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Hoop tractor becomes a permanent insulated coop

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Mobile Hen House

List of dimensions: Floor – 8’x12’ Rear Deck – aprox 8’x2’ Cattle Panels – 3 at 12’ (purchased 16’, then cut them down to 12’) Green-treat boards – 4 at 2x8x14’ Pallets - 9 at 40” wide       My coop is very special to me, and I am so thankful and proud of my family who persevered with me to make this and complete it in time to meet a deadline and spend as little money as possible.   At the beginning of the adventure, it was mid July. We were borrowing a hog trap from a neighbor to keep the chickens in, but he needed it back by August 1st. We... read more

Barn Tractor (Mobile Home)

    This tractor was adapted from a design by an intern at the Kerr Center in Poteau, OK.  The design is pretty neat with panels that can be opened to allow access to the inside of the coop from the rear, and from inside the run.  The original design was a little smaller than I wanted so I scaled it up.  Due to the size and weight of this thing, I call it a chicken "mobile home."  The overall run dimensions are 10' L x 8' W x 5' H.  The Coop is 4' L x 8' W x 4' H (at the rear) and 4'6" at the front.  Here are the plans I sketched up to start... read more

Sadie Lane brooder/tractor

    Originally, I wanted to build my own brooder for out in the barn so that I wouldn't have to borrow a neighbor’s anymore.  Three cats & three dogs at home - and me at work all day made the idea of brooding in the house a no-go.  Last year I borrowed one that was essentially a big, long box on legs.  Easy-peasy ….. I thought.   Gonna need:  Crate (with legs and door added) A way to hang a lamp Room for feed & water   I salvaged a big shipping crate from work thinking that I could simply add legs and be good to go.  But then, just before I... read more

Reclaimed Chicken Coop

 The coop was build out of reclaimed wood I found around town. Pallets, fencing and odds and ends. The only cost was the hardware which was about $150 total. We have 8 chickens; 2 Americanas, 2 Australorps, 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Road Island Reds.     This was when I thought i was only going to have 4 chickens. When  ended up with 8 because my daughter wanted the "Ones that lay the blue eggs." And we bought a few extra for fear we would lose A few to the boy or the dog.    This is where the nesting box sits attached to the bottom run area.   The... read more

Chicken Menagerie

    In late Spring of 2012 I found myself obsessing over chickens, and the hubby finally gave in when he saw the neighbors had a tractor that allowed them to range but be protected from predators. And so I began my quest. I researched and researched, reading everything I could find and finally ordered my first three chickens online. Then I got another locally. Then another and another..... and, I was Bit By the Chicken Bug!   My original tractor design would have housed 3-4 chickens. It was an ark style that had all the features I wanted to easy access to... read more

The Wee Kirk Coop

                                                                   My wife and daughters took me on Pittsburgh’s 2012 “Chicks in the Hood” tour.  Prior to taking the tour, we agreed that if we heard the chickens or smelled the coops before we saw them we would not obtain our own “flock.”  We were pleasantly surprised.  I began researching the type of coop that would fit our needs.  I liked the security of a small stationary coop, but also appreciated the options of a tractor style.  In the end, I decided to build a hybrid – both stationary (with buried hardware... read more

Bantam House

  The Bantam House      This coop was the second coop my dad and I built because the first one turned out so well. We also decided to build this coop because we wanted to get some bantam chickens. This coop is my favorite because I helped more with the design and over all look of the coop as well as building it. I don't however have a lot of building details (such as measurements etc.) on the coop. The pictures will pretty much speak for themselves. We built this coop strictly off of the materials we had laying around from an old garden shed and other things... read more

Coup D' Etat

  Coup d'Etat       General Description Coup d'Etat is a chiken tractor that I recently built for my 4 year old daughter (right). She personally selected the colors (purple on purple !). The coop features 40 square feet of “grazing” area, 15 sq. ft. of enclosed coop, and 4 sq. ft. of nesting boxes. It is suitable for 8 to 12 chickens provided it is moved regularly. The coop can easily be moved by one person.  Here are the girls lifting the coop on its wheels:     The overall length of the coop is about 13'6”, which includes 18” of... read more

Little chicken wagon to move them from the run to the garden

My five chooks have a nice large coop and secure run, but we like to take them to our overgrown vegetable garden so they can play around and gorge themselves on veggies and bugs. However, it's about 200 feet, and the young rooster gets worried if I carry them one or two at a time... so, I needed a little wagon.   For two weeks I haunted garage sales and craigslist for a little red wagon, to no avail, so I found four lawnmower wheels (7" diameter, $5.49 each) and built the rest from scrap materials. It took less than an hour and a half.   Here's the finished... read more

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