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Hilltop Hens

                                                             Here she is... in all her glory. Our new Chicken Coop!                                                   After LOTS of research ( much of it on here at BYC ) - rehashing plans MANY times and lots of troubleshooting. This is the final product!   Time to build: 3 Months ( including all finishes) it was about 5 weeks till the ladies moved in. (Wo)Manpower: One Dad, One Better Half, One Mom, myself (a Girl with a Dream) and our trusty 4 legged foreman phoebe!  Total Cost: Just under $2,000.00  ( we also... read more

MN-Hardy 7'x8' Chicken Coop with Attached Run

On April 25, 2015 my husband and I packed up our kids and our dog (she travels with us wherever we go) and drove to pick up our very first 1-2 day old chicks. We had waited close to three years after moving into our current house before deciding that this was the right time to get our chickens. We were all very excited when the day finally came to go and pick up our chicks. Our dog was very interested in the faint rustling coming from the box.   The previous winter was filled with researching (chickens, coop types, coop construction, how to care for chickens, etc.)... read more

Sunset Ledge Farms Chicken Coop Design (Lots of Pictures)

Sunset ledge Farms Coop Design Hello Everyone this is my coop design. it took a year to complete the coop because of set backs but i wouldn't change it for the world.  I put a lot of thought and time into this coop to make it the way i want it and make it easier to clean too Cost was well over $3000.00 i went a little overboard yes i know but the chickens mean the world to me lol. And the sad part is i am not even finished!   It all started with a plan scratched on a piece of paper: Dimensions for the whole thing is 12' x 24' for the coop its 12' x12' This... read more

Urban Mother-in-law Suite

Urban Mother-in-law Suite   Material List 4- 2x6 12ft     14- 2x4 12ft     2- 1x6 12ft      4- 1x4 12ft    3- 3/8 bc plywood   3- 7/16 osb  1- 3/4 bc drip edge, tar paper , shingles , 1/2 hardware cloth, nails , door hard ware, screws, and a Pocket hole joiner This project took me 4 weekends and between $400-$500.  The Level of build is a little more difficult as I am a carpenter.  It will hold 8-10 Chickens depending on the size run you put on the back. This coop was designed for a warmer climate. If your in a colder climate you put plywood instead of hardware... read more

The tall and climate proof coop built to accommodate bot chickens and Guinea Fowl Needs,

Pictures coming soon read more

Our New Fancy Coop - Coopmom56

This is the story of our new coop. Our grown kids call it the chicken palace. My coworkers say I can rent it out for $800 a month on AirBnB, and my stepmom wants to stay there when she comes to visit. My husband looked at a few plans, listened to what I wanted, and worked from a design in his head, so I have no plans to upload for you. Hopefully the pictures will tell the story. He is a freak about leveling and "squaring up". If I held the measuring tape/post level/straight level once, I held them a thousand times. But the result is an awesome coop that should last... read more

My coop - 4X8 urban chicken coop.

Here is the very beginning of my coop, a simple 4 by 8 foot structure to house up to 5 standard size chickens.     More to come as we progress. The staining is only partially finished and we hope by next week, to have a roof!           read more

4 X 8 coop build

Lets see if I can make this work. some pics of my coop build. 4 x 8 floor. 1" ext plywood, Layer of insulation, another 1" exterior plywood.     Framed for 36" left hand outswing door, 3 windows, chicken door, exhaust fan and vent.       Walls sheeted and insulated.   Ramp, window and vent coop exterior nearly finished. Need to tie it down and cover ramp to keep rain/snow from blowing in.     Coop interior nearly finished (trim work) Walls and ceiling insulated. Walls finished in glassboard Roost, ramp, vent, and auto door.   second,... read more

Farmer’s Acre Large Green and White Chicken Coop with Attached Turkey Run

Farmer’s Acre Large Green and White Chicken Coop with Attached Turkey Run There are a few videos and a few pictures that show what the coop looked like before we gave it a fresh coat of paint.  Also some pictures of the chickens and turkeys that went in the coop. This coop was already on the property when we got there but we revamped it to fit our needs. I hope these videos might give you an idea of what you can do with what on the property.             read more

Farmer’s Acre Red and White Chicken Coop Tractor

Farmer’s Acre Red and White Chicken Coop Tractor There are two videos that show the coop before we sold it.  These were the only pictures that we had of this one.  Once again I didn’t save the plans.  My wife is going to kill me for that.  She really liked this coop, and I know I will have to build it again someday. It was a really neat coop especially if you don’t have much room in your yard.  Having it on wheels made it very easy to move.         read more

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