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N&M Coop

IN PROGRESS I started by getting 6 chicks before the coop last year , was easier to get Hubby accustomed to the idea that way. Then I built a hoop coop when they outgrew the plastic tub & I had gotten more chicks due to visits to farmers stores too often. We ended up buying an already made coop (4'X6'X6') as neither of us had ever done construction and hubby wasn't quite ready to undertake the job. This year, I got caught up hatching and have ended up with too many chickens for the previous coop. Hubby is finally into chickens and has been building this coop with the... read more

Pepparkakor Hönshus (Gingerbread Henhouse)

We aren't the kind of people who can just drop a couple thousand dollars on a new coop. But never fear! When we bought our new micro-farm, it came with THIS!     Even more exciting, this aesthetically noxious, junky shed was filled to the gills with more junk! But if you know me, you know that every negative is really just a well-hidden positive. Among the junk we found lots of nice, usable wood. We started by cleaning it out. Then the exterior really needed some help! The plan was to make the exterior perimeter of the building completely predator proof. We... read more

"You can take the girl off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the girl." (My mini-barn)

  We live in a country sub-division in Northwestern Ohio known as Adams Acres .  I grew up on a small farm-- we didn't raise crops but we dappled in all sorts of animals from kittens and puppies to livestock-- goats, lambs, rabbits, pigs, cattle and a few chickens.  Naturally, you can take the girl off of the farm but you can't take the farm out of the girl-- a lesson learned by my country-boy husband (notice I said country-boy....not farm boy) who fell hard for the 'farm-girl' who wore flannel shirts and cowboy boots and was an 11 year 4-H member and an American FFA... read more

The Nest Egg

    We started this project with significant disagreement regarding “how big” & “how many”.  She wanted 10 chickens with room for more and I wanted 4 in a 3’x4’ hut on 4x4 posts.  After months of research and review of dozens of designs we came to the finite conclusion that we still disagreed.  There are many good designs available, but none quite fit her space and accoutrement requirement. In the end, as is typical, I lost. For several weeks we scratched floor plans on note paper and relied upon my past experience remodeling and building furniture to pull it all... read more

Barn Shed Coop

Welcome to my coop page!! After much procrastination and thought I have finally decided to make a coop page. My coop is a remodeled 16x8 barn shed, the kind that you get from the home improvement store. The shed is about 15 years old and when I started it had for sure seen better days. It was originally used to store grain and tack for the horses, then the shingles started flying off the roof and it was deserted because the roof leaked. When I started work on it I fondly referred to it as the yellow-jacket barn, because it was full of them! But.... Before I started... read more

Bonnie's Coop

  Well, after a couple months of work I finally got the coop "Chicken Ready" and moved the chicks in a couple days ago. It turned into a much bigger project than I had anticipated when deciding to build rather than buy a kit. This was the first thing I had built anywhere near this complicated, learned a lot along the way and had to do some things twice but I think it turned out pretty good for a first timer.   I spent a lot of time looking at other coops and took a little from here and there like most folks, changed what I liked to work with where I wanted to coop... read more

Our Holiday Chick-Inn

  I only wish I had taken more pictures during construction. My name is Dave. My wife, myself & 2 children live in Southern New Jersey. I am permanently disabled due to many health issues, but I'm the kind of person that has to keep busy. I have numerous friends that have chickens and I thought it would be something I'd like to do. First I would like to thank everyone at BYC. 99% of what I learned came from this site & its members. Well here goes :)     I started the project in May of 2013. I actually started building the run first. I tried to utilize any old... read more

The Sugarloaf Domino Affect Coop

My wife and I began talking about chicken husbandry about a year ago and then attended a local seminar put on by our Extension Service this past February.  Things just snowballed from there (with lots of reference to "BackyardChckens") as the final decision was made to jump into preparation, care, and maintenance of chickens.   The main house is 8x8' and the run is coming in at about 8x16'.  Referencing the many beautiful and ingenious coop plans here was critical in many of the design decisions we made with our coop.   Here is the nearly completed coop, minus... read more

Cedar Acres Coop!

            Our coops are actually quite old.. built by my family in the late 1960's. They were all built using plans from a correspondence course on poultry through a university. We have three identical coops. All of my pictures are of the one we just painted (a fresh coat of paint looks so nice!), and the other two are still waiting their turn for the paint.        Here are some photos of the coops through the years:                     And here it is today:                     As you can see, we have changed... read more

Les Farms - The Barn of all BARNS!

  • by aoxa

Our finished Barn    If we could do things differently (we still can adjust a few elements)  Locks and handles inside and outside all doors Wish we had of had them install the brooder lower, so the top was easier to clean out.  Made the breeding pens in the hallway with dirt flooring. The cement does not drain like the other rooms, but that's a given! Mad the eaves the opposite way of the entrance doors.. In winter the snow slides RIGHT off and makes a huge snow bank.    So where do I start.. at the beginning? How it came to be?   The STORY I warn you..... read more

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