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Coop-A-Cabana and Coop de Ville....Soo EggCited the ladies will be here next month!!

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"Hinkel Haus" made of pallets & recycled wood pickets

~ Sally Sunshine Poultry  ~            "Hinkel Haus" made of pallets and recycled wood picket fencing  From PA!   Hinkel is PA Dutch for Chicken btw!   DETAILS FOLLOWING Final coop Pics!     Mostly recycled materials for the coop, 2 paint colors and a sharpie, yup sharpie!   We have to finish our storage "step" under the front door to keep chicken treats, ACV etc. We will use a rubbermaid container for the inside and more pickets for the exterior of the step box! OH and some more purdy landscaping!    I cant stress enough how CHEAP AND EASY it... read more

Saloon Coop with Pallet Porch Roof

look how ugly it was     my fav part was skid/pallet roof "porch" and that I can collect eggs feed and water without stepping in poop!   Our daughter had fun designing and painting all the fun signs and since it has been finished it has turned into HER serama saloon for breeding frizzled serama and I still use it for grow out as well.                 inside video and pop door info....           you can always find my kids in there somewhere... now where is that lock????   HarmonyAnn did the peein off the porch, cause lil Luke... read more

NO STRAIN Hot water EASY Fermented Feed Method w/video

NO STRAIN Hot water EASY Fermented Feed Method   HOT WATER NO STRAIN FF VIDEO   I will add that DH wasn't happy about helping me to video and  I also grabbed the first audio on the youtube list!  And DH made me take out the comment about why I don't use whole grains, you know that whole ever eat corn and see what comes back out? LMAO!     WHAT YOU NEED: 5 Gal bucket Hot water Feed (mash, crumbles or pellets) ACV with Mother 1 cup est per 5 gal bucket something to stir with Cheesecloth, towel or nylons to cover bucket with     REMEMBER this is the HOT... read more

My 'Chick Chalet' in the Carolina Hills

(Thanks, Nifty-Chicken for tweaking the title for me.  )   Coop is 48 Ft2, 7+ foot interior height. Run is 400 Ft2, around 6' high. Chain-link walls, 2" x 3" welded wire roof. 10' x 15' area covered by a tarp for shade & protection from rain.   I didn't care for the plainness of the front wall so I added a pair of flower boxes.    Double-door entrance insures chickens will not escape into the dog's area while I'm entering/leaving.   These doors are the only way into the coop, which is 'sealed' against the fully enclosed run.   I saw these doorknobs... read more

The Muñoz Coop

After a lot of research and reading through hundreds of pages on the BYC forums, I began the construction of our first coop. With a great deal of help from my dad with construction and design, and some additional help from family members, I am quite please with the end result.   The total cost for all materials was about $1,200. The coop is 4' x 7' x 4', while the entire structure is 7' x 18'. The front is 82" (not including the the roof and support beams) and the back is 70".   The hardware cloth (2 rolls of 3'x100'), the metal roofing and the smart siding, were... read more

Sweet Pea's Rustic Roost

  Hello, this is the story of how we built Sweet Pea's Rustic Roost for our little flock of 7 hens.  Sweet Pea is one of our Barred Rock Chickens.  She was the sweetest of the chicks and used to sit on my shoulder.  She seems to be partly blind which has made her very sweet and a bit funny.  She tends to run straight at you, fast and then runs into your legs.  She is finally happy when she is roosting on your feet.  We named the roost for her.     To learn more about our chickens go to my chickens page... read more

The Strange Coop

The Strange Coop   (Updated 03MAR17)   Our adventure all started on the thirteenth of June, in 2014. My wife and I inherited three, 1 year old hens and a chicken tractor from friends who moved away. We had already been discussing getting chickens throughout the past year, after our home owners association changed the by-laws. The new by-laws allowed us to have hens because we lived outside of city limits! Since then, chicken math has taken its toll on us, and all of our girls are different breeds because we want multicolored eggs.   After discussing a permanent... read more

our Aussie Coop

Approximate sizes only. This was a rough sketch and used as a guide only.   Posts were 100x100. I then used framing timber. The sheets of ply for the walls were 9mm thick and came in sheets of 2400x1200. The dimensions were 1200x1200 as it made it easy to cut a sheet in half then fit.     3mm Aluminum door placed inside tarp runners and then put onto a simple pulley system.   I ended up modifying the lid to nesting box and put metal roofing on. The original material was thin ply and began to buckle after a few days in the yard, so luckily I had an... read more

Atlanta, Georgia Urban Chicken Coop!

  Hi everyone! My wife and I purchased a home approximately 2 miles away from the downtown Atlanta Capitol in the Grant Park area. A couple friend of ours live in the same neighborhood and their house came with a chicken coop. We were completely shocked at the fact that backyard chickens is a thing! Once we visited and saw how awesome their coop is, we were immediately hooked. My wife loved the idea of having fresh local eggs, her background is public health and nutrition. With a background in mechanical engineering, my thought was how fun it would be to build a... read more

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