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Chickieberryfarm's Chicken Coop Tractor

The Stuard Family Evansville, IN    Wonderfully talented husband making my coop...gotta luv that guy! Home sweet home!  Ruby, my favorite...caught in the act.     Ready for the chickens!!! Babies - Round 2  Mail-order disaster... Spa Day at the Dust Bowl Salon!      Woot, woot!  First eggs...  Madi, future chicken farmer!  Babies - Round 3     Camile, a black Silkie mix.  Chick-training...  Are you my mom?     Merry Chickmas!  Fresh off the farm!!!  You do it like... read more

My Chicken Tractor

My Chicken Tractor   After searching the BYC Coop pages and a bunch on line, I found the perfect tractor to copy from that looked super easy. So I went and bought everything I'd need! Here's the list of supplies and how much they cost! 3 - 1x6 8 ft long (treated) $4.97 each total $14.91 8 - 1/2 inch PVC pipe $1.22 each total $9.76 1 - 50 ft. roll of chicken wire $38.50 total $20.00 (Didn't even use half the roll) 12 - Pipe Straps $1.68 for 6 total $3.36 8" Cable ties/Zip ties $17.99 for 1000 used about 200 total $3.60 4 - PVC 90 degree elbows .28 each total... read more

Chicken Tractor

The Chicken Tractor for the "Meaties" In the spring of 2010, I built a chicken tractor for the Cornish Rock Cross meat chickens I was going to raise. Like my coop, I used scrap lumber, except for the 6x6 post that I used for the "axle", and some of the "hardware". The "coop" part of it is roughly 3'x3' and the pen is 3'x8'. It was mainly built using 2x3s, scrap plywood and luan, plus a old cabinet door. Here it's framed out except for the one side; the door and flooring installed;  plus the plywood for the roof and part of one side put on:       Luan on the... read more

Coop Tractor For City Gardens

A Chicken Coop for City Gardens JA 1:17 Poultry Mobile Contact: David Hutton for plans ($15.) For more information (plans cost $15, business opportunities, etc.) please email the above contact. My father [Amber Hartman writing] has designed a chicken coop that is the perfect size for urban gardens. This chicken coop is small enough to fit in the back of a full size pickup and yet large enough to keep a dozen chickens. It includes a simple mechanism to turn the chicken manure into liquid fertilizer and can be moved around fairly easily.... read more

Gwendellanno's Chicken Tractor And Coop

 My Chicken Tractor and Coop June / July 2009 I purchased a load of cedar slabwood (that's what's left over of the tree once they make all the "good" lumber out of it that they can get) for $15 (for a huge flatbed load).  Included in it were some very rough (in various condition) 2 x 2's that I used to frame in both the tractor and the coop.  The wood is very light.  Although the 2 move separately, they are used next to each other... the chickens can get out through their door into the tractor/pen.  At night they willingly go into the coop and I close up the door. ... read more

Recycled Tractor

Recycled Rabbit Hutch Chicken Tractor     When it was used as a brooder it had six chicks in it.  If it was for a fulltime coop, it would hold only two bantams comfortably. Pictured here are my Leghorn hybrid and my Barred Rock for chicken scale.   However, my chickens a regular coop, seen here...   The chicken tractor began as a beat up old rabbit hutch I got on craigslist for free.     It is 42" x 26" interior measurements with the two levels dividing another 42" tall.  The outside measurements... read more

Barred Rock Cafe

  • by MANOZ

2 PIECE HOT N SPICY                     read more

Egghead_Jr's Chicken Coop Tractor

Evolution of a Chicken Tractor Once the toddlers moved up to their deluxe penthouse play set on the East side we could renovate the dollhouse in true slum lord fashion. Screwed the roof down, two used deck spindles for roosts, netting in widows and old wood shutter over door and voilà! A starter house for 6. The feeder was old flower pot with holes drilled along bottom sides on top of old pie pan. Dish on top to keep the chicks from using it as a toilet. Water dish was another old pie pan and large plastic jar (family size mayonnaise) with holes drilled on bottom sides... read more

Coop De Ville - Hennesse's Chicken Coop Tractor

  Coop de Ville Dave & Jennifer HennesseyBroad Run, Virginia The ground floor is the kitchen area. There are two opening doors on the right side, and one on the rear. All sides are covered with hardware cloth (2 squares/inch) which is stapled in place. A "stairway" provides access to the second floor. The second floor is the nesting area / family room. The window, which was recycled from the basement of a 1939 house, opens outward from the bottom. A hardware cloth screen a few inches inboard allows the window to be propped open during hot weather and... read more

Justcelia's Chicken Coop Tractor

Tweek and Celia's chicken Adventure! We had a very beautiful chicken that we rescued. Hungry, weak, homeless. Brought it home, fed it good, fell in love (including our Yorkie Mix). It was a young cockerel but No spurs, low comb and no crowing. ( I really thought he was a hen!) Then he was "learning" to crow. He is an EE. Roosters are NOT allowed in Troy. We found him a good home up north. He gets to co-exist with Emu's! We now have two beautiful Brahma pullets (Thanks Olive Hill!). We named them Edith and Maggie  We are in the process of building a Chicken Tractor.... read more

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