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kathyinmo's Brooders

A few of my Brooders .....   # 1 .... The infamous "Nellabean Brooder" ...... Broody coop, or brooders (instructions below):     Nella's finished:   Mine finished. I put linoleum on the floors.....       Instructions we followed ..... thank you, Nella! ....... NellaBean wrote: Okay kids. First off, I used 8 foot long 2"x2"s. This requires 9 of them, which is exactly 1 bundle It also requires 2 sheets of plywood. I use the thin stuff......1/4" I think? I let Home Depot cut it in half for me, which makes... read more

Chick Inn Brooder

  • by kimb

The Chick-Inn Brooder & Maternity Ward      Purchased Material List:      (2) Porcelain light fixtures (1 with pull cord) @ $2.99 & $4.89     (1) 6' Grounded Extension Cord @ $5.99     (1) Dimmer Switch @ $4.89     (3) Sliding locks @ $2.99 each     (2) Eye and Hook locks @ $2.49 each     (1) Great Stuff can @ $4.00 Existing Materials Used:     (2) sheets of plywood (non-whole)     (2) ~ 5' of 2"x4" lumber          ~ 25' of 1"x3" lumber (could really be any sized - it was used for framing the floor of the Brooder)      (1) 4' x 4' sheet of... read more

My Home Made Brooder

My Home Made Brooder!! After having my 15 babies in smaller brooder for about 4 weeks I decided they needed more room. I had looked at tons of pictures so I had an idea of what I wanted. Hubby was at work and I got a wild hair to do it myself. Believe it or not the only thing I had help with was putting the hardware cloth on there and my hubby had to resize the doors since after I built them they wouldn't fit!! =) It's 7' long 3' high 3' wide and stands a total of 5' tall and is heavy as all get out! Since I took these pictures I added a tin roof on it. It works great... read more

Brooding Our Little Flock

Brooding Our Little Flock   My family and I are backyard chicken keepers that can only have a few hens at time because we live in a big city with lots of restrictions on keeping poultry. We do not plan to be hatching chicks regularly, so we needed something cheap and easy.  I looked around for anything that could be either recycled, re-purposed, or collapsible.  There really aren't any construction photos of my brooder set ups, since it was mainly a matter of getting the things out of the garage.  Set up instructions come with most dog... read more

Missjenny's Chicken Brooder

   The Incredible Chick-quarium     View of the Incredible Chick-quarium from my desk. Initially my plan was to "house chicks". I figured a nice big rubbermaid tub would do nicely --  so I took myself to a big box store to buy one. But the biggest tub I found was 50 gallons... fine for 5 wee babies, God forbid they should grow. And God forbid I should actually want to see them growing. So I went back to the drawing board... and started nosing around in my workshop. (I tend to keep scraps.)   The new plan came with some criteria... I wanted to see my chicks and I... read more

Our Fold Up Brooder Box

Our Brooder BoxHere it is, our fold up brooder box!  I spaced taking pictures while my husband was building it, but I have pictures of it all finished.  It has had chicks in it since it was finished so I also can't take pictures of it all folded up.  (Squeeeesh!) He used all materials that we had laying around.  (we got alot of stuff laying around) :O)The brooder box is 7' long 3' wide and almost 3' tall.  He used 1x1's for the frame, and old paneling for the walls and floor.  He put linoleum on the floor for easy clean ups.  The top is totally removable in 2 pieces.  He... read more

Amferro103's Homemade Chicken Brooder

HomeMade Brooder After deciding we were hooked on hatching we decided to build a durable brooder that we could us over and over.    We decided to make it in 2 sections that could be takenapart for cleaning.  We first built the bottom section, using 2 sheets of4' x 8' exterior plywood.The bottom measures 60" long x 34" wide and 14" deep.We screwed the box together for added strenght.  We then built the upper portion of the brooder.We used 2" x 2" x 8' lumber. 8 Pieces in all.The top we made just slightly smaller than the bottom so that the top couldfit inside the bottom... read more

Mtullis's Chicken Brooder

~Brooder~For our Brooder, I thought some of the garage shelving would work good, but how? Then we went to the feed store to get stocked with chickie supplies and voila! THERE it was!...  i thought i'd use the shelving because the support braces are right angles, so i cut the back and front to fit WITHIN the frame-not affixed to the outside. then, cut the sides to fit next and push between the back and front. next i cut the door holes... ( some of these pics are off my iphone-sorry!) then, slide the sides in from the open side(s) and push last into place with your hand... read more

dshappychicks' Brooder Tank

This is our brooder "Tank".  I don't know if it will be accepted, since we didn't actually build it, except for the door and I didn't think to take pics of that process. But I wanted to share it with you because it has worked out great so far, and my chicks seem to be happy campers! Ok. Here is what we did.  Last Friday, I drove past the house of a friend of my husband.  Out on his front porch looked like a fish tank, which I had been thinking about for a few days for a great brooder. I actually think I got the idea from BYC.  So I stopped and asked him if he wanted to... read more

My Homemade Brooder

Once my DH and I decided to build a brooder we did not have an actual drawn plan.  What we did have was alot of reclaimed materials, an empty shipping crate (that we got from Craig's List last year) and a pressing need for a brooder, with an order placed with the hatchery for day old chicks.The foam supports in the crate had to be removed, these were saved to be used as insulation later in another project.  Vent holes for fresh air ventilation were drilled near the bottom.    We painted the outside with part of a  gallon of "Opps" paint from the Home Depot that we have... read more

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