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Akins Coop

 fàilte gun taigh chearc!! ("welcome to the Henhouse" in Scottish Gaelic)We began our coop building with no real formal building training; however, my husband did have *basic* framing knowledge. I just want to say that nothing on this coop came out exactly square LOL and it took alot of tweaking to get it to come together, but in the end, I was and am super pleased with it. The chickens seem pretty happy too ;)The dimensions of the coop are 8' long, 4' wide, 5' high, with an inner height of 3' in the actual coop itself. The coop is set on 2' legs.First he just built a... read more

Chad76's Chicken Coop

About me:I'm an accountant for a telecommunications company. My wife was laid off a while back (at a full 9 months pregnant) and we decided that it would be best for her to stay home with our girls anyway. That was something we had talked about before. I guess we just needed someone to push us into it!  To help pay the bills I turned my photography hobby into a side business.I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 10 years and we have 2 beautiful daughters, one 4 yrs old and the other 1 yr old. The 4yr old thinks she's an expert on everything... read more

Skatcatla's Chicken Coop

Welcome to my coop page! About us: I decided to keep chickens because I wanted to produce more of my own food. My sister lives in Portland, where many people keep chickens, and got the idea planted in my head. I'm so glad I listened to her! I have four girls now: a Barred Rock, a Rhode Island Red, a Black Star and a Jersey Giant. They are delightful; so much fun to watch, and of course the eggs can't be beat. I started out with a simple coop from Ware, the Chick-n-Hutch, and the seperate Chick-n-Pen run. They were adequate but too small really for four hens.  I modified... read more

Opiyfz450's Chicken Coop

This is what started it all!The coop is 8x8 and i used treated 6x6 posts concreted in the ground.The floor is treated plywood and treated 2x6 joists.My coop in 6' high inside and will have a loft for storage.7/16 preprimed t1-11 on the outside.I used full 4x8 sheets of t1-11 to save on cutting.Instead of buying a door i chose to build one of my own.Roof was framed on 16" centers and i used 2x4s.I made the roof pitch high for storage and the kids love playing up there.Finally paint! I never realized the work that i was getting into!20 year shingles on the roof.I used 1x3... read more

The Build 2007

A photo documentary of the coop build   This is the first "ground up" carpentry project I have ever undertaken. I had a plan in my head that I sketched out on paper, and bought most of the materials at Home depot. I impressed myself with how well it came out. I had done renovations on my old house I used to have, but the basic structure was always there to reference. I gutted the bathroom twice, gutted and renovated the kitchen (cabinets done by pros), and a major overhaul and update of the master bedroom. This was my finest effort to date. I now... read more

Galaxie_Man's Chicken Coop

Here is what my coop looked like after the basic building was done. I have posted photos of the whole project. The roosts, nesting boxes, and outdoor run photos have also been posted. The birds seem to be very content in their new home. They are usually just in the run, but get free-ranged as often as possible. Due to the predator problem, they get locked in at night and let out early in the morning. Here is a photo of my nesting boxes right after I mounted them. This is the detailed plans and materials list.The lumber required if purchased for each unit is as... read more

Bettyr's Chicken Coop

My son and I are building this chicken house. Neither one of us has ever built anything in our lives, we are stumbling around in the dark getting most of our pointers from information on the web and by looking at how our garage was built since it's structure is mostly exposed. We are building most of the coop from large pump crates that my husband brought home from work. This is our foundation. We are raising it off the ground because we live in sub-tropical climate and it rains a lot. Raising it off the ground will keep it out of the water and... read more

My Coop Design With Plans

The PlansAfter looking online for combination chicken coops with integrated runs, we were not willing to hand over the £500 that these cost. So I sat down with some paper and a pen, and sketched out a design which I guessed would cost around £60 in timber to produce.The idea is an integrated coop and run. The hens live in the enclosed box, and the rest of the area is fenced run. This means that the hens can get outside even when not loose in the garden. The nesting box at the side provides an area for egg laying, and a door allows collection. The coop box has an internal... read more

Gina99mark's Coop

  Front of coop  side view  The builders my handsome husband and my son. The walls are made with 2x4 and the floor has two sleds underneath for moving the floor is ply wood so far so good my chicken coop almost done woo hoooMy tomatoe and jalepeno plants waiting for the coop to be moved so i can start my Garden we are moving on up today hubby came home with red shingles and we have half a wall on I have to make a run outside to take pics its late so ill do it tomarow wooo hooo on our way. my boy thinks this is his new play house he has moved the chair in and has asked if... read more

Twiggs Coop

    The Chicken Coop             When I lived in the UK we kept chickens. Just very recently Jodie asked if we might keep a few here. Seemed like a reasonable idea, and the City Ordinances allowed it, so I built an incubator and in it we hatched 10 Buff Orpington chicks. Before moving to West Pond, I lived just a few miles from Forsham Cottage Arks. I had one of their... read more

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