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Privacy Fence Coop

This is a coop I made from an old privacy fence and some other scrap wood I had laying around.The paint was the only thing we bought total of about $22.00 The whole side opens for easy cleaning,       read more

Another Harriet's House Coop

I followed an excellent youtube video documenting how to build a Harriet's House Coop.   The link to it is here:  The video shows the size of all the pieces you need to cut. There are one or two size mistakes I found, just be sure to measure the lengths on your coop before cutting, and the details regarding assembling the laying box are a little sketchy, but it's easy to figure out.  The video doesn't address the roof.  I used an online home depot shed construction guide for the step-by-step roofing instructions.   Here... read more

Small Coop...No plans...Just studied others designs

Hello....My wife and I are new to this...chicken the coop by doing some then sitting about it and do some more...a couple of suggestions...   Do not build a Coop in the summer...oh my...took me forever...a really hot summer   Build it twice what ever size you come up with...just saying...I definitely could have went bigger..   Here are a few pics....I must say there are some really wonderful Coops on here...       read more

Lets build a chicken Coop

My wife and I decided to build a coop. Look at a lot of the designs and built this one. Currently we have 4 hens. 3 cochins and one we don't know what it is. It has been fun and entertaining. We hope to have 8 hens. This coop measure 6x4. It is 6 foot tall. The run is 12x12 enclosed. Really didn't have any plans drawn up. Just knew in my head what I wanted and started building.         read more

Sherwood Chicken Chalet

My husband and I built our coop (with some help from his father) this past August. This is the first time we've had chickens.. Foundation boards burried partly underground so animals can't dig into it: Building day:             The nesting box: Putting on the roof: We put vinyl down inside the coop so it would be easier to clean, and a pipe for water along the back wall for the winter:   Outside of the nesting box, with lid: Back of the coop, with the PVC feeder and another box that holds the water cooler: The water... read more

Run Charlie

              read more

California living

So I'm going to try and throw up my coop. I found a picture of a an open air design and just winged it. read more

Sonnyside Up! in South Dakota

  Welcome to the Sonnyside Up! coop in northeastern South Dakota!     2015 is the Year of the Chicken. Maybe not on the Chinese calendar, but it is on mine.   The end of March, I was on a drive home home from an out of town work trip one evening, when my uncle called. He said he was going to demolish his barn. This was the barn of my uncle, my grandma, and my grandpa...a big part of my childhood. Built in the 1800s from cedar, board and batten, it was a big beautiful red barn in its day. I said, " I would really like a board or something." He said, "No problem."... read more

Hoop tractor becomes a permanent insulated coop

                    read more

Hobbit Hole Retreat

  We purchased this coop from Wooden Wonders in Spring 2015 and couldn't be happier with the design and construction! It is easy to clean and very functional. Plus, we live in a suburban neighborhood and since our dogs occupy our fenced-in back yard, the chicken coop is located in the front yard in our 15' x 15' fenced-in vegetable garden. The chickens co-existed peacefully with our vegetable plants until we had to cover the fence with a pond net so the chickens wouldn't fly over. The carnage was immediate. The vengeful chickens ripped out every flower and vegetable... read more

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