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Farmer’s Acre Large Green and White Chicken Coop with Attached Turkey Run

Farmer’s Acre Large Green and White Chicken Coop with Attached Turkey Run There are a few videos and a few pictures that show what the coop looked like before we gave it a fresh coat of paint.  Also some pictures of the chickens and turkeys that went in the coop. This coop was already on the property when we got there but we revamped it to fit our needs. I hope these videos might give you an idea of what you can do with what on the property.             read more

Farmer’s Acre Red and White Chicken Coop Tractor

Farmer’s Acre Red and White Chicken Coop Tractor There are two videos that show the coop before we sold it.  These were the only pictures that we had of this one.  Once again I didn’t save the plans.  My wife is going to kill me for that.  She really liked this coop, and I know I will have to build it again someday. It was a really neat coop especially if you don’t have much room in your yard.  Having it on wheels made it very easy to move.         read more

Farmer’s Acre Yellow Chicken Coop with Matching Brooder

1. Over all measurements for HOA Friendly Chicken Coop are 162” Long, 40” Wide, and 60” High ( Includes a 4” roof overhang and dual nesting box measuring 36” Wide, 15” Deep, and 15” High.)  This can also be built up to 48” taller for easy walk in access. 2. Coop measures 46” Long, 40” Wide, and 48” High.  Coop has a solid floor with pullout  pan for easy cleaning.  This can also be built with a mesh floor and a drawer pullout for easy cleaning. 3. Run measures 144” Long, 40” Wide, and 60” High at the tallest point.  Run door measures 28” High, by 40” Wide and is... read more

Mini coop for the Hespo-clucky Inn

This is was a quick 2 day project that neede5d to be done because my chickens needed out of their brooder. They needed to get outside, but we were a long ways from finishing our big coop. Here they are in their 2nd stage brooder in the garage. Adorable Surprivised time outside in the playpen This way my first independent construction project (as simple as it was) and I did not have the proper tools so I am glad I did this it helped me gain confidence to work on our big coop and many other projects. Needless to say there are a few things I plan to change to... read more

Custom Made "Chicken Paradise" Coop

In the beginning of my raising backyard chickens adventure, the chickens don't have a coop and always have to find another way to sleep. It was way worst because they were cold and the rain made it worst. But 2 months ago, I've build a coop that will blow their mind. It was a custom made coop which means that it was a random idea of a coop without any blueprint instructions. All the woods were given freely by the workers who was building houses that didn't need those "junk" woods.    When the coop was finish, it was awful to get the 3 hens inside. First, I try putting... read more

Hot Desert Chick's Palais des Poulets

Hot Desert Chick's New Mexico Chicken Palace, AKA The Alamo:   The coop and run that covers the east wall of our desert barn. Coop is 14 foot long, with 26' 6" run. (A few decorations not yet added in photo.)   Looking down the finished run towards the brightly-painted coop.     South end of run, 7' wide.  Join at barn is 8' 10" high.   Front of coop is 7' 9" high.       My Trip To Rome...!     THE PROJECT BEGINS:       I never liked the boring side of our barn, as it is very visible from stepping out from our back garage door.  I drew up... read more

My Evansvile Indiana "Coop d'Villa"

      My son Caleb who is building this coop for me because I am temporarily disabled aptly named the coop, and I let it stick.   This first picture is a shot from last night after he got the framework up for the outside run.  Looking good, just need to reinforce in a few spots, and get the wire attached.     Here are several pics from the build of the has taken about 2 months to get it to this point doing only when my son had time after work and on weekends...What a great kid!!!... read more

Hespo-clucky Inn (pallet coop)

We started our coop in the summer of 2015 it's an ongoing family project. We used a mix of pallets , treated and untreated lumber, and recycled materials . There is an amish mini barn place nearby us that had 4'x14' pallets that they receive their vinyl siding on. They normally burn them so we asked if we could have them. They had a ton so they let us take them for free. Getting started: We used some repurposed 4x4 treated peices that we had free from my dad for the base and cut down 2 pallets to start the "floor" . On top of the pallet floor... read more

Country Acres Farm Cabinet Incubator

                                                  read more

AtiHENza's Place

Our first chicken coop ended up being too small. What we did next was a little EGGstreme!.. You can view the whole story and album here: httpsa// and check out the photo captions. These are just updates. CLUCK Like if you see something that CRACKS you up! It's 95% done! Ok, so maybe I put a little too much Eggnergy & Eggfort into this. Best part is the roll out egg box. Just pick up eggs inside the box under the window. We get 9-11 eggs per day from 11 chickens.. No hen shoving, no chickens... read more

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