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Jungle Coop

I started building beginning of 1/8/16 and finished 3/13/16. just working weekends and a few nights. My wife did help hold up the roof beams. I bought material as needed and used discounted lumber when possible. I'm not a carpenter at all, and I had to buy all new tools to complete this project.   Here's my Jungle Chicken Coop.     Size is a 4 x 10. Front is 8 feet and rear is 6 feet tall. design inspired from the following coops: Taj Mahal / Wichita Knockoff The Palace Bluegrass Coop   3D print... read more

Haley's Hen House

Well hello every one this is my chicken coop. The coop it self is 4x8 and the attached run is 8x16. As of right now it houses 9 chickens. Hope you enjoy the pictures through out the process.   This are a couple pictures of the framing process. There are a total of 6 4x4 posts in the four corners of the coop and the other two are at the other end of the run. The additional framing is just 2x4's. we also added the 4x8 sheet of plywood for the floor of the coop before some of the framing went up. The next thing we did was add all the chicken wire to the outside of the... read more

Awesome Chicken Brooder for around $200.00

  Items we got for free: All the wood – We asked construction sites for their waste pieces The window – We got it off of Craig’s list.  It was part of a sliding door. The linoleum – We got from the construction site.  Again it was their waste material. Wheels – I was given the wheels from work Hinges and door pulls – I pulled them off of old doors I got off of Craig’s list. Extension cord for lights – Got out of the trash, and had it laying around the house. Things I had to pay for: Paint and Primer - $90.00 Spackle or wood putty - $6.00   2 lights and light... read more

Chicken Play House

HI! Just joined the backyard chicken site and truly am enjoying all the friendly people on here. Over the weekend, we decided to turn our shed into a chicken play house. It is far from being complete, however I wanted to post a few pictures of the progress. I also am going to post pictures of our little baby chicks cozy home. All my chickens seem very happy to be in their new home! Thank you :) Thanks!     read more

Chicken Sanctuary read more

Alaskan Chicken Coop 24x10

Hi All!! I just wanted to add in some Coop photos.  Our Chicken house is close to being completed.  The actual chicken area is 10x16, it also has a feed room/egg access doors in a 4x10  area, and a 4x10 front porch.     We started building the coop in the shop.     Two coats of paint.  We used yellow because we had accidentally bought the wrong color last fall and didn't end up using it in the house. So it was just sitting around, The deck is flooring we had laying around. Lola approves of the deck.   This screen door we found at a garage sale.  We ended up... read more

Chicken run made from gala or party tent

How to make a chicken run without tools. You only need a pair of scissors or a knive to cut the rope. Last year I decided to make our old party tent of 3x3 meters into a extra run for my chickens. This is how I started: And this is the result: Because the chickens already have a small covered run, I only used the frame of the party tent. First I painted it dark grey. Then put mesch around it . The mesh is 15 x 15 mm , 1 meter high on three sides and 50 cm high on one side. We put strong netting above the mesh. The netting was ordered online in the right size for my... read more

Madddawgs Coop D-Ville

I actually built this a year ago, and made a few changes here and there.   The coop itself is 8' x 12' and the run is 12' x12'. It has a  vinyl floor inside covered with 6 to 8 inches of wood chips floor inside   I got the post and and the band boards up, squared and level. post are set in concrete   Floor joist on 16" centers   3/4 floor with vinyl ready to go on. The walls will sit on the vinyl       Sheeting is all on I built the nesting box on a cold snowy day in the garage. And mounted it on a better day. Siding is almost... read more

Ben's Bit*hen chicken coop

I've wanted chickens since I was a baby but my mom didn't. Then my brother got some weird disease where he can't eat almost anything from the store so she let me buy chickens so he could have eggs that were free ranged, so I bought 15 originally all that they had left 10 barred rock and 5 black sex link. After awhile they started to out grow there brooder and I hadn't even started to build a coop. So I probably made some sort of record of fastest built coop. It took 2 days and a trip to the ER (my mom got a drill bit stuck on the interior and I sawed the outside and... read more

Coop Del Castillo

These coops and run measure 32ft x 8ft deep x 7ft tall to 6ft on back. We went with the quaker style houses, and a divided run to keep egg flocks and breeding flocks separated. .        read more

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