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Re-purposed bed turned chicken coop!

Once upon a time, my eight year old son was a lot smaller and fit into his twin bed just fine. But he grew, as all kids do and wanted a bigger bed. So his old twin bed went up to the attic where it was taking up too much space. Then we got chickens! And needed to build a coop ASAP. So my thought was, let's turn the old bed into a coop! My husband was not as thrilled with the idea. ūüėĀ He likes to follow a plan, and there was no plan for this. It was definitely a figure things out as you build type of project! First we had to build the basic frame for the coop and... read more

Shabby Chic Coop for our Silkies!

My husband is a General Contractor so he built the outside of our coop to match our house.  The little coop inside was their original home so this is big upgrade for them!           read more

My Red and White Coop

It took me 6 months to build, my wonderful sister was my second set of eyes when door wouldn't seat correctly, and I took the design from the Wichitah Coop and I thank you for that! Not being a construction trained person I relied on my son in law for adding the siding and roof. We painted as we went along which was time consuming, but saved serious time in the long run! I have built three coops and this is our best build to date! I have added the window which is difficult to see in the pictures. I framed it and added plexiglass to it and added a chain and hook,for... read more

Have-A-Go Wichita Cabin Coop

  • by kie4

  Hi, this may page documenting the creation of our family's coop.   Intro There are so many different kinds of coops out there, but for me the Wichita Cabin Coop style is just it. Nice bit of space in the run, big hen house above the run, you can stand up in it, and it's about the size of a shed. I saw most people make a 5x10, but I wanted to go a little bit larger so I went down to Home Depot and got 3 pieces of 2 in. x 12 in. x 12 ft. pressure treated lumber.   Criteria I poured over the internet looking at coops with the following criteria:     - Big... read more

The Gypsy Chicks

Here is our Gypsy Wagon Coop.  After considering a number of designs, we decided that building one that looked like a Gypsy wagon gave us unlimited exterior design options - nothing was off limits. We contacted Chicken Coop Mansions and gave Matthew our initial design. He built the basic structure, erected it on site and we have tweaking it and painting it ever since. We are still adding to at, shutters are currently being worked on. The coop measures 6'x10' at the base and about 1 foot wider at the top.  The interior ceiling tops out at 8'.  I wanted to be able to... read more

Chill's Chicken Coop

‚Äč We decided to get chickens, earlier this year, and a few weeks ago (early June 2016)¬†I realized it's time to build them a coop to get them out of the garage. I have no prior experience with building anything this complex, but I felt confident I could do it.¬†I didn't have any formal plans, just a basic drawing how how I wanted it to look/function. I basically just made it up as I went. ¬† We don't have a ton of space around our property, but even more importantly, we don't have too many ideal locations. The spot we chose is shaded by sumacs and a poplar¬†in summer, and... read more

Gusty Acres (remodel)

  • by JLS

  The left side of the coop is where you can enter the coop and/or run. The coop measures 8'x12'. My original layout can be seen under Jls's Chicken Coop "Gusty Acres" in the medium coop section of BYC. I have made many modifications to the original design. This is the front of our coop. All of the windows are covered with hard wire cloth to ensure safety. There is a third window located in the back of the coop which is shaded by the shed roof that is located in the run. Here is the covered portion of the chicken run. This is the right side of our coop.... read more

The Biddie Bordello - A Hoop Coop/Run Combo

As a new chicken owner, and the first time ever living in the country, we can tend to dive in with both feet. Once we decided to finally get chickens, we searched out various coop designs. I kept going back to the hoop coop because it just made sense. The panels make the structure and that sounds SO much easier to deal with than buying lots of wood and taking measurements and all that jazz. Found one I really liked but wanted to make modifications to and shared it with the husband. He was agreeable, so we went and bought the stuff. That's what you do, after all.    We... read more

Monitor Barn Style Coop

This is my second coop build, and I have added some new ideas to improve the coop. I do tend to over build things, but I had a basic idea in my head to design this coop after a classic monitor barn style.  Using the upper roof line to ventilate the coop has worked well. The coop also uses a floor exit to decrease winter drafts here in New England.  My main flock size will be 9 hens and maybe the rooster that was part of the original 12.  We will down size a couple hens and rotate out three every year.  I "may" keep the rooster and see if one of the hens go broody, but he... read more

4 Season Tractor

This tractor is heavy, sturdy, and protected enough it can be used year round. My ducks love it, and chickens would too! It was cost effective at only $150 CAD. It only used 4 4'x8' plywood sheets and 5 20' 2"x4" plywood pieces. Screws, staples, hooks, hinges, and latches were the additional supplies I used, along with hardware cloth and chicken wire. I only sustained two injuries!  Here you can see the front is made for pulling. It has hardware cloth on the bottom half and on the top half has 2 layers of chicken wire. The roof is one layer of chicken wire. The... read more

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