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Bettyr's Chicken Coop

My son and I are building this chicken house. Neither one of us has ever built anything in our lives, we are stumbling around in the dark getting most of our pointers from information on the web and by looking at how our garage was built since it's structure is mostly exposed. We are building most of the coop from large pump crates that my husband brought home from work. This is our foundation. We are raising it off the ground because we live in sub-tropical climate and it rains a lot. Raising it off the ground will keep it out of the water and... read more

My Coop Design With Plans

The PlansAfter looking online for combination chicken coops with integrated runs, we were not willing to hand over the £500 that these cost. So I sat down with some paper and a pen, and sketched out a design which I guessed would cost around £60 in timber to produce.The idea is an integrated coop and run. The hens live in the enclosed box, and the rest of the area is fenced run. This means that the hens can get outside even when not loose in the garden. The nesting box at the side provides an area for egg laying, and a door allows collection. The coop box has an internal... read more

Gina99mark's Coop

  Front of coop  side view  The builders my handsome husband and my son. The walls are made with 2x4 and the floor has two sleds underneath for moving the floor is ply wood so far so good my chicken coop almost done woo hoooMy tomatoe and jalepeno plants waiting for the coop to be moved so i can start my Garden we are moving on up today hubby came home with red shingles and we have half a wall on I have to make a run outside to take pics its late so ill do it tomarow wooo hooo on our way. my boy thinks this is his new play house he has moved the chair in and has asked if... read more

Twiggs Coop

    The Chicken Coop             When I lived in the UK we kept chickens. Just very recently Jodie asked if we might keep a few here. Seemed like a reasonable idea, and the City Ordinances allowed it, so I built an incubator and in it we hatched 10 Buff Orpington chicks. Before moving to West Pond, I lived just a few miles from Forsham Cottage Arks. I had one of their... read more

The Coop Page

Gregg's Eggs Coop   I have started building, what I think of as a "monster size" coop and run. Its finished dimensions will be 320 sq ft (8' x 40') coop and a 480 sq ft (16' x 30') run. The coop will be divided into 4 equal areas, 1 for each of the 3 breeds of chickens I have, and the 4th area will be for feed storage and incubating. The run will be divided into 3 equal areas, 1 for each breed. I am running electricity and water to the coop from my houses breaker box and water supply. I started by digging the 100ft ditch 18+ in, well below the local frost... read more

Little Coop On The Prairie

Little Coop on the Prairie My husband and I live on 20 acres in a small manager's cabin (efficiency apartment), so we always joke that we live in the Little House on the Prairie, so it seemed proper to call the new chicken house the Little Coop on the Prairie. We are currently building a barn that will have a 60' x 30' covered area for riding and working horses or mainly if it is raining when the farrier is here. On each side will be a fully enclosed 20' X 30' area. One of the sides is where the horse stalls and feed room will be. The other side is for hay and... read more

Saddlebags' Coop Page

This is a few pallets I put together so the girls would have something to play on in the run..   This is the finished pop door I made for the run Here is the hanging feeder I made.   This is a pic of the front door with summer panel opened.The panels are made from scrap pallets I got from my job.. here is an older pic of the inside with the lay boxes and the roost. More pics of the lay boxes. The old wood for the boxes was given to me by a friend.And again scrap pallets on the top from work.. Here is a pic of the run door.The door... read more

Dogginfox's Chicken Coop

Welcome! My CoopJust a plain 10x12 Garden shed with a few minor modificationsLeft Side RoostRight Side RoostOutside View of Nesting BoxOutdoor BrooderInside of Brooder Brooder/Pheasant and Quail RunWide Shot of "The Compound" A Couple shots of the residents More to come! read more

Our Garage Coop

  Our Garage CoopWe used to live in the suburbs on a small lot, only 100 x 55 feet. We decided to utilize part of our existing garage for the henhouse and save the yard real estate for the enclosed run. We also had other considerations based on the brand new city ordinance about keeping chickens, which we helped pass in 2007: the coop has to be aesthetically pleasing, it has to have wire buried 12" deep and no chicken wire, etc. We're only allowed up to 6 hens (no roosters) so we knew that we didn't need to build bigger for a possible future flock. Since our city... read more

Zylphrix's Page

My name is Mark, I live in central North Carolina, Hillsborough to be exact. I rent an old farm house just barely in the country and have waited for years to have chickens because I wanted to buy my own place .. well, I couldnt wait anymore. I started building my chicken coop the day after Thanksgiving 2007, the going is slow .. I re-designed the coop about 5 times before I actually began construction and most of my materials are recycled or reused building materials.   My Goal is to be able to house 10 or even 15 Hens ... I'm going to try to keep the number of... read more

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