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Cat-proof brooder

Close up of how I attached the hardware cloth: read more

School Bus Chicken Coop

When my husband moved back home to Missouri from Colorado, he found it was cheaper to purchase a used bus than rent a U-Haul one-way.  He considered converting it to a camper, but it has been sitting in this spot for about 7years and vandals broke out a lot of the windows, so I claimed it for my chickens.     I removed the tracks off of the floor and swept it out.  I also removed all of the windows and rearranged the glass panes to have as many unbroken working windows as possible.    Here most of the windows have been reinstalled with most of them together along... read more

6x10 Shed to Coop conversion

      We just really started this past weekend, but we replaced T111, replaced the roof, put in a new window for ventilation and painted. Next we'll be doing the inside, which will have a three foot sections fenced off for storage, a roost, outside nesting boxes and a place for my ducks. Any suggestions on duck placement? I am pooping a poop tray under the roosts so my ducks don't get poo'd upon. We have two Welsh Harlequin female ducks, one Black Australorpe, One Barred Rock and one Golden Wyandotte hens. They will have coop space to themselves of about 6x6 and... read more


16 feet long 8 feet wide chicken heaven read more

Combination Duck House/Manger

Here on the hobby farm homestead, I was tired of everything looking... well... utilitarian. The coop is inside a dog run, and it's big as a shed. Some of my rabbit cages (for birthing and growing out kits) occupy part of the same 20'x25' dog run, which is enclosed by 7' tall chain link fencing. So, when I decided to add ducks to the menagerie this year, I looked at my biggest resource-management issue: hay/straw storage. I needed space to store enough bales of straw to take care of the farmstead, and also to hold the hay I feed to my rabbits. At any given time, I have a... read more

Coop space?

I have a chicken coop 4 feet wide and 8 feet long and 6 feet high! And a run that is 8 feet. By 12 , what is the most amount of chickens I can keep in here? read more

Jim's Coop Design

4X10 run with a 4X4 coop.  2 nesting boxes on back.  Front door of coop is split, top half opens for checking on hens, water, feed or whole door opens for easy cleaning.  Vinyl floor in coop makes for very easy cleaning.   read more

Icebox Coop

This is called the Icebox coop which we might try making for a duck house. So excited to start making it!! 😄           I got this from the book Reinventing the Chicken Coop by Kevin McElroy & Matthew Wolpe At my local TSC store.     read more

Shipping Dunnage Coop

      I was recently given a couple of 45" x 48" shipping totes.  My son and I set about looking for a way to create a durable, but ultimately cheap, way to turn these totes into coops. Above is the first tote before any modification.   Two strips of 2x2 wood were screwed in through the sides of the tote.  These were spaced to allow 5-gallon buckets to rest level with the back end against the back wall of the tote.   I cut the backs out of three 5-gallon buckets to use as nest boxes.  A small lip was left on the bottom edge of each bucket.  The buckets were... read more

Central Quack - Duck Run

Last year, I took my first journey into duck ownership. Or is it that my ducks own me? Either way, I found myself ordering two female Blue Swedish ducklings and patiently (I use that word loosely) waiting for them to arrive.     They stayed inside until they were old enough to handle the outdoor temperatures. As they grew up, it was time for me to build their outdoor home!   Supplies picked up!   Walls built.   Even picked up a FREE 100 gallon pond - BRAND NEW! Did I mention it was FREE!?     Adding the screen.   Girls were wondering if their run... read more

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