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Gracefulspice's Chicken Coop

Greetings, I've never done a personal page before, but it sounds like fun. I have lots to tell, and now that BYC made it so I can add extra pages , I think I can make this rather organized.  * About Me---> My name is Denise I'm married to my husband Tom we have a daughter together we named Paige Victoria, she's 4, soon to be 5 in Sept. I gave birth to her on my b-day so we celebrate our b-days together. I'm 37 going on 25.         Yes, That's me in the picture playing violin for my girls. Sorry picture is pretty dark *My Hobbies----> My newest Hobbie of course are my... read more

Valerie's Chicken Coop

Valerie's Chicken Coop This is the view from the Northwest corner This is the view from the Northeast corner Here is the view from the South side And here's the view from the North side And just so we don't forget who's house this is ..... Here's where we go to get all those lovely eggs.. And here are some of the occupants, We searched a lot of websites looking for plans for a small chicken house, but this is the one we ended up using. We made a few modifications. We extended the beam for... read more

Thats A Coop

 I knew I was going to need something to house the chickens in. My first thought was an old shed that was sitting and litteraly waisting away. It was stuffed the celing with scap wood, tarps, my husbands big idea "lets get a mini bike", tires, deer stand, and alot of who know what that was. It sat on a wet area and flooded everytime it rained, the building had sunk underground by about 4 inches on one corner. Pieces of the floor had to be replaced because of rotting wood. and the south west wall had to be replaced also because it was cedar board and the whole upper... read more

The Coop

The Richter Coop  Our basic premise for this coop was to recycle as much scrap lumber/materials as we could. We did this because 1) we believe in reuse of materials, 2) it's cheaper, and 3) we had the materials handy.  The coop was built from an abandoned tree-house or deer blind (never quite figured out which it was). Took some time to tear that tree-house down out of the tree. All of the timber was reused in this coop, as well as part of the roof. The old ladder leading up to the tree-house was used for the indoor roosts.  Three of the exterior walls as... read more

BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans