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El Gallinero

This was my summer project this year.  I am a teacher and had the summer to spend with my family and build this coop(el gallinero, can you guess what i teach?)!     Anyways, here it is...   I was building this coop on a tight budget.  Most of the wood for the frame…I mean ALL of the wood for the frame was either unwanted wood my father and I salvaged from friends and neighbors or picked up from home construction sites (they throw away A LOT of good material.  If you have the patience and if you talk to the people building the house, you can get collect much)  I even... read more

Garden Coop Costa Mesa

I downloaded the Garden Coop design and followed the instructions pretty much verbatim. Best $20 I ever spent. Working only on the weekends and with a 3 and 5 year old as helpers it took about two months to build. The stop sign was added at the request of my boys and the hand sanitizer was a gift to my wife. Currently I have two Black Sex Linked chickens and one Ameraucana. We have had them for three weeks and have learned a lot from the various forums on BYC. Thanks everyone! read more

Noob's coop

   This project was built with about 80% recycled materials we had laying around the shop and the farm. We only spent a couple hundred dollars on plywood, screws and a few other odds and ends. Some of the lumber was a gift, but it was also reclaimed. Pressure treated frame   Nesting bays.   Egg collection doors.   Nontoxic paint and fence posts.   Vent windows.   Door/Ramp.   Trim to make it look cute.   Metal roof.   Animal barrier trench. The Wire goes into the ground.   Wire is set in just enough concrete to bind it all together... read more

Kelly's Coop

We finished our 12x6 Coop a few weeks ago. Took about 4 weekends.  I used designs and idea's from earlier posts so i figured I should post mine!  I have a few things to complete, like a better watering system.  But here it is.. Building off an exisitng shed....   Even have the teenager hamering instead of computer gaming!   Some left over vinyl flooring from another project!   Door to access the nesting boxes is water tight!   Nesting boxes on the inside - walls all painted!  I should have made the top steeper, they love to sit there even though I have... read more

Chicken Coop From Recycled Materials

Last summer I purchased four chickens from the local feed store. We built an adorable chicken pen for them and I eagerly waited for eggs. One morning when they were about four months old I was shocked to hear a strange sound from the coop. "Was that a crow," I asked myself. Needless to say the "sexed" chicks I purchased were not pullets. I now had two roosters and two hens. We quickly found a home for the two roosters and I was saddened to be left with only two hens. This year I decided I would not give up my dreams of having fresh eggs. My two Barred Rock hens from... read more

Coop built using ALL recycled and repurposed materials!

  Okay, I lied, I did actually buy heavy duty hinges, a box of sheet metal screws, and paid $9 for all my plywood, which was recycled. Most of my materials were found in people's trash, though! It's mind-blowing what the average homeowner throws out! My boyfriend has a sort of hobby doing scrap metal, which basically means he's a trash-picker! Very often I go looking with him, and as soon as we decided to get chickens I went a LOT so I could make sure I picked up all the useable wood we saw! Since it was early spring, quite a few people were re-doing sections of their... read more

deer blind /chicken coop

    plain ol assemble it yourself( pre-fab) deer blind 6ft x6ft, by 7ft tall the man door, which we added eyehooks at top & bottom , to safely coop the girls at night, drop down gun windows on both sides excellent for cross ventilation building the pop door  ( so glad the hubby knows a little bit about construction )  laying boxes & roosts & lino floors, insulated w/ 1 inch styrofoam & paneled putting on the trim , and then it was my job to paint it ! checking out her new home & yard Panaramic view of the coop & run set up !   read more

how my coop took shape

  just had to add ramp and closures to all doors Built inside goats pen           read more

Da Bamboo Shack

Here are some pictures of a small coop I made for a friend of mine, currently in use as my temporary grow out pen. It's made from an old saw horse I found on a garbage pile of a construction site: and pieces of left over wood, tar paper and chicken wire. I finished it with some old woodshingles from a demolished house. I raised it a few feet for predators and its closable with a pull string pop door. I ran out of chicken wire, but ideally I'd make the area underneath the coop part of the run. It can open on the side for easy cleaning I have been using... read more

Kelsie's Koop but children's chicks! (LOTS of photos)

I can't wait any longer to post so it's not finished but I'll keep it updated until we are done!! I did a lot of research about chickens, coops and everything in between for months now! I wanted to make sure that I did things right the first time (I'm kind of learning from byc that that's not possible), but I also wanted what was best for our family and chickens! The last problem I came to was money, these chickens are not being named as we don't want to associate them as truly "family members," because they are after all for eggs and meat, but we do love them and spend... read more

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