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BG's Little Egg Factory

    My quest for eggs began about 7 months ago when I received an email from Lowes featuring a small chicken coop plan. The price for the materials alone was over $500 and the coop would only hold 2-3 hens. I began to look on-line for more plans and discovered a mass of information and plans galore! I called my local city planning office and asked about having hens in the city limits. They were gracious and did a search (I guess no one had asked about this before) and returned my call to explain chickens weren’t currently allowed in the city limits. So I put the... read more

On Golden Coop

  I spent about a year reading about coop designs and ventilation and feeders and waterers and pr editors before I approached my husband about building this chicken tractor. We used his carpentry skills and except for the hardware cloth that we penned it in with and the screws and hinges we used materials that we had laying around, bits and pieces left over from home repair jobs and the like.       If I had to do it all over again, the only things I would change is that I would make the run higher, it is 18 inches and think the chicks would be... read more

Hen Hideout

  My wife has always liked chickens, and I of course have always liked eggs.  So what’s the problem?  Well, we happen to live in an ‘undisclosed’ area of Virginia where chickens ist verboten, even though our house sits on over an acre of prime chicken range.   This year we decided to go into covert chicken operations anyway, and using ideas here on this forum and elsewhere, I designed and built an undercover coop to meet our particular needs.    Being a couple of rebel poultry scofflaws, we needed something that was mobile, fairly unobtrusive, and yet big enough... read more


So i transfere my girls here! ;)   Slovenija is the only country in the globe whitch outside borders looks on mother chicken, and we named our matkurja web directory     I look 5 the most beautiful names for my girls!   read more

Work Of Art

I'm still in the building process of this coop but I thought I'd add some pics up to BYC. It is a 4'W x 8'L x 6'H coop that has a 2' run underneath, 2' walk space immediately above that, with roost space at the very top. I am also going to use the run that I made before this one as an additional run area that will be hinged on the side so that the birds have an 8' x 8' run area, maybe more later with another wing making it 12' x 8'. The pic below is one of the two 2x4's that I dado'd to accept the vertical 1.5" x 1.5" boards. This is the bottom section of the... read more

Urban Coop Ii

Urban CoopII This is an update to Urban Coop on my Homepage.  Urban CoopI had some good and bad features.  Let me tell you what worked and what didn't: What worked: It's really secure. [either that or there are no predators around here.  ] The lid works well and all my friends are pretty impressed. Easy to disassemble and easy to clean What didn't work: It was too awkward to move around, even for 2 people. T1-11 plywood is water resistent, not water PROOF.  Had to paint it anyway.  If I were doing it again I'd use thinner plywoord to save weight. The run... read more


  Dark Dozens - The Chicken Tractor   Building the coop The chicken tractor is approximately 7 by 7 feet. The coop section is approximately 3 x 4 feet. I used standard and pressure treated lumber to frame the tractor. The coop section is made from T1-11 and exterior grade plywood. Asphalt shingles and drip edge were used for the roof of the dormer and the nesting box. Half inch hardware cloth, poultry fencing, and 2" x 3" galvanized fencing was used to enclose the run. 10 inch knobby tire wheels were used mobility. A... read more

Henspa Chicken Coop

  HENSPA CHICKEN COOP   2007   2011  Well I guess you could say I caught the fever.  More chickens, means more space.  I don't move the Henspa hardly anymore. Makes it easy to clean the deep litter method, when I need to though.  The fence is easy to move if I need to.  Love my girls still and enjoy coming to BYC. Boy has it sure ever grown since I started in 2007.  See more pictures below So far the Henspa has been great.  The features of having a heated water bucket, a built in feeder that holds 50 pounds of feed has been nice.  I love having the run for them... read more

Jims Backyard Coop

  Jim's Backyard Coop Updated July 21, 2010 Our newest coop: Julie's Backyard Coop with Nicole. Julie's Backyard Coop with Nicole Notice the 6x10 coop in the background. There is another 6x10 coop on the trailer ready for delivery. The 6x10 coop can be seen at: Jim's Backyard Coop This coop is ready for the roofing and wire, just as soon as the coop is stained.  Note: this coop is sold. We have now modified its design and are making this 4x8 coop more like the larger 6x10 coop. Custom Built for you in Arkansas! What started as... read more

Zookeeper15133's Chicken Coop Tractor

My A Frame Chicken Tractor/ Coop / Ark   Last year I got 3 chicks.  I built the small chicken tractor from these plans .  Then I learned chicken math. LOL.  So... I went in search of a larger coop.  I searched here and other places.  I combined the ideas from several Arks. Much thanks to The Southern Agrarian. I liked much of his design, plus he has awesome instructions for building it. Here are his directions on how to build the frame: The Southern Agrarian. I used white pine 2 x4's for the uprights and 1 x 4 cedar for the runners.  I used 10' cedar for the... read more

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