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Pinders Coop

We bought the plans and ordered some materials. We needed to get this built our baby chickens are quickly out growing the brooder and want to be outside.    We built the structure on deck blocks and each post had to be set at a different length to get it level. Both sides are sided and chicken door and windows cut out with a router. Roof trusses installed. Both ends are now sided and the nest box area cut out. Plywood placed on roof.   Framing out the nest box. Metal roof going on and nest box sided. Windows are in and primer coat... read more

Signal Mountain Coop

Starting on the frame. One window, nesting box and begin painting           Gotta hurry up, the babies have arrived!!! Moved to the yard, looking good!                                     Outside and inside (plywood is covering nesting boxes until chickens are older), Closable window    Almost done!    Finished!!  Still would like a roof on the pen, just can't decide what kind.     The ladies!  Ellen                                   Maggie                                         Sally                                                     read more

Chicken coop made with some 4X8 wood pallets ( pic heavy)

Well the girls are bigger now and they have out grown there old coop. It was a old rabbit hutch that I had upgraded to a small coop . As you can see we had a dog pen that I had section off , Half for dogs (they sit by the door) the other for chickens. When I noticed two out of the six chickens roosting outside (coop to small) ..I thought a new coop is needed. The fencing is not very tall and I  don't like stooping, so I will build it in the dog side .Winter is also coming ! So we start the build. Blocks with some gravel. followed with pressure treated... read more

Apple Orchard Cabin Coop

This hen house features a 9W X 12L X 9H ft. coop with an attached 6W X 35L X 7H ft. covered run. The structure was designed to comfortably accommodate 20 chickens although there are only 12 current residents .      The nesting boxes are on the exterior of one wall and allow for easy access from the outside of the building. The high ceiling and venting allow for good air flow.   The run is sheet metal covered for hawk protection and shade, made of hardware cloth to thwart unwanted guests, and tall enough to walk inside for clean up and maintenance. The hardware... read more

froghog coop, VT

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First Coop Attempt

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Chez Poullet

A couple of pics of my coop that I built using The Basic Coop design from  I've never really done anything like this before - first time using a circular saw even.   I modified the design slightly by elongating the legs so I could build a run that encompassed underneath the coop for 9 extra square feet of room.  Moved my two girls out to their roomy new quarters and so far, they seem to love it!   read more

The Silkie hut

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Coop de Villa

  • by hree

Just a few pics of my coop I designed and built last year.  3' x 2' double access doors for easy cleaning.  elevated coop with run beneath and extended run out front with fully opening top, again for easy cleaning.    Exterior access to laying boxes with removable clean out trays.   Triple insulated leaded glass window for ventilation.    read more

My chick house

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