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Rosewood Blues' Coop

My family moved out to our farm in Iowa about two years ago and it was a fixer upper, but look at this little goody! This 15x25 hen house was built by my neighbor's great grandfather and is around 100 years old. I had always wanted to keep chickens, and when I found the Iowa Blue breed I couldn't resist trying to save the coop. What makes this hen house so unique is that it is the last original building on the property, and from the research I've done there are no remaining brick hen houses left in North Iowa.    It doesn't look like much in the first series of photos,... read more

Shed to the coop

    We initially were going to purchase a pre-fab coop, but then realized we didn't really need our 8x8 garden shed, so after some convincing of my husband, moved the shed across the yard onto a new floor, and started the project.     I decided on sand as the coop litter after a lot of reading.  So far, it has worked out well.  I use a litter scoop to clean up the droppings.  I also enclosed the roost with chicken wire, have removable 2x4s for easy cleaning, and have a droppings door to the outside.  I used an old Subaru mat that I can remove and spray off the... read more

Clark Family Coop

We currently have 8 hens and 2 ducks sharing.. read more

our wing it Pallet Coop

We decided this year that we wanted to get chickens again after having every flock weve ever owned eaten by predators and we knew we needed to build a new coop 1) because the bear tore the entire back half of our old coop off 2)because we wanted to relocate it to a larger area that is less likely to have predator attacks and easier to surround with electric fencing and 3) because we needed a MUCH larger coop for our much larger flock!   I showed my husband what I had in mind, we leveled an area in the the yard and built this thing for the least amount of money... read more

Two-level A-frame from repurposed chain link fence top rail

One of my coworker's neighbors upgraded his fence from chain link to cedar, so my friend found himself in possession of a pile of thin walled galvanized steel pipe.  He had no plans for it, so he gave it to me.  Meanwhile, our mutual friend wanted to start a small backyard flock.  He also bought a welding machine.  We put our heads together, and came up with this:Obviously, this shot was from before he put wire on it.  The footprint is about 4' wide by about 10' long.  The wheels are from a rusted-out Western Flyer wagon. It is very sturdy, but it can be picked up easily... read more

Welded galvanized steel tubing frame chicken tractor 2.0

This is a wider version of our other tractor.  We added a divider in the nesting box, an additional roosting bar,  and two eggs doors instead of one.  An acquaintance of ours bought it (along with 5 hens) for their yard.  We dropped off the tractor with the hens in the top, placed it in a patch of clover in their yard, and watched as their kids lower the ramp to release the hens.  Fun stuff!         read more

Reclaimed Cedar Chicken Coop

                read more

Welded galvanized steel tubing frame chicken tractor

This is the result of spending way too much time designing a chicken tractor.  I wanted something light enough for my kids to drag to the next spot (or tow to the next spot with the lawn tractor), that looked presentable, and would work for a few hens.  The crank handle raises and lowers the ramp and locks into place.  I used spring latches to attach the ends.  The hairpins were added for extra security against raccoons.  Interior view from the pull handle/window end. The ramp is locked up in this picture. View of the window end and pull/tow handle. Another... read more

Western Themed Coop

Our western style chicken coop my husband made. Took about 4 weeks to build out of pallet wood and other materials. I will sit down this weekend and give more information and add inside pictures. read more

Repurposed Garden Shed to Quaint Coop

Let me start by saying that I've wanted to get backyard chickens for a few years now and with a little resistance from my husband, I had put it off.  I knew I had to take the time to do the proper research to do it right and with the help of, and all of it's valuable information, we decided this was the year and now we cannot wait for fresh eggs in August!  It started as an old garden shed that was on our property. First, I removed the old brittle corrugated fiberglass siding. Next, I built a platform for the "house" portion of the coop. I used a... read more

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