage until they were teens and then he made a large outdoor run with a pre-built shed... read more

Myrtle House

The most unusual thing about our coop design is that it is built above a 1,200 gallon cistern which fills off the coop roof and the garden shed roof next to it. Since the plastic tank isn't strong enough to hold the weight of the coop, the first step was to surround the tank with four inches of reinforced concrete for the coop's foundation. The windows in the front are old retail display case tempered glass in aluminum frames and the larger windows on both sides are salvaged from a remodel of my own house. The human door is such an odd size I had to start from scratch... read more

TR&G Coop

I am an all around animal lover. My parents....not so much. Every house hold pet was either brought in through guilt tripping (death of a hamster led to a rabbit, death of the rabbit led to cockatiels...) or snuck in under false pretenses (we are just watching this kitten until my friend can take it! I swear!). So it's not surprising that as an adult, I've been exercising my right to have any pet I have the means to take care of.   At some point last winter I decided I wanted chickens. I had been poking around this site and it convinced me that I should probably own a... read more

Repurposed and scrap material coop

Let me first apologize for my lack of building skills, I am not a carpentar.  As you read this post forgive me carpentry mistakes.  I hope to show that if I can do this anyone can. 6 months ago my wife mentioned starting a chicken flock in our suburban neighborhood and I told her she'd need a different husband.  That changed to, I'll build the coop, then I'm out and you're in charge.  Now I might be more excited about this whole project that she is. I wanted to build my own coop because that is fun for me.  I also wanted to try to do as much of it as I could with free,... read more

Cluckies Coop

Thanks goes out to the builders of the original Wichita Cabin Coop for the basic design. Also to the reverse WCC, and countless coops on this sight.  Now we have finished our coop in Minnesota, Yey! The build went well, my husband did most of the work, I tried my best to get in the way . It took a couple of months and I haven’t added up the cost, but it is well over 1k, I quite counting (yikes).  The coop is slightly bigger than the original WCC as we have 6 chickens instead of 5. The girls seem to like it. The hen house is insulated. We placed the coop by a row of pine... read more

Recycled Shutter Coop

When I decided that I was going to get chickens, I knew I had little money to spend on a coop. I had to put my creative mind to work. While I was rummaging under my parent's house for scrap wood, I notice my mother had stored her old shutters that were recently replace. 'Ding', IDEA!   So, I sawed the shutters in half which gave me, 6 for the sides and 2 for the back, giving me a roughly 5'x3' coop. I laid bricks on the ground for the base of my coop with chicken wire on top. The entrance is the base from my dishwasher delivery (basically a 2'x2' frame). The run is... read more

The Great Pacific Northwest Coop

We took the plunge into backyard chickens this year (2014) and it's been great. Here's a quick look at our coop and the construction process involved. We live in Spokane, WA.     We started our build by selecting a spot close to the house with access to water and electricity. I highly recommend making plans for water and electricity during your build.               Get your coop built early in the spring! We bought the chicks and decided to buy a coop to save some construction time. Found this one on Craigslist from a local DIY builder. I planned out the... read more

My Greenhouse Coop

The original greenhouse built in 2012 from a Sunglo kit.   We sectioned off the back 5 feet of the greenhouse and added a sliding door to the garden outside.     The greenhouse bench serves for storage and a place to grow fodder.     The roost and poop hammock.     Enjoying a break from foraging.    View from the front door.    The view from an upstairs window ... I can see my flock is in out of the rain :)  The raised beds have hinged covers that can be closed to keep the chickens out when I have crops growing or opened to let them forage at... read more

cirque de poulet

  read more

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