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NorCal CC

Here’s the finished product.  Cost about $1,500 (I was shooting for $500 - Oops).     The story of the build goes:   Buy house in Northern California.   Think it would be nice to have chickens.   Don’t ask wife.   Buy chicks.     Google.    Discover  Learn first mistake people make is to buy chicks before coop is built.   Google more.   Decide on small coop inside a big run (because of hawks).   Something like this:   Try to figure out plans for coop.   Give up.   Buy coop (from antique store for... read more

Country Barn Chicken Coop

We decided to get chickens in spring this year (2014). We ordered 4 RSL pullets, then decided we had better get cracking on the coop. Here is the finished coop:   We used TSC's plans for the How The Chicken Crossed the Road Coop, but we played with it a fair bit. We started with a square frame (sorry, we didn't take any pictures early on!). Then we cut all the wall, door, and 2x4's we needed (labelling them carefully!) The next step was to attach the walls to the frame. 2x4's in the corner added extra bracing, then we put on legs on the outside, as well as... read more

The Country cabin

Once the kids out grew the playhouse I made plans for it.... I re-purposed it into the Country Cabin.. 3 egg boxes on the sides     added water drinker nipples   curtains for a touch of coziness ;)   man door with slide access door and ramp.   added country shutters and a metal rooster medallion at the peak.   then we added a 12 ft run so they can be safe from the hawks. added another water drinker that fills from the rain coming off the metal roof..   and I was very happy with the first creation, we built a second coop similar,   2ND... read more

The Strange Coop

The Strange Coop   (Updated 03MAR17)   Our adventure all started on the thirteenth of June, in 2014. My wife and I inherited three, 1 year old hens and a chicken tractor from friends who moved away. We had already been discussing getting chickens throughout the past year, after our home owners association changed the by-laws. The new by-laws allowed us to have hens because we lived outside of city limits! Since then, chicken math has taken its toll on us, and all of our girls are different breeds because we want multicolored eggs.   After discussing a permanent... read more

The Coop That Had to Match the House ;)

It all started in March 2013 when I got an itch to have a few chickens running around the yard.  Then it turned into having a few ducks as well.  I ordered my chicks and ducklings 8 weeks out.  I needed time to plan the best coop possible.  I figured by the time they were old enough to move into the coop it would be a nice, warm summer.  I literally designed coops for weeks.  The deadline was approaching and I could not settle.  Finally it hit me.  Keep it simple, put in some windows, add a fence, and just call it a day.  I drew up a design for a 4' by 6' coop with a... read more

Cooped Inn

  Up to a few months ago, having a flock of back yard chickens was the last thing on my mind.  My daughter, six years old at the time, was wanting a pet bunny, and I was talking about it at work one day, and my boss suggested that I get some chickens for her.  "Chickens???" I asked.  He introduced me to BYC, and I quickly became intrigued.  I suggested it to my wife, who was for the bunny, and her response was like mine - "Chickens???".  After doing a little research, I bought four chicks on April 1st - two Barred Rock and two Buff Orpington pullets.  (We've since... read more

185 Cluck Cottage Lane

I had wanted chickens since I was 6 years old. So at the age of 38, when I heard the news that the city of Jacksonville, Fl was going to give out 300 permits I excitedly jumped in. We were awarded permit #185! Neither my boyfriend nor I are handy people. In fact we had never built a thing in our lives. We also are constantly low on funds, but who isn't these days. My kids never used their playhouse anymore and being that it was made from plastic, it was still in perfect shape and that was much less that had to be built. It's the Step 2 Storybook Cottage playhouse and I... read more

Chickenanya's Swedish coop

April 2014   I had reached the point in my life when I felt a need to get some chickens. A colleague of mine offered to lend me a few chickens for the summer so I could give it a try. This was in March and I immediately started building my very first chicken coop. I browsed this site and found inspiration in above all the coops Country Acers and Chad76's chicken coop, but in many other lovely and cleverly made coops too. I made my own design - I didn't have an exact plan though, instead I winged it...   First, a frame. I predrilled holes and screwed it... read more

My Coop de Gras

          I always wanted an aviary!  Now I have a poultriary.  Although I planned what I wanted to build for weeks, I never made a real 'plan'. Sometimes I just have to start sawing and hammering or I'll get so caught up in creating the perfect plan that nothing will ever get done.  So, it may not be perfect, but it's mine!     The poultriary, aka 'outdoor coop' under the small deck has now become their run.  I attached the coop and run to the exposed concrete of the walkout basement, so I can easily access the chickens, keep predators out with the concrete... read more

"The Coop" est. 2013

Last Thanksgiving if you asked me if I would ever own a back yard flock I probably would have said it's cool, but it will never year later:     This all started last August while my boyfriend and I were house sitting on my friends farm. There were a few horses and a chicken coop with 8 hens. After spending a week at this farm both my boyfriend and I became very fond of her hens. I jokingly kept saying that I wanted chickens and one day my boyfriend actually mentioned interest in building a coop. Over the winter we started researching what type... read more

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