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Castle de Henne

I originally found the design for this coop on Home Depots website.  If you decide to download the plans, which are free, be careful when building it.  There are some mistakes in the plans.  Never being satisfied with leaving well enough alone I added my own custom touches to it.   Here is a link to the slideshow I did and uploaded to youtube.           read more

Kuini's Castle

This could be the greatest chicken run of all time! We got a new puppy, and the new puppy quite liked the chickens. Not in a malicious way, but she wanted to play with them. And dogs are dogs at the end of the day so I didn't want to risk puppy getting over friendly with the chickens. Cue project "New Chicken Run".......   Hope the girls are happy! They free range when the puppy goes to doggy day care :)   This is the old run.... just Omlet fencing and netting to keep the pigeons out.....   Stage one.... build the framework.....   We added an extra metre onto... read more

Agrowara Coop

    AGROWARA COOP - A Journey Building A Coop Without Experience..               I came across so many beautiful( i mean it) coops pics & great designs here in BYC that catch my eyes to come out with my own. At first, I was aiming building a 3'x4' coop size with 5'x4' for the coop run. I was inspired with the WICHITA "CABIN COOP" .  Not only that they have a nice build-up coop, they also got those lovely daughters  ....(ehemm..)..I mean their lovely flocks  ..... But then, I saw this StrawberryHouseMouse - The Hen Duplex which is more practical in my... read more

The Chilton-Octagon Coop

   My chickens have needed a new coop for a long time. I finally decided on a design and scratched it out on some paper and gave my poor husband the  task of building. We had pushed some trees down with our new Mahindra tractor and found someone to mill them. These trees happened to be aromatic cedar. So this was going to be an extremely posh chicken coop.      So we started of course with the octagonal base. We built it in sections and screwed them together. Each side of the octagon is 4 feet wide.       Then I covered it in cheap vinyl for easier cleaning.So we started... read more

My back yard coop

Here is my first chicken coop. Since we built it this spring we have added a roof to the run! I am in LOVE and so are my Hens!       read more

Repurposed, functional, and BEAUTIFUL!

Hello all! I thought I would share some pics of our finished chicken coop! It measures 20' X 12' and the frame is made from a ShelterLogic frame our neighbor gave us that was no longer wanted. Additional framing was done with pressure treated lumber. The base is railroad ties (also given to us) leveled with huge river rocks Nesting boxes are 5 gallon buckets with plastic screw on perches filled with pine shavings. The perches were just recently finished and are also done with pressure treated lumber. The flooring is 2 tons of sand which ended up being 2-3" deep... read more

Literary Chicken's Abode

  Our coop is an 8x8 shed style that we loosely based off of plans we found at familyhandyman.     My daughter has wanted chickens for a long time.  We found out we are allowed to have them where we live so we committed and ordered seven little fuzzballs to arrive in April.     My plan was to have an 8x8 shed and separate a section for us, and one for them.  They would have a 5x8 section of it, and I would have a 3X8 section for storage. We started with the decking. We put pavers under the shed, and attached hardware cloth before we put the floor down to help... read more

Re-purposed bed turned chicken coop!

Once upon a time, my eight year old son was a lot smaller and fit into his twin bed just fine. But he grew, as all kids do and wanted a bigger bed. So his old twin bed went up to the attic where it was taking up too much space. Then we got chickens! And needed to build a coop ASAP. So my thought was, let's turn the old bed into a coop! My husband was not as thrilled with the idea. 😁 He likes to follow a plan, and there was no plan for this. It was definitely a figure things out as you build type of project! First we had to build the basic frame for the coop and... read more

Shabby Chic Coop for our Silkies!

My husband is a General Contractor so he built the outside of our coop to match our house.  The little coop inside was their original home so this is big upgrade for them!           read more

My Red and White Coop

It took me 6 months to build, my wonderful sister was my second set of eyes when door wouldn't seat correctly, and I took the design from the Wichitah Coop and I thank you for that! Not being a construction trained person I relied on my son in law for adding the siding and roof. We painted as we went along which was time consuming, but saved serious time in the long run! I have built three coops and this is our best build to date! I have added the window which is difficult to see in the pictures. I framed it and added plexiglass to it and added a chain and hook,for... read more

BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans