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Fort Rox Coop

        The Fort Rox Coop Munchkin Mountain, Ohio                  It all began when I decided that having a few chickens around our place would be a fun and worthwhile project, for myself and our family. It would teach the kids responsibility and provide a great food source for our family. It wouldn't take much time or money to do and I thought that a few chickens running around would also help with our tic problem here on the hill. We already had 2 calves, 5 dogs, a cat and 5 kids so chickens seemed like the next logical step.        Ok, you got me, that... read more

Debtfreechicken Coop

    Setting the corner posts.  Plenty of headroom for me (6'-0")   Starting to frame the roof for the run.  The coop will be part of the existing garden shed.   The run roof all framed up.  Using Vinyl roof panels so there is bracing every 2ft.   The run framing complete.  We then dug down and concreted under the baseboard.  Run is 8x8 with a 1"/ft drop on the roof.   Painted the roof framing so we could get the roof panels on to have some shade.  Painting before roofing made for a very clean install.   Decided to build an... read more

Rendezvous Coop

I think this is an original design.  I have been looking at these pages for months and have not seen one like it.  It started ot to be like the Witchata Cabin Coop, but then evolved to be 4'x4' to just use 2 sheets of siding. All of the sudden we had version 3.0 that was bigger and looked nicer also.   I wanted a coop for 4 to 6 hens, elevated so it is easy on the back to clean, well ventilated and the nest box outside of the run.  The coop and run will be tucked in between our garage and the neighbors chainlink fence.  It has nice south and east exposure and is... read more

The Pink Place

The Pink Place   I've really needed to build a new coop lately, since we've acquired more hens and it got quite cold for a little while (I know they are fine out there but I just feel bad ), and then lastly, the coop we have now is extremely hard to collect eggs from, unnecessarily hard, actually, and I wanted something that was easier to collect from, easier to clean, and easier on the eye  I found all sorts of different coops that I could buy online that were beautiful and functional but very expensive :/  So my husband, being the Eagle Scout that he is, said,... read more

jespere's Member Page

We started building the new coop! Its a 6x3 tractor with a slanted tin roof and coop with nesting boxes and a roost. So excited!! Here are the plans:      After cutting the major pieces and starting to notch all the lap joints... plus a close up of the notches.       This is a close up of the lap joint after being glued and attached. Notice the seamstress notations! *My addition* to his carpentry skills. :) Hard at work rasping and filing!          Things are starting to come together!!         Starting to paint!!               Got the walls... read more

BackYard Chickens › Chicken Coop Plans