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York Feather Factory-Incubator

      I used the instructions from . I found them very through and easy to understand. Print off the diagram for you wiring. You CAN do this. Just take your time and follow the instructions. My cost was a little less than $40. I used a camping fan that I already had with fresh batteries. (Home Depot has them). I doubt I will be hatching a lot of chicks and this way I can re-purpose parts when not needed. I have a 53 qt marine cooler (that I purchased from Big Lots for $29), 2- 25w bulbs, Lower... read more

High Explosives Incubator

Got your attention did I?  Well here's how I turned an explosives crate into an incubator.     This is my box.  I found it at a thrift store.  It was priced at 12 dollars, which seemed awfully high for a crate.  However, when I saw it was an old explosives crate, I had to have it.  I knew it would be the perfect size for an incubator.  So I coughed up.     It even still had it's lid boards.       I cleaned it out and used 1/2 inch foam board to make a liner.  I cut the foam board with a drywall saw and covered the edges with aluminum... read more

My Incubator

This is my incubator. Homemade from an old GOTT ice chest I found on the side of the road.  Believe it or not I BLEACHED this thing like crazy.  I have cut out a window with a Dremel tool. If you have never used a dremel tool, this is NOT the time to try it for the first time.  I think jig/sabre saw would have worked better. I suggest making the window as big as possible if there might be more than on person watching. The first hatch I didn't get to see much except my children's heads crowded over it. This is the window after adding the "window" which is... read more

Cabinet Incubator

            read more

Missprissy's Chic Chick Homemade Incubator

View the entire thread on BYC Forums Past experience with an old hovabator over 15 years ago left me not wanting to try and hatch eggs myself. The thermostat was wonky and unreliable. Even replacing it with a new wafer it was a pain to get the temp set and maintained. With things changing and solid state thermostats  available I thought I would give the idea another go. I cringed every time I looked at the price of incubators with all the bells and whistles. Over $200 in some cases for all the extras. I could not and cannot see that expense for a styrofoam box!With the... read more

Downhome's Chicken Incubator

Ok everyone here's my entry,hope you all like it. Plans is that anything like instructions? um no real plans, just a vision. you could really take any cabinet and do similar the real heart of this is the turner trays and controls. I built the incubation chamber and heat chamber around them. this is not really to show you how but more what is possible. some ideas where borrowed from backyard chicken members as well as other sites. materials I used 1/2" plywood , 2"x4"s, 2" foam board, 3/3" foam board. various screws 3/4", some little self tapper types, duct work... read more

Homemade Incubator

This is my $12.00 bator It maintains a perfect 99.5 degrees, at 55 percent humidity.   I used parts laying around the farm. they are as listed.   1 old tower cooling fan from a discarded computer. (12vdc) 1 discarded cell phone charger. (12vdc) 1 new from store hot water element stat.  ($12)(more on this later) 1 old Coleman chest cooler 1 piece of plexi glass some duct tape. 1 lamp assembly from a lamp I made in shop class 35 years ago part of an old cigar box. 1/4" X 1/4" mesh wire. 1 40 watt clear light bulb. 1 discarded fry pan with handle... read more

Freezer Incubator

Last update: March-28-2011   Hello, Here is my freezer incubator project.I am building an incubator of an old freezer and for this cause I used the Liebherr Economy.In this incubator is room for 88 eggs max., but a better aircirculation will be achieved by taking a maximum of 66 eggs.For me this capacity is more than enough. This old freezer didn't work anymore, so I took out all freezer parts and started making an incubator of it.I am not so well in English so I will place here some pictures of my project. Pictures say more than words. The old freezer        ... read more

Bucs Bator Build

WELCOME MY INCUBATOR PAGE When I set out to have a backyard flock I wanted to do it a cheaply as possible.  This meant using recycled materials for the coop where I could.  I used the same concept when building an incubator. So, I started by doing a ton of reading here on BYC and other sites on the web.  Once I understood the basic concept of incubating and the purpose of an incubator I set out searching the house and shed to see if I had the materials laying around. Here is what I was able to find: An old cooler ($0.00) Chicken wire ($0.00) An extra... read more

Camilles Homade Incubator

Camille's Incubator by Camille's Dad      We wanted to get the full experience of raising chickens so hatching eggs to perpetuate the flock seemed like a fun project. I wanted to see if I could come up with a working 'bator without spending any money. I was victorious in my pursuit. The hardest thing to scrounge was the t-stat. I probably spent more time than it was worth getting it as they cost about $8.        I started by cutting a rectangular hole in the lid of the cooler for the window. Notice it is not centered in the lid but shoved over to the right... read more

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