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La Casita Del Pollo - An Adventure

I convinced my wife to start raising chickens on our 11.33 acre wooded lot and made some rookie mistakes and didn't take in the Avian Flue pandemic, so what looked to be a simple investment of $300 for a prefab coop from Sam's Club turned into a major, multi-month project. First, it seems that most of the prefab coop manufacturer's lie about capacity and use the cheapest materials possible. I could have clearly built a more practical coop from scratch for the money, though it wouldn't have been as cute as the Chicken Chalet from Urban Chicken. It was serviceable and had... read more

8x12 Chicken Coop for under $1000

This is an easy chicken coop to make for anyone with basic carpentry skills. It is 8' x 12' with the front wall being 10' high and the back wall being eight feet high. This gives you a 3/12 roof pitch. In order to determine your roof pitch all you have to do is take the difference between your front wall and back wall in inches. In this case it's 24". Then you take the width of your building in feet and divide it into the difference between your front and rear wall. On the inside... read more

Chicken 'Hut' with Run

        When we moved to a new house where I could finally have chickens I jumped at the chance. What that meant in a practical sense was that there wasn't time to build a regular coop first. Nor did I want to pay $400+ for a premade one. So my husband and I came up with the chicken hut.             We started with an 8' 'handy panel' from Tractor Supply       We then bent it over our swing set, making sure to center it.      After that we covered it with a heavy-duty tarp and zip-tied the grommets of the tarp to the panel.      After that we built the... read more

Ooodalolly at DunRovin Station

        The original idea and rough plans for this coop come from the book ( Open Air Poultry Houses.  The idea and theory are sound and well tested.  The plans are used by a few members of BYC with great success.  Yes, even in COLD COLD climates.   So I settled on what I wanted, and I was off and running.     While I was waiting for my neighbors to get back from their Winter holidays in the warm sunshine, I figured no one could tell me I couldn't dig hole in my own yard.  I... read more

Mackenzies cluck cluck coop

This is my new chicken coop that my husband and I built.This was the start of it and he made our boards from logs we had.I painted it with organic paint as we want to raise organic chickens and no sense in using stinky paint.The board under the roost has linoleum on it as the floor does too for easy cleaning.Picked it up at Lowes for 14.00 on clearance. We made chicken feeders from pvc pipe we had laying around.This coop is on a trailer for easy moving around. The water bucket is from Lowes for a couple bucks and I bought chicken nipples to insert to the bottom of... read more

A - Frame "Big Boy" Tractor

Hello BYC community!  Welcome to my chicken tractor page!  First of all thanks for everyone else that has posted their coops and tractors,  I have got lots of great information from this site.   I have for several years now wanted to have some chickens for eggs but it never seemed feasible to have a permanent coop and run in my yard.  I had never heard of a chicken tractor until about a month ago and I knew then that I had to build one.   So I started researching like crazy and of course there is so many different ways to build one, and so many different reasons... read more

PVC waterers and feeders

    simple design works great, fills from the top and i just tilt to reload bottom feed portion. Fills from the top, chicken nipples on the bottom you can make it as long as you need to add more nipples. this one has four nipples each one is about a foot apart read more

Willow Springs Coop

We started with 4 chickens and in a single year are up to 34. Our coop is made of all recycled material. We started with an 11 foot square existing concrete pad from an old pump house and saved the lumber from a barn project. We installed antique windows and doors on the exterior and reclaimed wooden wine boxes for the roosting boxes. We installed a fan for ventillation, roosting poles and voila! happy chickens. Since the original build we have built a nursery that is for introducing chicks which we can remove as they grow up. We have swing sets,and lots of toys... read more

Club Cluck - Our Chicken Coop Project

    At some point this spring, we started talking about chickens. Let me rephrase. At some point this spring, I started jokingly talking about chickens with a one year old and a three year old. We like to visit a local farm and feed the chickens. I asked them what they would name their pet chickens if we ever got some. It could have stopped there. My husband decided that I had promised my children pet chickens, and we were obligated to follow through. (In reality, he was putting off a work project.)   Here are the chickens we like to... read more

From bathroom to Brood coop

Bathroom sink vanity dumpster find, you can see the hole in the back where the drain pipe came through the wall, I built shelves with front for wood chip bedding, other side left open for feed and waterer. (pipe opening becomes door) Set coop on 1/2 size pallet base, Simple removable roof lifts off for easy moving,  Openings above doors are covered with hardware cloth (wire) I added hardware cloth and wood ramp for daytime use, and theres a door to enclose at night with heat lamps in the "attic" area to keep the babies warm at night.     read more

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