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Autumn and chickens.

I have been out getting pictures of my chickens with mums, pumpkins, leaves, etc. So I thought I'd just share a few pics with you all! It took a few tries to get this one but finally my Silkie stood still long enough for me to grab a shot. My Barred Plymouth Rock Fanny scratching in some leaves. My Light Brahma hen Dumpling, She looked at the camera just in the nick of time! My White Leghorn pullet, Mary Poppins. Penny my Rhode Island Red. (Whats the matter with the pumpkin, Penny?) My Easter Egger pullet Ginger posing for the camera. Betty my White... read more

A Flock Tale

   There once lived a very peaceful-ish flock in the foothills of farawaylandia. they were very unusual chickens, well, there weren't just chickens. you were probably expecting chickens,(look up at the corner with a chicken logo and name) BUT NOT ALL OF THEM ARE CHICKENS.The leader is a chicken though. Ahem, sorry for yelling. anyway, there are ducks,geese,guinea fowl, (though the guineas don't speak much) Turkeys, and last but extremely not least (i can't stress that enough) CHICKENS!!! Now, without further a due,                                                        ... read more

Favorite Poultry Pictures

I picked out my favorite pics of my birds. They aren't all my favorite birds by they certainly take good photos. Warning, I got into the habit of taking my camera out with me to the chicken coops pretty frequently, so there are quite a few pictures. Some are great quality, and others I find so funny that they have to be included, even though that quality of the photo could use improvement.     Betty, Japanese, recovering from an injury. We put the bandage on to keep anything from getting on her injury, but it didn't really cover it. We did take this adore pic... read more

Thor...God of Thunder!

                        read more

Fluffy Butt Farm

This is going to be ongoing for me, I am more or less using this page to keep my flock organized lol.  I have a lot of similar looking hens and have began the task of assigning names and ID banding them and I figured pics with their name on them would really help, plus I just have some other gorgeous EE girls that deserved a photoshoot!  I have been making collages of my chickens then I had the brilliant idea of including the egg each one lays in the collage.  So far I've only gotten one out of 25ish laying hens documented, so it is definitely a work in progress.  I... read more

My Rey of sunshine

Hello there, I would like to introduce you to a special little hen of mine, her name is Rey. I received Rey as a birthday present from my brother as a birthday present, along with her 14 sisters. Rey is a Partridge Plymouth Rock. I loved all of them, and spent many hours picking them herbs, making them special water with tea that I made out of Oregano herb. I may have spoiled those babies just a bit. When Rey was 2 weeks old, I moved them to a cage I had made out of chicken wire (BAD IDEA) and put them in the coop with the big guys, so they could see each other and... read more

Too many chickens - time to move to the country!

  • by JaeGGolden Feathers

Here is our outside flock of bantams and light breeds who are all around 2 years old.  They were all bought as pullets.   Our Bantam Wyandottes Happy Mrs Chicken is currently broody and screaming at anyone who wants to lay an egg.  She did not moult last Autumn and has laid all Winter (it's Spring where I am), so hopefully she'll have a bit of a moult after this bout of broodiness - this photo was taken awhile ago when she was looking much more beautiful.    Sparkles is her sister and she too laid all Winter for us after spending most of Summer being... read more

My Wisconsin Flock

Some of my buff Orpingtons, including 2 roosters, hanging out under the old truck One of my bantam frizzle Cochin, and a splash hen. My blue Columbian bantam cochin rooster, and a Cochin d'uccle mix hen. My 2 year old barnevelder rooster, he lost his comb points to frostbite, but is still handsome. A 4 month old rooster, silver laced Wyandotte and buff Orpington mix. My one year old, oddly fuzzy feathered bourbon red tom turkey. A 5 year old blue mottled tom turkey. My 6 year old blue slate tom. My 6 year old black mottled tom. My first batch of... read more

Our Assorted Flock In Malvern, PA

  • by kie4

2016/06/28 Hatched   Yellow Breed: Buff Orpingtom Eggs: 180 – 210 cream / light brown, large to extra large. Colour: Yellow Weight: 8lb Temperament: Friendly Info: Biggest chicken, friendliest Chuck Breed: Super Blue Egg Layer Eggs: 280 blue eggs, large. Colour: White Weight: 4-5lb Temperament: Friendly Info: Most adventurous, friendly Chelsea Breed: Black Copper Maran Eggs: 280 chocolate eggs, large. Colour: Black Weight:... read more

My flock!ducks and chickens edition Fluffers 7

Hi everyone! today i'm gonna talk about some ducks,this may be long or short i dont know yet.i will keep adding to it.i'm gonna talk about stray ducks that wander into our side of the lake. the first one i do not have a picture of,because i didn't have a phone at the time.idon't think, Anyway,my dad and I where testing a boat that he fixed out.we were at the boatlaunch and there was this cute little cayuga duck.he(she it turned out to be)was getting her feathers in.she was very young,and very sweet! she would almost let you touch her!(unlike our Swedish blacks so we... read more

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