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Dr. Suess Coop

We are first time chicken owners. We wanted to have some fun with this. The kids decided on a  Dr. Suess themed coop. I looked around online and didn't find to many ideas. I am not a big fan of following a plan anyway, so we had to wing this one. I wanted to make the most out of every board and sheet of plywood. So I started to lay some boards on the ground and made sure they fit on a half sheet of ply     From here I just built the outside and worked out the doors and windows once I had it roughed out.             Since It gets pretty cold here in... read more

Very Low Cost But Tons of Work: Recycled Coop

    Disclaimer: My coop is designed to blend in rather than stand out.  Because of that, in most of the pictures the coop seems to take 2nd place to other elements, as here is the back and only side that will allow an entire picture!   Very Low Cost But Tons of Work: Recycled Coop/Greenhouse/Grape Arbor/Seating Bower My coop “Coop De Vittle“, as with all DIY coops, is based on our own circumstances: Reusing/repurposing materials is a personal ideal and an intriguing challenge We are gardening fools We aren’t actually supposed to have fowl in our community (and... read more

Gibbs Chick Wagon

We were given an old camper and decide to convert it into a chicken coop. What a fun process, and our six ISA Brown ladies and very happy with the results! Please go to to see the "before" video, and to to see the "after" video. We call the camper the "Gibbs Chick Wagon" since they give us breakfast every day! read more

yet to be named coop...still in progress

  • by 0die

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level or not

  • by vply

Does the coop have to be completely level or can it sit a little on a slope read more

Fulton Coop

This is the coop that I created. Its roughly 8'w x 15'l x 6'h.           Sketchup plans for the frame:   I will post the plans for the nesting boxes and interior once I finish creating them in sketchup.   It currently doesn't have any outside access to the nest boxes which I will probably be one of the first modifications I make.    read more

Old McDoedoe's coop

This is the front of my coop. It's a modified version of the Wichita, modified to use less materials and require less work to construct. Box is 4' x 4' x 4' and the run is 4' x 10'. With those modifications, it only required 3 sheets of plywood for the box. I also used regular chicken wire instead of hardware cloth. By nailing 1/4" 2 x 4 strips on top of the chicken wire where it's stapled, it becomes much stronger. Door is handmade from cedar. Nesting box is simple. 3 boxes for anticipated 6 chickens. I have 4 now. I figured using a back door instead of... read more

Penny's Hens

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Griffin Nest - Builds

•Return to Homepage•   ☆ Builds ☆   These are pictures of things I built for my birds such as incubator, brooders, and coops.   Photo Album - Builds   Incubator #0 (Hatched in August 2010)   I call my birds Incubator #0 because they aren't artificial! Sometimes my button quail incubates her own eggs, but since she doesn't raise them, I brood them myself. She used to be very good at incubating, and it helped during a time I didn't have a working incubator.   Incubator #0.5 (Built in August... read more

Simple, cost-effective coop/run combination

  This site has been a massive help this year in learning how to care for our new flock, so I'm super happy to be able to maybe give a little something back by contributing my design.  Most of it is pretty common, but it's got a few differences that have been working really well and I think could be useful to others.   My main requirements for the coop were:   Cost effective: We will probably only be at our house another 4 years or so, so I wasn't going to spend a fortune for something we were going to leave behind. So it either had to be super cheap or an asset... read more

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