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Sweet Pea's Rustic Roost

  Hello, this is the story of how we built Sweet Pea's Rustic Roost for our little flock of 7 hens.  Sweet Pea is one of our Barred Rock Chickens.  She was the sweetest of the chicks and used to sit on my shoulder.  She seems to be partly blind which has made her very sweet and a bit funny.  She tends to run straight at you, fast and then runs into your legs.  She is finally happy when she is roosting on your feet.  We named the roost for her.     To learn more about our chickens go to my chickens page... read more

Our Chicken Coup

We love our new chicken coup and the girls seem to be pretty happy with their new home!  read more

Metro Boston

We live in the metrowest suburbs of Boston, very residential, not a lot of elbow room. But last year we moved to the edge of town (not for the chickens, I swear) and have a yard that works better for the zoning regulations.   We started with six chicks (2 RI Reds, 2 Silkies and 2 Barred Rock) which were 90% guaranteed to be hens [insert laughter here]       and a medium-sized kit from Tractor Supply Company, advertised as requiring only one hour and one screwdriver (we needed three of each, but that's me).     We painted it, dug a hardware cloth skirt... read more

Coq au Vin

  This is our first experience having chickens and like any new parents we researched (here) as much as possible before building our coop. The build started in February and was completed in June upon the arrival of 6 pullets- the maximum we are allowed in our town. A large amount of material was scavenged and repurposed keeping the costs lower but we estimate the overall build was probably 1500.00- quite a bit more than I had hoped. Still, the neighborhood is suburban and the better the coop looks the more likely neighbors will be to accept it.  So starting at the... read more

Small tractor

I am starting a new tractor this week. Need a bit more space for my babies in the incubator. I will be updating this page with photos and step-by-step directions. For now, here is the plan for it with materials and approximate cost. read more

Baby Brooder

2 Layers, 2 doors on the bottom level   Feeder and water on the bottom layer   The ramp to the top level   MHP cave     The top is the run, roosts for them to play.   read more

Northern Exposure

When my wife and I became a couple some years back, she let it be known that if we ever made it back to the country, she would love to have a few chickens.  I promised that if/when we made that move she WOULD have those chickens.  Fast forward about five years and we were in a position to buy half a farm well out in the hills of western Wisconsin (the half without the buildings).  We set about building our house and getting settled deep in the woods on top a ridge with a beautiful view.  Once the house was complete (a 2 1/2 year project), and a little rest and recovery... read more

DIY $10 Fully Recycled Coop - looks so amateur and it is, but does the job

Don’t laugh  I spent $50 on add-ons and less than $10 on the actual coop... Basically, with a handsaw, drill and some free pallets, I managed to bump together a house for my new kiddles. Ignore the piece of wood leaning there. It’s covered in art work by my 10 year old sister. I was worried that, if I did it, then you’d all laugh at me, so I let a child do it. I spent my $50 on: 2x padlocks + 2x hooks + 2x hinges + a wooden plaque for above the door + the rest was on PVC piping and adhesive. The side wall is removable, so that I can clean it out. It’s attached via... read more

First time owning chickens!

Hello everyone! My name is sophie and this article is about my first time owning chicks. well,It's not about owning them it's about building the coop for now. I am not getting the chicks until the spring of 2017, but my mom and dad asked me and my sister, @elpaint03 to design the coop! So that will keep us busy until we start building the coop this fall/winter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will keep adding posts until the chicks arrive and the I will start a new article about keeping them and raising them. I hope... read more

Mike's Tractor Coop de Ville

This is my coop for five hens.  I built it this past May in Sacramento Ca. I didn't use any plans but I have been planning it in my head for quite a while and it's a lot like other coops I built in the past.  I'm a pro carpenter so I just winged it.     Before I built the coop I made sure I had dog proof 6' fencing for the perimeter.  The handle for moving it is built into the frame.  The wheels are rated for 900 lbs and have solid tires.  Most of the material I used, I had on hand.  The biggest expense was the roofing and the wheels.     I tried to keep it as... read more

BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans