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Cozycrestmom's Chicken Coop

  BY COZY CREST MOM,,,   Our little babies.. Arrived April 30th... 11 little layers,, 3 RIR, 4 NH, 4 white leghorns and 1 rooster...     THE MAKING OF THE COOP/PEN (First part of May 2010) Well,,, It's started anyways.... 10' x 16', A double door in the front, 2 small windows to each side of the door,, Well, they are not really opening windows like normal,,, just the sashes.. so we will have to have hinges.. My hubby desided to have them swing out, For ventilation purposes. We have another window in the center of the back wall that opens up from the bottom,... read more

Eggplucker's Page

HER PRESENT   It started in early August this year, when I asked, "What do you want for your birthday, honey?"  She didn't answer immediately.  It took several hours and deep comtemplation before she landed on her most pressing need:  "Chickens." "Say what?" I asked, a little bewildered.  I mean, Bev isn't a diamond and jewelry woman, but she does treasure nice things.  I probably heard wrong. "I want chickens for my birthday." I hadn't mis-heard anything.  What could I say?  She is my wife and her dreams are my dreams, right?  So I answered.  "Okay." In less... read more

Tailfeather Cottage

Tailfeather Cottage  "Really?  We need chickens?  Now?"        Our adventure began innocently enough as my husband and I realized our dream of owning acreage and finally planned to move our horses from a friends farm, home! The barn had taken some time, fencing was carefully planned and installed and moving day came. We could sit back and relax as we watched our happy boys graze in their new pasture.  But someone should have warned us (or at least my sweet husband, as I knew this deep down already) that this was just the beginning. We needed to jump right into this... read more

Fort Rox Coop

        The Fort Rox Coop Munchkin Mountain, Ohio                  It all began when I decided that having a few chickens around our place would be a fun and worthwhile project, for myself and our family. It would teach the kids responsibility and provide a great food source for our family. It wouldn't take much time or money to do and I thought that a few chickens running around would also help with our tic problem here on the hill. We already had 2 calves, 5 dogs, a cat and 5 kids so chickens seemed like the next logical step.        Ok, you got me, that... read more

Log Cabin / Cordwood Coop

 Like many, I started with just a couple chickens.  Each year I get a couple more and I don't think that will change any time soon.  With that in mind, it was time to upgrade my little coop.   My original Coop ~~> This project took several months simply due to gathering materials and trying to construct this after work or while watching my 2 yr old.  Much of the materials I was able to scavenge, I to try keep my costs low.  This took basic carpentry skills.     I started by laying the foundation on... read more

Green Acre Farm

UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR UPDATES 03/26/12GREEN ACRE FARM "Our home, Our min-farm, Our way of life"     Welcome to our page about our "Green Acre Farm" It is named this because we now have an actual full acre after a purchase of neighboring 1/4 acre. Green Acre also seemed appropriate because we are truly like the 1970's show Green Acre, city folk learning to farm. I am always learning new skills still 6 years after beginning. I went from business suits and high heels to mud boots and sweatpants, and love every minute of it. We are only missing Wilbur the pig,... read more

querimonious's Member Page

Chickadoodle Heights   A year ago my partner and I moved to our new dream home in Keighley, West Yorkshire, England.  When viewing the house one of the first things I saw was the garden and I fell in love!  It also had bedrooms etc.  but really the garden was what sold it :)  So having moved in the only thing missing was chickens.   I didn't draw up plans as such.  I used this site and 'Chicken Coops for Dummies' to inspire me, addressing problems as they arose.  I did my homework, trying to learn from others to make the best coop I could, to make it easy to clean,... read more

parisbarbiedaisyandluna's Member Page

My Adventures in Chickenhood!   Once upon a time... I dreamt of having a farm! And I still do, every day of every year of my young life! I thirsted for a horses, goats, ducks, pigs. Anything. Luckily, on June 26th 2011, I finally settled with four beautiful 6 week old pullets!     Well, maybe they weren't beautiful at the time, but I knew they would be eventually :) This may be a little backwards, getting the chickens before the coop, but I wanted them and knew we could make it work! I got them from a sweet lady two hours from our house, I know I could've found... read more

Hodawg's Member Page

Welcome to Hodawg's Chicken Page  Home of "Right Wing Chickens"       Mrs. Hodawg & I pick up the new chicks on Thursday, 01 Dec 2011.  The coop is built, the run is 75% complete, and the brooder is set up and ready for the little biscuit fillers.  More pics will follow soon....      01 Dec 2011.  Well here they are.  Five little Plymouth Barred Rocks.  We originally intended to have only 3 laying hens, but Ms. Sandie at the feed store said "4 are no harder to raise and feed than 3", so four it was.  But on pick-up day, we decided on 5, just in case one didn't... read more

FalcoOat's Member Page

Our Fargo, ND Coop Project We were thrilled when we found out that our city allowed chickens.  Of course after almost finishing our coop we received a visit from our developer with a list of covenants we were unaware of. It looks like we will have to change our colors, and then probably go to court to fight to have chickens.  I started by figuring out the best place to put the coop. I liked the area of enclosing it with a low fence so we could create a big vegetable garden and then let the chicks roam on occasion after the vegetable season was over. I drew up plans... read more

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