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My egg shack

Here is my egg shack which now has five hens hanging out in it. read more

Built my coop from scratch using scrap and donated materials...

I started with some scrap 2x4s and made a 4'x6' floor I put the joists 18" on center so I could use less wood and figured it didn't have to be super load bearing... Then I started adding legs and I made the legs two foot long to put the floor off the ground to help with cleaning as well as being able to later store things under. I used two full length 2x4s in the back corners so the coop would be tall enough to stand in with a roof on... I made the front two corners 6 1/2' to make the front 4 foot inside the coop and give the roof enough angle to let snow fall off in... read more

New Chicken Coop. A work in Progress

  • by sega

Here are some pictures of a new chicken coop I am in the process of building.  Coop is 12' x 16' and will house about 25 - 30 FBC Marans.  The coop is almost complete and will look something like the last picture except I am going to use Barn Red tin on the bottom and the whole roof will be covered in white tin.                                                 read more

Drawing Up A Design

Working on drawing up a potential chicken coop design.  Can anyone give me some input on anything I'm missing, whether this is feasible, etc?  Also need to figure out how to get chickens from the coop into our run which is a 6' x 10' chainlink dog run.   read more

Shed to coop(work in progress)

So it begins! I bought this shed at an auction held by the Ft Greely recycling program for about $500. I ended up paying about $600 to get it to my house, most of that was due to a lack f foresight on my part and I needed my brothers to think up and whip together a means to get it off the trailer intact. On the spot! I think it would have been closer to $300 if we had been prepared. The drive managed to snake his giant truck through my yard and I got the shed in the general area that I wanted it. It's at a funny angle and if I can't push it into place when I rent... read more

Deedee's Inn: low-cost coop, run, and yard from Craiglist finds and freebies

Deedee's Inn all started with...Deedee. A KG teacher asked if anyone wanted her classroom chicks, and I said "YES, I do!" Who knew Deedee the classroom chick would lead to a flock of ten, and to a year of construction on their Inn. The first pictures below show what Deedee's Inn is like now, home to Deedee and her 9 girlfriends. The current Inn is comprised of two coops and three completely fenced-in runs, plus a chicken yard that is about 25x25 ft. The coops are 4x4 ft and 2x4 ft, the total fenced-inn run space is 80 ft squared. All these little coops and runs are... read more

Heather's Hen House

        read more

Happy Little Coop

It just looks so happy!    So, although we were only starting with four chickens, I wanted to build something that would be big enough to allow for chicken math. Basing it on 4x8 sheets of plywood also seemed like it might simplify a bit. So I decided on a 4x8 coop, which should allow for up to eight chickens or so. So a simple box with a slanted roof, right? Wrong.   My husband being from Vermont, he requested a barn-like structure, complete with a gambrel roof. Yay.  But it was a good opportunity for me to learn some basic construction skills, since I’ve only... read more

Jungle Coop

I started building beginning of 1/8/16 and finished 3/13/16. just working weekends and a few nights. My wife did help hold up the roof beams. I bought material as needed and used discounted lumber when possible. I'm not a carpenter at all, and I had to buy all new tools to complete this project.   Here's my Jungle Chicken Coop.     Size is a 4 x 10. Front is 8 feet and rear is 6 feet tall. design inspired from the following coops: Taj Mahal / Wichita Knockoff The Palace Bluegrass Coop   3D print... read more

Haley's Hen House

Well hello every one this is my chicken coop. The coop it self is 4x8 and the attached run is 8x16. As of right now it houses 9 chickens. Hope you enjoy the pictures through out the process.   This are a couple pictures of the framing process. There are a total of 6 4x4 posts in the four corners of the coop and the other two are at the other end of the run. The additional framing is just 2x4's. we also added the 4x8 sheet of plywood for the floor of the coop before some of the framing went up. The next thing we did was add all the chicken wire to the outside of the... read more

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