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Chill's Chicken Coop

​ We decided to get chickens, earlier this year, and a few weeks ago (early June 2016) I realized it's time to build them a coop to get them out of the garage. I have no prior experience with building anything this complex, but I felt confident I could do it. I didn't have any formal plans, just a basic drawing how how I wanted it to look/function. I basically just made it up as I went.   We don't have a ton of space around our property, but even more importantly, we don't have too many ideal locations. The spot we chose is shaded by sumacs and a poplar in summer, and... read more

The Condo-Coop

Welcome to our coop, brought to you by Dad! This coop just got a giant addition added, but there are no pics of it yet, just construction pics.. Here is the coop!!! This is the entire coop. It can fit up to around 16 chickens. This rock wall and planter were built from rocks we had growing out of the ground. This is the outside of the henhouse part. It has a door for easy cleaning, and shingles, so cute! Here is the inside of the henhouse. This was the other henhouse. It was a bit smaller, and hardly anyone used it. Now we have a new one in our huge... read more

Log Cabin / Cordwood Coop

 Like many, I started with just a couple chickens.  Each year I get a couple more and I don't think that will change any time soon.  With that in mind, it was time to upgrade my little coop.   My original Coop ~~> This project took several months simply due to gathering materials and trying to construct this after work or while watching my 2 yr old.  Much of the materials I was able to scavenge, I to try keep my costs low.  This took basic carpentry skills.     I started by laying the foundation on... read more

How to turn a Playhouse into an Enchanted Chicken Coop

First we want to thank everyone who has posted their stories of building their own coops and how they upgraded existing ones, we couldn't have completed ours without your help.   To save money and the desire to have an attractive new chicken coop to replace our ratty old and smaller one lead us to purchasing a Playhouse from Habitat for Humanity's ReStore store. Even though the Playhouse was missing parts and sections were damaged, we paid 1/4th the cost of a new one.   Here is a picture of it once we got it home.   First we had to build a platform to support the... read more

First time builders!

I had a plan, an item shopping list priced out and all my research done! Sadly my husband does not work like that!!!  Designs are figured out in his head and materials purchased as needed.  To keep our marriage a happy one, he is refusing to tell me how much the project ended up costing us :) The whole coop is 6x4 and will house 6 Golden Comets and 2 Bantams.      At this stage I could not picture what he was going for!   We must have used hundreds of screws on this project!  Not one single nail...   Thank God our 15yr. old has not started Football yet!... read more

The Scandin-Avian Coop

This is a mid-sized coop, built for about 6-8 occupants. It's insulated, and designed with easy maintenance in mind. Above the egg-boxes there's some storage-space. The whole back wall can be opened up to easily scoop out all the litter. The perches are located right in front of this door to allow for just cleaning under them. There's also a maintenance door, to which the feeder and waterer are secured. This way they just fold out and are easy to refill. Everything inside the coop is easily accessed from the outside.   Also check out our rabbit pen, the Nordic Hare... read more

The Little Red Barn

Our last coop was a large walk-in frame with little house on stilts inside of it.  We needed something movable this time around, so I wanted to go with a tractor type design.  I decided to do run below with a nesting/roosting house up above.     The coop is accessible from the run via a ramp attached to a door flap in the bottom of the coop.  At night, I pull the ramp up with a wire and it closes the door, protecting from cold and predators.             There are two front doors, both open.  One doorway is covered with wire, so I can leave it open on... read more

'Bird and the Fluffy Butts Hut.

Fall               Spring                            Summer!       This is my babies home of homes!     In 2010 when I came home with 12 fluffy chicks my husband almost fell over. I told him we have 10 weeks to get a new chicken coop built!   And so in June of 2010 he and I started to build the new Tajmahal I call the Fluffy Butt Hut, and he calls the Time Machine. (Because I loose all track of time when I am down with my girls.)   We started looking at prebuilt sheds and plans.  Hubby was sure that we could build one from... read more

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