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Pinkalicous Duck Tractor

Hi there, This is my duck house I built for my daughter.  Building this duck house, I felt like I reinvented the wheel sometimes and even now, I’m thinking if I were to do it again, how I would do it differently.    My thoughts on building it were to have a secure house that opened via a door on a timer.  The ducks can then enter a locked enclosure.  If a predator wanted too, they could dig under the walls during the day.          The footprint of the house area is 5.5' x 3'.  The enclosure area is 5.5' x 5' for a total footprint of 5.5' x 8'. The rails (or... read more

Alaskan's Smaller Coops

My big Chicken Coop Complex is on this page:   My Free Bantam Coop is on this page:     This page is for my two small coops, the about $8 Muscovy Coop in my orchard, and the Pond Coop that came with my house (also known as my extra coop to be used for poultry overflow).     My Muscovy Coop          A lady with gorgeously colored Muscovy put them up for sale, I bought them, and so had to build them a coop too!  And quick!  The new, slapped... read more

Duck House

Our Backyard Duck House / Pen In the spring of 2010, a neighbor of a co-worker saw two ducklings on the road so he rescued them and kept them in a plastic tote for a couple weeks in the garage but the ducklings grew so fast that the tote was too small.  The co-worker knew we have a couple ponds in the backyard so asked if we were interested in having the ducks.  We were just thinking about buying a couple ducklings from Tractor Supply Company so we, of course, said yes and adopted the ducklings as pets. We then built a duck house and an attached pen and here is a... read more

BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans