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How to turn a Playhouse into an Enchanted Chicken Coop

First we want to thank everyone who has posted their stories of building their own coops and how they upgraded existing ones, we couldn't have completed ours without your help.   To save money and the desire to have an attractive new chicken coop to replace our ratty old and smaller one lead us to purchasing a Playhouse from Habitat for Humanity's ReStore store. Even though the Playhouse was missing parts and sections were damaged, we paid 1/4th the cost of a new one.   Here is a picture of it once we got it home.   First we had to build a platform to support the... read more

Pinkalicous Duck Tractor

Hi there, This is my duck house I built for my daughter.  Building this duck house, I felt like I reinvented the wheel sometimes and even now, I’m thinking if I were to do it again, how I would do it differently.    My thoughts on building it were to have a secure house that opened via a door on a timer.  The ducks can then enter a locked enclosure.  If a predator wanted too, they could dig under the walls during the day.          The footprint of the house area is 5.5' x 3'.  The enclosure area is 5.5' x 5' for a total footprint of 5.5' x 8'. The rails (or... read more

'Bird and the Fluffy Butts Hut.

Fall               Spring                            Summer!       This is my babies home of homes!     In 2010 when I came home with 12 fluffy chicks my husband almost fell over. I told him we have 10 weeks to get a new chicken coop built!   And so in June of 2010 he and I started to build the new Tajmahal I call the Fluffy Butt Hut, and he calls the Time Machine. (Because I loose all track of time when I am down with my girls.)   We started looking at prebuilt sheds and plans.  Hubby was sure that we could build one from... read more

Rendezvous Coop

I think this is an original design.  I have been looking at these pages for months and have not seen one like it.  It started ot to be like the Witchata Cabin Coop, but then evolved to be 4'x4' to just use 2 sheets of siding. All of the sudden we had version 3.0 that was bigger and looked nicer also.   I wanted a coop for 4 to 6 hens, elevated so it is easy on the back to clean, well ventilated and the nest box outside of the run.  The coop and run will be tucked in between our garage and the neighbors chainlink fence.  It has nice south and east exposure and is... read more

BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans