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"Before Photos" of my run down Coop. Any advice??

I have this old building on my property that once allegedly housed chickens. I am hoping to remodel it to use as a future chicken coop that may house about 3 egg layers. Though the building may look like a tear down to some, I do not want to tear it down as it is grandfathered in as being a 3rd building on my property so one way or the other I need to fix-it up a bit.   As you can see it needs a bit of TLC - a door, paint, some boards replaced, etc. I also need to get the current occupants out of the coop - well beneath it - either ground hogs or raccoons. I plan on... read more

was curious about programs/sites to help design coop/run

Im looking to build a new coop/run for my chickens this year and i was wondering if there are any websites that have any programs that can help you design a coop/run and then tell you what kinds (and how many) materials youd need? I have a few designs in mind, but i also live quite a ways from home depot/ other stores and i dont want to have to make so many trips. So i was curious if anyone else has found any programs or sites that help with design/materials lists?   Thanks in advance.   -Melissa     read more

Chicken Cottage

Hi, I am new to this site. This is a great way to share. This is my Cottage Chicken Coop. read more

Pinkalicous Duck Tractor

Hi there, This is my duck house I built for my daughter.  Building this duck house, I felt like I reinvented the wheel sometimes and even now, I’m thinking if I were to do it again, how I would do it differently.    My thoughts on building it were to have a secure house that opened via a door on a timer.  The ducks can then enter a locked enclosure.  If a predator wanted too, they could dig under the walls during the day.          The footprint of the house area is 5.5' x 3'.  The enclosure area is 5.5' x 5' for a total footprint of 5.5' x 8'. The rails (or... read more

JOHNWESLEY11B's New Brooder

    read more

Making my first coop.

First let me start by saying that the information I found on this site is fantastic and wouldn't have even considered having chickens until I found you. Thanks   So a little about us, we're new at raising chickens, well kind of, my wife is from Costa Rica and has always had chickens, I'm from Canada and the closest thing to farming I ever did was grocery shopping.  That said our chicken adventure started a few weeks ago and we will be picking up our 6 week old chickens next Friday, I'll update this post as I get more pictures.   We decided to go with a knockoff of a... read more

Nothin' Fancy- Nearly free

  I am new to this site (and chicken keeping), so I thought I'd post the coop my partner and I made for our two hens. We only spent about thirty dollars on the chicken wire and latches, the wood is from pallets and old projects, as are the shingles. I can't give you a layout because the idea came straight from our noggins. We built it with two things in mind- keeping the chickens cool in the scorching Miami heat, and providing them shelter from sun and bad weather. So far it has done both very well, and my little flock is happy and healthy! I almost feel silly posting... read more

Ybor City Coop

Me and my other half were at the feed store a couple of weeks ago. We were talking to the owner about finally being finished on our coop now that our girls are almost ready to lay. She made the comment that "some people are so over the top that they build coops that look like mini versions of their house". We both immediately started laughing. Yup, we're over the top but managed to use a lot of re-purposed stuff including pallets, fence posts, 2 liter bottles and leftover paint from recently painting the house. The ventilation doors on the front and nest box doors on the... read more

10 pallets = 1 coop

I met a chicken lady several months ago, when I was looking for a rooster and a brood hen.  She was kind enough to help me out with my chicken needs.  I told her I'd built a "coop" out of sheet metal roofing.  She didn't balk, she didn't criticize, she was very kind to me.  She and her husband brought over ten pallets (10 large ones and a small one).  She gave me a little advice: build with the pallets upright (long dimension - vertical), and use sheet metal for the roof, and take apart some of the pallets to fill in others.   I took apart two of the pallets and they... read more

-Barbie Brooder

Hello everyone! I am brand new to chicken keeping, and I just made my first brooder. I wanted to share it with y'all because it may help some other newbies. First, a very simple supply list. 1. Storage Container (it seriously doesn't matter) 2. Some chicken wire 3. A few mini zip ties 4. A drill 5. A large box cutter 6. Wire cutters 7. Plyers 8. A positive attitude     Step #1. The first thing you do is get the lid of your container. You measure the length of the lid and decide (about) where the middle is. Next, take your box cutter and cut half of the lid... read more

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