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Open Gate Garden Coop

  April 6th 2016 and we have just gotten 3 inches of snow here in Wisconsin.  Meanwhile, our chicken adventure has begun with the set up of a brooder box in anticipation of getting our first batch of chickens.  I had Rhode Islands when I was growing up on our farm in South Dakota, but since then life has been pretty much chicken free.  My daughter who is an animal lover, spent weeks researching and reading books on chicken care in order to convince us that she could care for a flock of hens.  No need to convince mama, but dad was a whole nother story... The weekend he... read more

All Cedar Coop

My husband and I looked at hundreds of coops and picked out certain details we liked. We ended up with a quick sketch and constructed our coop in less than 2 weeks. We decided to make the entire coop out of cedar. Originally, it was going to house 4 hens, but after construction, we wanted a total of 6 girls. Ultimately, we allow our girls to free range during the day and they only enter the coop during the day to lay.  Framing out the sides We used the kreg jig for attaching the frame together Tongue and groove for the siding and the roof Framing the nesting... read more

Our fancy hen house

We had been wanting chickens for a long time. We decided on 6 buff orpingtons, and we took in the last easter egger at our feed store. It ended up being a rooster! We ordered a coop online- big mistake. The coop they advertised as being able to house 6-10 hens was barely big enough for two:( We used it in our garage as a brooder. We decided we HAD to build and I started pouring over coop pics on backyard chickens and the wichita was my favorite. I ordered the plans and my husband knocked this out in a few weeks. The total cost for the coop was around $1000. My husband is... read more

Portable little big house

Its on a 4x8 trailer. Sits just below our 6' tall fence. Can be moved by one person. Tray that slides ouy of back for easy cleaning. read more

Chesapeake Cabin Coop

Our version of the Wichita Cabin Coop. Built ours from April-May 2016 My build-along post was here.                     read more

My Cattle Panel Hoop Coop

  • by 0wen

                                          read more

The Egg Plant( in purple)

I bought a derkensen pre built 8x10 playhouse. Had them paint it eggpkant purple. Added my chicken dream specks and built a run! Not bad for a single lady! Here is where it all started. I dug 2 ft holes and planted 4x4post in concrete. My grandson helped dig a couple of the holes. Then i gug a 8-10 in trench between the pist and buried the bottom of the hardware 1/2in cloth and filled it in with concrete!😎😆 Thet deliveted the "coop" i added a few coop dream details. I made feeders i can accesses from out side the coop from pvc pipes. I put in 2 waterers... read more

Blue on Blue (on Blue) Kiwi Urban Coop

My family previously had a coop, but it was a small beginners coop. I'm embarrassed by our previous coop & was determined to do better this time. This coop is 1.2m x 2.4m x 1.2m. We have 6 shavers (New Zealand's egg machine) and may add a couple of other birds to get some interesting eggs for the kids.   After 2 years away, and countless hours on the internet, I have designed my simple but pretty, in my opinion, back yard coop.     Most New Zealand coops are for farms/lifestyle blocks and are not aesthetically adequate for our urban back yard. We can see our coop... read more

Kansas City Backyard Coop and Retaining Wall

I figured I'd start a coop page to "pay it forward", so to speak. My husband and I are building a modified version of the Wichita Cabin Coop. I grew up in Wichita so it only made sense to honor my roots :) Plus, the coop design is amazing!   In order to accommodate this particular coop, we had overcome several obstacles. To be in compliance with city code we had to locate the coop 100 feet from any neighboring residential structure. This left us with exactly one option and that option is on a very steep hill and backs up to a wooded area full of critters that would... read more

The Condo-Coop

Welcome to our coop, brought to you by Dad! This coop just got a giant addition added, but there are no pics of it yet, just construction pics.. Here is the coop!!! This is the entire coop. It can fit up to around 16 chickens. This rock wall and planter were built from rocks we had growing out of the ground. This is the outside of the henhouse part. It has a door for easy cleaning, and shingles, so cute! Here is the inside of the henhouse. This was the other henhouse. It was a bit smaller, and hardly anyone used it. Now we have a new one in our huge... read more

BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans