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Petaluma Cabin Coop

OR The Poor Man's Wichita Cabin Coop   I found the most excellent Wichita Cabin Coop here and thought it had the right size and features that I wanted for my coop. But, I could tell that I could not compare in terms of carpentry skill with its maker, and I also wanted to keep cost to a minimum. Since we're in Northern California (Petaluma, the former "Egg Basket of the World"!) and not Kansas, I figured I could cut a few corners on ruggedness and weatherproofing, as well. I've never built anything bigger than a bird feeder before, and it didn't turn out so... read more

Urban Coop

Our Urban Coop   We are new backyard chicken owners. The law just passed in our city north of Seattle, WA and we jumped on educating ourselves on all things chicken. After much looking at coops on we came up with a plan and went to work building. We wanted something that would fit into and compliment the environment of our small back yard. We are really happy at how it has turned out and our 4 girls seem to like it too.   We started the construction over spring break and accomplished allot before the chicks even... read more

backwoods playpen coop

When my wife and kids wanted to buy 4 hens for eggs i figured i better start making a coop. I found this site and did a ton of research on coop design. This is what i made based on all the things i found here. coop is a playpen style coop 4' x 16' x 5'8" inside hieght with a 3'6"x4' hen house 2 feet up. I built it in my garage then added the roof assembly when i had it set outside on the site.We used treated 2x4s for the base and regular 2x4s for the rest of the frame and 1/2" plywood for hen house walls and floor.  I painted the inside of the nesting boxes black for... read more

Rendezvous Coop

I think this is an original design.  I have been looking at these pages for months and have not seen one like it.  It started ot to be like the Witchata Cabin Coop, but then evolved to be 4'x4' to just use 2 sheets of siding. All of the sudden we had version 3.0 that was bigger and looked nicer also.   I wanted a coop for 4 to 6 hens, elevated so it is easy on the back to clean, well ventilated and the nest box outside of the run.  The coop and run will be tucked in between our garage and the neighbors chainlink fence.  It has nice south and east exposure and is... read more

The Palace

  The Palace Chicken Coop     When my wife brought home 5 fluffy new friends in July of last year, I knew a chicken coop was in our future. I also wanted to design and build it myself as a fun exciting project. Little did I realize that 5 months go by very quickly when you move into a new house!       When I first started doing research on our new coop I spent a great deal of time on BYC looking for ideas and suggestions. I owe a great deal of credit to the following coop's as they formed the basis of my plans. Wichita "Cabin Coop" Cptbahama's Chicken... read more

Suzyqlou's Chicken Coop

Drumroll, please, here's my coop!  The chickens think it's done.  They seem pleased with it. Well, the coop is livable, but I'm still puttering with it.  One of these days, I'll finish painting all the trim and replace the tarp with lovely green shade cloth, framed in a respectable-looking, removable way.  Ok, I admit it.  This thing will never be done.  Guess having chickens will supply me with a life-long project! Here's my story: My chicken adventure began with a lesson in chicken math.  I went to TSC for three chicks, and came home with the minimum of... read more

The Hodge Podge Coop

My Hodge-Podge Coop (or, Turning a Doghouse into a Chickenhouse for $30)     I just bought my first house so it's time for my first chickens. And having just bought my first house, it's rather important to go about accommodating my birds as cheaply as possible. Maybe some day I'll build my dream coop, but for now I needed to design around what I had. And what I had was this:       A dirty old doghouse full of trash.   I had two objectives in mind for a coop: protect chickens from predators and ensure a well-ventilated but draftless environment.... read more

Gallo Del Cielo's Chicken Coop

  My Extreme Heat Coop (in progress) I live in the Sonoran Desert, where it gets very hot and my chicken coop and run have to provide a cool and safe refuge for my birds.  I also live in the city and have limited space.  In fact, there was only one place for me to put them, a 4’ X 50’ strip.   Fortunately, the coop could be positioned directly under a large eucalyptus tree.  The coop and run I built were designed to provide as much shade and ventilation as possible.   Our plan was hatched three years earlier when we planted the three grape vines that would cover the... read more

Booswalia's Chicken Coop

Just Getting Started. I retired in May this year, 2009, and decided to try out a new hobby.  Chickens. This may be a slow work in progress because I have little to no experience with construction and I'm pretty much on my own to do it. I started out with a pen that I used to use for Buddy, the dog. The perimeter of the pen was filled with cement down about 8 inches because I thought he would be a digger. He turned out to be such a good boy that I didn't even have to use the pen. He stays right in the yard. Good ol' Buddy.  Gosh I miss y' Bud.... read more

Our Little Flock

Our "Little Flocker's" Well - This is our first time with Chickens and like I always do, I jumped in with both feet before I thought it all through! I decided after a visit to some friends house that had some chickens that I needed some too.  I thought, "hey I can do that!" So I came home and in 2 days I had 6 little chicks to take care of. Went to the feed store and got the heat light, some feed and some pine and set them up in a cardboard box. The lady I bought them from said I should check out BYC and thats when I realized I had jumped into the deep end AGAIN! ... read more

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