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Compost-Included Deep Litter Hoop Coop

Have to share my husband's coop design:   Pallets, cattle and horse panels, plywood, old pool cover tarp, and compost . . .     Setting the posts and pallets.   The entire structure is 40 feet long x 8 feet wide.  20 x 8 is the enclosed coop, and 20 x 8 is the run area.     Adding cattle panels for the hoop - - - elevated by the pallets at the base.   The dividing wall between the enclosed coop and the run area.   Added the repurposed pool cover from my in-law's swimming pool.  It will trap heat in winter and provide shade in summer.  We can... read more

Little White Hen House

These five lovely ladies, Partridge Plymouth Rocks, were in need of a home.   I scoured the BYC coop pages to help determine a plan. Well... that plan was given to my parents and they got creative and did their own little thing.             Basically the design is 4x8, with 4x4 being inside and 4x4 being outside. The 'house' part is raised approximately 2 feet off the ground and the entire thing (except for the roof) is 6 feet tall. We used 4x4s for the corners of the house and 2x4s everywhere else. The inside of the house uses 1/2"x1/2" cage wire and... read more

Back Porch Coop

  I admit it, our hens are pretty spoiled! After raising them from eggs, they have become two of the best pets we've ever had, and they are the only pets that actually earn their keep with their delicious contributions to our breakfast burritos. (See how they got started here!)   My talented husband set out to build an upgrade to our chicken coop when we started getting water damage to the roof. (Click here to see our previous set-up.) We contemplated replacing the roof, but one thing led to another, and he ended up building a brand new chicken... read more

FINALLY-Country Budget Coop(?),Pictures....The "Dixiea Chicks",,are home!

The Dixie Chicks are home in their Country Budget Coop and run. Total cost $18.00,and that was reluctant hubby deciciding old wood wasn't good enough!         read more

nesting boxes

My mom built me this beautiful nesting boxes for my amazing 31 chickens. I think she did a great job and it only took us all day;). read more

Coop/Run/Shed combo

Hard to tell from the pictures, but the back half is a shed. The access to the nesting boxes is inside the shed; here in the Pacific Northwest, it's nice to get out of the rain while collecting eggs and cleaning. The front of the coop opens completely for easy cleaning.  We used branches from the woods for roosting bars, put curtains up in front of the nesting boxes (the girls wouldn't use them until we did), and made our own waterer from a free food grade bucket from Safeway and poultry nipples (incredibly easy). This is our own design, not terribly different from some... read more

The Walls of Jericho

I used to come on to this web site and read all of the stories of people who said that once you get chickens you really get in to it and you end up getting more and more chickens and more and more advanced on your coop. That is me dead on.   I started out with an Ebay coop   I attached the coop to a dog run that I had and put hardware cloth on the bottom of the dog run and chicken wire on the top. I also buried hard ware cloth all around the coop so that nothing could get in. On the box they said 4-6 chickens.    NO WAY was this accurate. I had 6 and it was... read more

Our Lil Flock

New to the game and hope we are doing ok                                                                     read more

Rosewood Blues' Coop

My family moved out to our farm in Iowa about two years ago and it was a fixer upper, but look at this little goody! This 15x25 hen house was built by my neighbor's great grandfather and is around 100 years old. I had always wanted to keep chickens, and when I found the Iowa Blue breed I couldn't resist trying to save the coop. What makes this hen house so unique is that it is the last original building on the property, and from the research I've done there are no remaining brick hen houses left in North Iowa.    It doesn't look like much in the first series of photos,... read more

Shed to the coop

    We initially were going to purchase a pre-fab coop, but then realized we didn't really need our 8x8 garden shed, so after some convincing of my husband, moved the shed across the yard onto a new floor, and started the project.     I decided on sand as the coop litter after a lot of reading.  So far, it has worked out well.  I use a litter scoop to clean up the droppings.  I also enclosed the roost with chicken wire, have removable 2x4s for easy cleaning, and have a droppings door to the outside.  I used an old Subaru mat that I can remove and spray off the... read more

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