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My Evansvile Indiana "Coop d'Villa"

      My son Caleb who is building this coop for me because I am temporarily disabled aptly named the coop, and I let it stick.   This first picture is a shot from last night after he got the framework up for the outside run.  Looking good, just need to reinforce in a few spots, and get the wire attached.     Here are several pics from the build of the has taken about 2 months to get it to this point doing only when my son had time after work and on weekends...What a great kid!!!... read more

The Insulated & Detachable Chicken Coop

Our family (2 parents + 2 teenagers) are new chicken owners. After much research and debate, we built an insulated chicken coop, complete with a sky light, and a detachable galvanized steel run, and a roll-away nesting box for our 4 new Leghorns. The bulk of the construction took 3 weeks, taxing our skills as a family of robotics team and engineers. (Don't ask how much it cost, because we don't want to know the "damage"). The chicken coop is measured 4' x 4' x 6' high with 1.5" thick insulated walls and double pane windows on each wall, a skylight, and asphalt... read more

The Scandin-Avian Coop

This is a mid-sized coop, built for about 6-8 occupants. It's insulated, and designed with easy maintenance in mind. Above the egg-boxes there's some storage-space. The whole back wall can be opened up to easily scoop out all the litter. The perches are located right in front of this door to allow for just cleaning under them. There's also a maintenance door, to which the feeder and waterer are secured. This way they just fold out and are easy to refill. Everything inside the coop is easily accessed from the outside.   Also check out our rabbit pen, the Nordic Hare... read more

The Breakfast Club

We are so happy to have finally finished our coop. We patterned it after The Palace design with a few changes. Our coop run is 9' by 12'. 10' tall in the front and 8' tall in the back. The raised coop within the run is 4' by 9'. We have six nesting boxes inside with two roosts. The front window and the two windows over the nesting boxes are on pulleys so we can open them from the outside by pulling on the para cord and tying them off on a cleat. Here are some additional pics of the walls inside the coop, our happy chickens and our first collection of eggs on day two! ... read more

10 pallets = 1 coop

    I met a chicken lady several months ago, when I was looking for a rooster and a brood hen.  She was kind enough to help me out with my chicken needs.  I told her I'd built a "coop" out of sheet metal roofing.  She didn't balk, she didn't criticize, she was very kind to me.  She and her husband brought over ten pallets (10 large ones and a small one).  She gave me a little advice: build with the pallets upright (long dimension - vertical), and use sheet metal for the roof, and take apart some of the pallets to fill in others.   I took apart two of the pallets... read more

Alaskan's Smaller Coops

My big Chicken Coop Complex is on this page:   My Free Bantam Coop is on this page:     This page is for my two small coops, the about $8 Muscovy Coop in my orchard, and the Pond Coop that came with my house (also known as my extra coop to be used for poultry overflow).     My Muscovy Coop          A lady with gorgeously colored Muscovy put them up for sale, I bought them, and so had to build them a coop too!  And quick!  The new, slapped... read more

My Coop Journey

Alaskan's Chicken Coop Complex (I made a separate page for my Muscovy Coop and Overflow Poultry Coop: and my free Bantam Coop: ) (Cold Weather Tips are at the bottom of this page And here is a full article on cold weather coops: ) (The picture above is how it looked before the door was repainted) (The picture above is a stage two picture) (Here is a picture from summer 2015,... read more

My Chickens Homes!

 The door way, this coop is connected to the barn, inside the barn is another coop. This is the rooster who owns the coop I am showing you We will call this coop Eddy's coop this is Eddy: More of Eddy's coop: Eddy's coop is actually just a shed, we added perches inside and nesting boxes.    This is the inside of Eddy's coop:           This is my other rooster, Oreo: So this next coop is "Oreo's Coop" Here are the pictures: Oreo's coop is inside a barn, this 1st picture is the barn the rest are the coop:         Oreo's coop... read more

Louisiana coop- Picture heavy

After convincing my husband in August we needed chickens, I quickly placed an order for day old chicks from Meyer Hatchery before he could change his mind. The chicks were to be delivered the first week of October, and everything I read said to have the coop finished before buying chickens, so we had already broken rule number 1. We set out to build a coop without plans and with my constantly changing ideas of what we needed. The original intention was to use a small stair platform that had been at my grandmother's before she died, but my chicken plans kept expanding, so... read more

Stardust Farm's Hoop Coop

  • by PyxisGolden Feathers

At the beginning of this Fall, I had a problem. Chicken math had set in, and I had gone from my beginning flock of birds that fit snugly in an 8x4 coop to a flock that numbered near thirty (not to mention the ducks, goose, and guineas!). Obviously, I needed a bigger coop. Let me begin by saying I hated my old coop. It was two level, both levels 8' x 4', and the chickens had nesting boxes off the 8' x 4' structure. There was a chicken door and a cleaning door, and I still had an awful time cleaning it because the chicken floor level was 4 feet off the ground. Also, the... read more

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