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The Alamos Chicken House Medium Coop

I spent days and had sleepless nights looking at all of the chicken coops online.  My challenge was building the coop on the side of our house.  I only found one other plan that built the coop next to an existing structure. I also wanted it completely insulated to help with the heat and cold weather. I did everything myself with no help.  It took about a month and half of going at it everyday I had.  My wife had most of the design features of course! So Here we go!  For your reference all picture descriptions will be below the Picture I am talking about.   Over all the... read more

Our chicken tractor win!!!

Still hard to believe we won this! 4 chicken tractors were given away nationwide in the contest that was entered and we were one of the four that won recently!!!! So, it's worth it to enter chicken coop and chicken tractor contests! You never know -you just might be the one that wins!!!!!!!! A good friend even picked it up for us -so that was money saved as he didn't want an payment for helping us . . .There are still good people in the world!   Found a prominent place in the garden -and voila! The color even blended well with the existing garden colors, even down... read more

My Southwest Design, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Afternoon view of our chicken coop/run. The area that now houses all of our 10 chickens used to be nothing but an eye sore. I pretended there was nothing past the white fence. There was nothing but sand, dirt, and lots of weeds that would grow almost waist high if we didn't catch it in time. Last year, June 28, 2014 I told my husband I wanted chickens for my birthday, July 5. Knowing nothing about chickens, but always intrigued by them, I ordered the coop and it arrived with some very slight damage but was able to put it together anyway. Then the next day we ran ( I... read more

Coup de Cadieux: Community Garden and Chicken Coop on the Hill

Coup de Cadieux... This coop is based off Heather Bullard's Coop Design.  We used her general plans, but repositioned the doors and doubled the coop so it was symmetrical. It now has two end roosting areas with a large run in the middle of the coop and one in the back.  My husband added a solar powered door so the chickens can go in safely at night and out in the morning.  The entire back run areas is covered in wire so no critters can get in.  My husband, Kevin and our dear Neighbor Pete built the coop.  It's just beautiful if I do say so myself.    This is... read more

Barn Style Coop With 4x10 Run In A Suburban Neighborhood

We started the build in late March and finished on Memorial day. The landscaping was done during the 2 days afterwards.         I will try to include as many of the step by step photos as possible as well as a couple of links for the products we used.   The small town we live in allows us to have 4 hens. At first I was just entertaining the idea, not thinking that we could actually do this. But after some online research and talking with my husband about it we agreed to go ahead and do it. I made so many mistakes last time we had chickens. There was... read more

Open air large size coop

My husband and I built a coop over the last couple months and it is finally done... almost.  We have never had chickens and have never constructed anything... ever.  So, without further adieu here is the process we went through and will post some images of the final product once I have them.  We actually have chickens in it now before I managed to get any.  Hah!                                     More to follow soon.. will head to get some updated ones now.            read more

The Milk Barn Garden Coop

Hi! I'm Derek. My wife and I live on 2 acres outside of Portland, Oregon, and this is our first go at raising chickens. We call our place the Milk Barn because the house was built as a milking barn for cows in the 30s before it was converted into a house in the 60s. We used the Garden Coop plans as a base for our coop design, and then modified it from there. Hence, the Milk Barn Garden Coop.   I don't want to reproduce the exact plans here because the gent who sells them deserves the 30 bucks, but I can show you a bit of the construction process.   Like all... read more

The Barnstormer ( page in progress )

Four years ago my wife Paula and I moved with our three children from the Dark Peaks in the north of England to Oxford Mississippi. My image of rural America was of the fabulous red barns with gambrel roofs, so choosing a theme for our chicken coop was easy ! It will house six to eight chickens and has a layout similar to the Wichita coop. We are finding there is plenty of loft space where our birds love to roost and we can store some bits and pieces we found we need to care for our flock. Plans I looked at plenty of pictures and read articles for inspiration and... read more

The Cluck-O-Stoga Chicken Tractor

    My husband and I live on a small island in Washington State and enjoy a lifestyle that encourages us to re-purpose and recycle as much as possible. Thus our new chicken tractor was born of almost all recycled, scavenged and re-purposed materials. Despite the used materials, I think we have come up with a design that will serve us and our birds well.   We had a few goals we wanted to incorporate into the design. We wanted it to be easily moved by one person, be useable year round, large enough for six to eight birds, keep our birds safe from an abundance of... read more

1st time coop build.

I used 2x4 for the foundation. I used ply wood for the sub floor. I had 3/4 ply from a previous project that I used for the walls that go up against the fence. I made a skeleton of my exterior walls, framed out windows and door opening. Roosting boxes are 1/2 ply. I used left over 1/2inch plywood for exterior siding. One of my favorite features on this coop is the corner window. Once cladding was done, I painted interior in gloss white for easier clean up. I went with a light gray on the exterior just because I want my house this color, but my HOA won't... read more

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