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Dsheaz Coop

April 4, 2012:  I am building a Tractor Coop on top of an old trailer that is made from pipe.  I will post pictures and description as I go along.  I am modeling it after bigoakhunter's trailer coop found on the tractor coop page.  Here is a picture of what I am starting with.  I am cleaning it up and painting it, then I'll fasten some 4 x 4 treated post on it as a base to build on.  It will be 4' x 8' square, haven't decided on height yet.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.   My helpers!:   April 8, 2012:  Like a lot of other folks, my plans have... read more

jespere's Member Page

We started building the new coop! Its a 6x3 tractor with a slanted tin roof and coop with nesting boxes and a roost. So excited!! Here are the plans:      After cutting the major pieces and starting to notch all the lap joints... plus a close up of the notches.       This is a close up of the lap joint after being glued and attached. Notice the seamstress notations! *My addition* to his carpentry skills. :) Hard at work rasping and filing!          Things are starting to come together!!         Starting to paint!!               Got the walls... read more

Pasta514's Urban Coop - Small, Movable And Self Contained Chicken Coop

Urban Coop - Small, Movable and Self contained (started as a coop, turned into a tractor) REVISED:  The coop described below has some modifications. Please consider both pages if you have questions. We live near San Francisco Bay in a very temperate climate; rarely freezing in winter.  The backyard is ~30x60feet and mostly lawn and plants.  In the past there have been racoons in the neighborhood although I am not aware of any now, but want to design something coon proof anyway.  Of course there are rats, squirrels, feral cats, crows and the occasional bird of... read more

Urban Coop Ii

Urban CoopII This is an update to Urban Coop on my Homepage.  Urban CoopI had some good and bad features.  Let me tell you what worked and what didn't: What worked: It's really secure. [either that or there are no predators around here.  ] The lid works well and all my friends are pretty impressed. Easy to disassemble and easy to clean What didn't work: It was too awkward to move around, even for 2 people. T1-11 plywood is water resistent, not water PROOF.  Had to paint it anyway.  If I were doing it again I'd use thinner plywoord to save weight. The run... read more

Jims Backyard Coop

  Jim's Backyard Coop Updated July 21, 2010 Our newest coop: Julie's Backyard Coop with Nicole. Julie's Backyard Coop with Nicole Notice the 6x10 coop in the background. There is another 6x10 coop on the trailer ready for delivery. The 6x10 coop can be seen at: Jim's Backyard Coop This coop is ready for the roofing and wire, just as soon as the coop is stained.  Note: this coop is sold. We have now modified its design and are making this 4x8 coop more like the larger 6x10 coop. Custom Built for you in Arkansas! What started as... read more

Zookeeper15133's Chicken Coop Tractor

My A Frame Chicken Tractor/ Coop / Ark   Last year I got 3 chicks.  I built the small chicken tractor from these plans .  Then I learned chicken math. LOL.  So... I went in search of a larger coop.  I searched here and other places.  I combined the ideas from several Arks. Much thanks to The Southern Agrarian. I liked much of his design, plus he has awesome instructions for building it. Here are his directions on how to build the frame: The Southern Agrarian. I used white pine 2 x4's for the uprights and 1 x 4 cedar for the runners.  I used 10' cedar for the... read more

Chrisnum9's Chicken Coop Tractor

I came up with my chicken tractor/coop design based on some things i had left over from previous projects like the drawer slides for the nesting boxes and the slides for the floor. I designed this coop around the bassis of whatever would make it easiest for us to keep up with the chickens maintenence since we are already rather buisy right now and with a baby on the way. My first step was to build the base or foundation for the coop/tractor. I used pressure treated 4''x4''s for this so it would be nice and sturdy. I half lapped them to make good strong joints. Half... read more

Birdsinbethel's Chicken Coop Tractor

My Gambrel-roofed Chicken Tractor So, we needed a tractor for 5 hens (hopefully all 5 chicks make it to pullet-hood, and none decide to start 'cock-a-doodle-doo-ing!). While we won't be moving the coop a lot, I wanted the option of being able to move it around a bit during nice weather, and bring it close to the house during the winter. Having had to shovel paths through the several feet of snow we had on the ground at one time this past winter, I knew I didn't want to shovel paths all the way to the back of the yard if it's there when the snow is flying!!   The... read more

The Birdello Grower House

The Birdello - a dog house sized mini coop that I'm using to house my 15 chicks from 2-3 weeks until about 8 weeks, when they'll be in the big house. After that, this will be recommissioned and used for storage in the big house by removing the roof and handles. I think this would work well for 2-3 hens if a little nest box was put inside, something as simple as a short box or plastic tub on one end. All together, this cost me $39 to build, mind you that doesn't count lumber as I already had that lying around leftover from other projects. The most expensive part was the... read more

Duck Mobile

This was our chicken tractor for 3 years, now it's been updated into the Duck Mobile! There are lots of predators at our little place on the river so there have been a few updates. Here's my blog post about it:   The only costs for building this coop were for the purchase of latches, roof hinges, and several rolls of hardware cloth. Making it somewhere around $40 I believe. All the paint was laying around as well as the flooring, wheels, wood,  and tin roof.   Before picture. After:   It's pretty basic... read more

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