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Nugget's The Chicky Shnoodle Shack

The Chicky Shnoodle ShackThis was inspired by Cezanne's Coop design submitted by Jen and Andre, Nova Scotia, CanadaMy father in law is a contracter and worked with my husband and me to make this idea come together. We were planning on about 6 hens and built it on an 8x6' foundation and about 11' tall. It is wired and insulated with a bathroom fan running out a black stove pipe in the roof for ventilation. The roof is shingled with cedar shakes and this siding is stained pine slats. The floor is covered with vinyl, which makes... read more

Bamagirl's Coop A Doodle Doo!

Update:     2007-10-01                          Bamagirl's Coop a doodle doo!                    Well, here is our coop a doodle doo. We received our baby chicks two weeks ago. This is our first ever chick endeavor. Our coop and pen are now completed. We drew a picture of what we wanted it to look like before we began. I was inspired by pics I had seen in a Country Gardens mag. several years ago. So we had no plans just in DH's noggin. The size of the coop is 6' x6 '. the pen is 16' W x26' L.We put the new babies out a couple of nights ago. They seem to be quite content... read more

Jeanne's Bantam Coop

Jeanne's Bantam Coop  When we moved to West Virginia from Massachusetts three years ago, my husband and I decided we wanted to raise some bantam chickens in addition to our laying flock.   I had bantams in Massachusetts and didn't care for the coop we had built there.  It was about 12 by 6 feet and was divided into four 3 foot by 6 foot rooms.  I had different breeds of bantams and wanted to keep them separated. This time, I wanted room to store the feed and other supplies in the coop and I didn't want to have to go outside to enter each separate room in the coop. ... read more

A Chicken Palace - Quailcreekfarm's Chicken Coop

We found ourselves the proud owners of chickens, but we had no coop. We also had no experience in construction or farming. Soooo, we bought a bunch of books of coop designs, a couple books on general construction techniques and headed off to the lumber yard.I gave the salesman a list of what I wanted. He looked it over and asked what it was for. "A chicken coop," I responded. "That's no chicken coop," he replied. "It's a chicken palace." I don't know if our nine chickens agree, but they don't complain too much.Here's the finished coop.The coop half finished.Chickie is... read more

Loriensmom's Page

Woodcliff Solar Chicken House We had been thinking about getting chickens for a quite a while (to eat the hords of grasshoppers, make better compost, and EGGS), so decided to order chickens from a nearby state chicken hatchery. We received 13 Silver Laced Wyandotte's in early June and as each day passed and they grew bigger, we knew we needed to get that chicken house built!! We started building in July and just finished the end of September. This coop was built entirely from recycled or reused materials, excluding concrete and hardware. We had a lot of beetle... read more

Chickent Tractor Coop

       Here is the chickens' summer home. The 'run' part is 4' wide by  7' long, 30" high in the tall portion and 20" under the house. The house itself has a 4' x 2'6"  footprint and gives the chickens up to 3'3" of height inside. The house is easily detachable from the pen, and the roof is detachable from the house.      Ah yes, the roof... a thoroughly embarrassing construction of 1/2" plywood over which is stapled a, um, er, a discarded heavy-duty clear vinyl shower curtain. Go on, laugh. All I can say in my defense is that it's a last-minute substitution for the... read more

Granja De Pollo

Welcome to my Granja de Pollos...aka Chicken Farm!   Ok, so it's not really a farm... But I do have chickens!!  This page is to display my newest coop design.  It is constructed out of Cull wood bought from Lowes Home Improvement.  You can get good wood for almost half the price!  Anyways, here is the coop.  It stands 6' 6" tall at the peak from outside.  8 feet long and 6 feet wide.  I built the frame with 4x4 corner posts and 2x4 wall studs.   The floor is raised off the ground about 8 inches in the front and 12 in the rear. (unlevel ground...)  This also gives the... read more

The Portable Chicken Coop

The Portable Coop!   I wanted to make a portable Coop that we could move around the property so that the chickens would have fresh ground to live on every few days. I started construction in our small one stall garage out in the shop. We only plan for it to house a maximum of 5-6 standard chickens. It is approximately 5x3.     With 100+ temps during the day, I worked on the coop mostly at night or early morning. Most of the structure was made with newly treated 2x2x42" which were only $1.09 each from Lowes/Home Depot, I used about $25 dollars worth... read more

Our Coop

My husband and son built this coop entirely from recycled wood and recycled "stuff". They bought one concrete block (they already had the others needed to support the floor) and the screws and nails. The roof was leftover from our house shingles...when we had our roof replaced from Hurricane Ivan.(I do not have any plans since it was made without a plan in sight and was designed as it was built.) This is the left side run that runs behind our workshop: This is the left side run showing the entrance into the main coop (this is all protected):Here is the area to the... read more

Signature Silkie Coop

Old Building:  This was a child's playhouse, with a swing-set on the left and a sandbox on the right of the building. We removed the swings and fenced in the area under the swing set.  At the base of the fence we put chicken wire on the ground and secured it with some large logs to keep predators out.The sandbox on the right side of the building is about 10 foot square. The upstairs room was full of bee nests.... even the peacocks didn't like going up there.Signature Silkie Coop The building is behind my house, I can see it from the kitchen and my bedroom.  It is a... read more

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