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Annrich's Coop Page

We are always UNDER CONSTRUCTION Hi there   Our coop projects have been great fun and learning experiences for us.  Thanks for the wealth of information on BYC forum. ENJOYFirst part of renovations:   Our home was built in 1841. On our property there was this old 3 or 5 seater (we are not sure) out house.  Over the years this building has been many things.  From a storage shed, pool shed, dog house.  you name it.  What we invisioned was a chicken coop.  Before ( front and back)We Started by ripping off the roof and a new paint job.  The little buildings in the back are... read more

Our Hen House - Lovinmychickies's Chicken Coop

Our Hen Houseest. 2008Here's the coop Hubby and I built on the fly. No real plans, just some great advice from my Dad (a real carpenter, although too ill to physically help us). We did'nt do too bad for "novice" builders. I think I smashed every finger with the hammer at least once though. Sorry, no "in progress" photos, just the finished product. Here's a few facts about our coop:  size: 8' x 8' with an 8' ceiling. The approximate run size: 14' x 21'. I wish we had found the BYC site prior to construction, we could've used it.   The finished coop!The chickies entrance.... read more

Jjfplumemt28's Chicken Coop

i was contemplating building my own hen house until i stumbled upon this at the local hardware store. this was a pre built unit. it cost just as much as the lumber would have. slightly bigger than i had anticipated but it fit on top of the cement slabs that i had perfectly. it was perfectly level when we placed it and we secured the base of the structure via nail gun. i will have to add the hatchway door on the right side. shingle the roof. alter the window so that it will open. weather stripping for the door. vents on the rear and right sides. minor adjustments is all.... read more

Chicken Coop

I have three locations.  The main chicken house, the Nursery and the Silkie Chalet.The Main Chicken HouseEven though we are zoned Agricultural and live on 4 acres, the lady who owned the farm and still lives in the main house established some standards.  One of which is that each property is to have only one detached out building.  I have a barn and a Shed.  So when building a Chicken House, I wanted it to be low profile and appear to be an addition to the shed.  I love this Chicken House because I built it with my Dad.  He died October of 2006 and this was the last... read more

Minnesota Coop

  • by ella

Here are some pics of my Minnesota coop. I started out in an old tool shed, but decided to upgrade to a custom built coop with all the features I came to want after 2 years in the old coop. It's fully insulated, floor, walls, and ceiling. It's 16' x 10'. It has a solid linolium floor with 2 drains set in the floor on either end for easy cleaning. It has 3 interior rooms and a small area for feed. Two large rooms on either end with 1 small room straight ahead as you walk in the door. Pic's of the interior are below. It's rigged with electricity; 7 indoor outlets and 1... read more

Minidriver's Chicken Coop Tractor - Eggs In The City

Eggs in the City  After years of planning and yearning, we're finally getting chickens! We only plan to get 2-3 three chickens, which is all that could reasonably squeeze into our tight little coop. As you can see, it's a city neighborhood with houses very close together (you can see my neighbor's house in the upper right corner of the photo). So we'll bribe 'em with eggs to keep 'em happy. No roos in such close quarters! We're planning a large pen for the girls to run around in. We bought the coop on ebay - what a surprise! It's from England and has just enough... read more

Coopdelisle's Chicken Coop

This is the beginning of our new family home! Coop DeLisle...This all started because of all the bugs in the yard that destroyed last year's garden. After searching the web, we found and got hooked, which was not that hard as we love animals. The platform was an old wooden screen room project that never got finished. We were about to burn, but then we got the idea to use it as the base of what you see now.  As the building started to come together, and the more we read from ones who were sharing their experiences, we realized the coop was too small... read more

Moselle's Chicken Coop Tractor

Our Flock-of-Sillies Little Margaret (Del), Emily (BO), Rythe (Austr), Fluffy the Elusive (EE), Rhoda (RIR), Mary (RIR), and Sweetie "BoBo Chicken" (BR).Building the coop... Here's the frame 5'Wx8'Dx5'H.  The section with the henhouse is actually 6" taller to allow for a sloping roof.The 2x4s were routed at their joining points to fit together (like lincoln logs.)They used a jigsaw to cut windows and doors into the sides.  The attached wheels to the base, and everything is being painted with white barn paint.  More sides added, (we used 1/2" plywood).  Windows are... read more

Suburban Chicken Project's Chicken Coop

Suburban Chicken Project  (otherwise known as Two men and some hens,  Eggarea 51, Big D's Chicken Ranch, or Good-Lord-I hope-the-neighbors-don't-find-out Farms)   My 12 year old son and I live in a typcial suburban neighborhood.  I have always wanted a chicken 'r two, so as part of a Boy Scout project and just a silly dream, we have 7 fantastic cochin hens.  The were hatched in Texas on about March 20th and are all healthy, friendly and great entertainment  We have learned everything we know from BYC and the members here.  Without the advice and experiences of breeders,... read more

Akins Coop

 fàilte gun taigh chearc!! ("welcome to the Henhouse" in Scottish Gaelic)We began our coop building with no real formal building training; however, my husband did have *basic* framing knowledge. I just want to say that nothing on this coop came out exactly square LOL and it took alot of tweaking to get it to come together, but in the end, I was and am super pleased with it. The chickens seem pretty happy too ;)The dimensions of the coop are 8' long, 4' wide, 5' high, with an inner height of 3' in the actual coop itself. The coop is set on 2' legs.First he just built a... read more

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