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My flock!ducks and chickens edition Fluffers 7

Hi everyone! today i'm gonna talk about some ducks,this may be long or short i dont know yet.i will keep adding to it.i'm gonna talk about stray ducks that wander into our side of the lake. the first one i do not have a picture of,because i didn't have a phone at the time.idon't think, Anyway,my dad and I where testing a boat that he fixed out.we were at the boatlaunch and there was this cute little cayuga duck.he(she it turned out to be)was getting her feathers in.she was very young,and very sweet! she would almost let you touch her!(unlike our Swedish blacks so we... read more

My flock!ducks and chickens edition Fluffers

Hi everyone!this is just a bunch of random pics of my ducks and chickens and some random emojis!🐓🐔🐤🐥🐢🐣🐗i have so many chicken pictures i dont know what to do with. read more

My flock!ducks and chickens edition

Hi! i have so many pics of my flock that i dont know what to do here they are! !🐓🐔🐤🐥🐢🐣🐗. read more

Mallard Pool Party

  • by mc79

It's been a week since I added two mallards to my flock of chickens.  At first, they were extremely timid and would take cover and hide at the sight of me. After a week, they are warming up to me and their new home.  They still won't eat out of my hand like the chickens do, but I understand that gaining their trust takes baby steps.  Today, they let me take a few pictures of their pool party.  They were splashing, diving, and having a good old time!                         read more

Merry my wonderful mallard hen

These are my mallards! They are the most sweetest ducks that I have, and the cutest! I got them from a TSC in April of 2016. Their names are Pippin, Merry, and Samwise! (the names are from The Lord of The Rings) The Mallards are about 6 months old, and I hope Merry and Samwise will lays eggs soon! But they might lay in spring. Not actually sure. I have been trying to get them to fly more othen, but they prefer to stay on the ground. This is their coop that they share with a few other ducks. Here are some pictures and... read more

Alma Acres Chickens

read more

My Pigeon flock!

This spring, in April, we got pigeons! We started with four and now have 13. Tomorrow we will have 14, as one will be hatching tonight or in the morning! They are mostly Birmingham Rollers, with a few others.          This is Marco, one of the two first baby pigeons we raised.    His father Everest, incubating the next generation! This is Cloey, she is a crossbreed baby that we have had to hand raise because her parents were having trouble caring for her. She is super friendly, and will do just about anything to get food! She is just finishing feathering... read more

Guineas & Bantams 2016

This year we added enough new birds that I decided to split up the pages. Most of the chickens on this page are bantams, except the White EE, Speckled Sussex & Lakenvelder. I read on here that a cool thing do with your chickens is bring a camera in the coop and take pictures. I enjoy doing that, except I come back with 200 new pictures every time. I makes me happy though.   Our Sebrights and Sumatras. We have very bed luck with Sebrights. Last year we got 3 - 1 was a girl. This year we got 5 - 1 was a girl. Maybe if we got 1 - 1 will be a girl?   Old English... read more

Fluffer's Flock!

Hi! Fluffers here!I've been on BYC for i think 3 years maybe?Well, I've never made a page of my flock,so I'm gonna go ahead and make one for ya!The First chicken,was probably the first one i picked out at the store, Fluffy. If Fluffy where alive to see this,she would be 5 years old.Fluffy was the nicest chicken of the 1st generation,though,she wouldn't just sit in your lap,Fluffy was also called Fluffers,and she inspired my username  Fluffy as a chick   Next,is Fluffy's "Sister",Tweeter. Tweeter is still alive, 5 years old.She is a very beautiful bird,but she is  very... read more

The Kiddos :)

My husband and I have 10 chickens: 9 hens and 1 rooster.  1 Barred Rock rooster (his name is Rooster), 4 Buff Orpington hens (The Orpington Sisters: Bridget, Baldie, Beulah, Betty),  2 Rhode Island Red hens (Earlene and Roxie), 1 Black Sex Link hen (Velvet), 1 Barred Rock hen (Audrey), and 1 Wyandotte mixed breed hen (Cindy).       All the kiddos together (minus one that didn't make the picture) eating frozen corn kernals on a hot Sunday afternoon this summer. They loved me, to say the least. This has been a favorite thing to do for them, to help them keep... read more

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