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Atlanta, Georgia Urban Chicken Coop!

  Hi everyone! My wife and I purchased a home approximately 2 miles away from the downtown Atlanta Capitol in the Grant Park area. A couple friend of ours live in the same neighborhood and their house came with a chicken coop. We were completely shocked at the fact that backyard chickens is a thing! Once we visited and saw how awesome their coop is, we were immediately hooked. My wife loved the idea of having fresh local eggs, her background is public health and nutrition. With a background in mechanical engineering, my thought was how fun it would be to build a... read more

My backyard Coop

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First very small coop

So it says i don't have permission to put a picture.  So i'm supposed to just talk about it?? I used scraps and put what I needed together until I could get a larger coop ready.  I would like to enter that coop and plans in the coop contest.  Just don't think it will ever happen.  I wish I could make myself give up.  I have worked on this for days. read more

My little coop for my 4 girl

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Jared's Sloped Coop!

I wanted chickens for several years, but didn't start the process until a couple of years ago. I started researching online, and I found this wonderful site. Over the course of a summer, I built the coop; using materials my Dad brought home from work.                         I usually worked on the coop at night, with music, and beer.   (What could be better?  ) The coop was built in the garage, thus the ability to build at night. Moving the coop, once it was finished was the hardest part. Those lawn mower wheels were used beyond their capacity and failed.... read more


  • by Skitz

I will try to build an incubator :) I was thinking about buying one online, but the good ones run about $200+  so I will see if my 'KYDLE-Bator' is worth building!  please stay tuned and I will update as I make progress! Thanks.  I will be making two versions of this incubator, one will be a regular styrofoam cooler you can find at walmart (or where I will be getting mine which is United Supermarkets) which will be named 'KYDLE-Bator 01' and the other I will build from scratch out of wood so I can make it however I want to instead of being limited to the dimensions of... read more

Scrap Coop

        This was a lean too a year ago. Nothing was square or planned on it - ugly but manageable. I took what it offered and closed it in with raw lumber, added a front door and a horizontal rectangular floor door in the rear to let the birds out daily in the fenced summer run. We also added a winter run to the right with a polycarbonate roof which I hope generates heat in the winter and allows the bird to scratch around in the dirt here in northern Michigan. Last winter they just sat in the coop all winter and got frost bit - not good. Only one bird (EE) went out... read more

Dallas Urban Coop - Single Slope Design

My coop took about 3 weeks. I designed and built it myself (37yo woman) with no help at all. Literally none. And it's the prettiest coop I've ever seen!       Built/planned for 4 hens. It's 4' x 12'. Coop is 4x4 and raised 24" above ground. 6' tall.  Total cost - approx $800   Materials: Screening - bottom 2' is hardware cloth, top 4' is welded wire fencing Bottom run framing - treated 2x4 Run framing (including roof) - 2x3 and 2x4 for the corners and top framing Coop floor - 3/8 plywood covered in linoleum tiles Coop framing - 2x3 Coop walls -... read more

Chicken Coop Number Two...

  • by Kari

So once upon a time I had this little shed in my backyard,    And I decided to make it into a chicken coop. I kind of went overkill on the nest boxes....rookie mistake. Then I added a run.     And landscaping....   and all was well with the world. Then years passed, and my flock thinned, and work and life got in the way, and I gave my older girls to my neighbor, and I was chickenless.... but I missed having eggs, watching chicken entertainment when I got home at night, and watching their antics. Then this year I built a greenhouse.... And... read more

Potter Poulets

First, I should explain that I live in a historic house and must have anything on our property approved by a historical commission in a very painful and lengthy process.  After two years of process, we finally got to build a new garage this year.  I ordered 6 peeps for my February birthday with the intention of putting them under the stairs in the garage (no approval needed!) and hiding the run behind the garage (out of view from the street).  Hence, "potter poulets".       This is one plan from the construction.  My husband insisted that I did not need any more... read more

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