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My beautiful gals

I have soooooo many photos of my chickens. But here are some of my favorites :) Not yet named, but our little grey EE (nicknamed Smiley right now) My flock of big girls Halloween 2015, age 5 months One of my buff orpingtons as a chick - sometimes so hard to find in the pine chips! This is Pumpkin, who is also featured lower down as a mommy ;) This is Martha, a light brahma. And one of my favorite girls. This is Sassy, one of my Delawares. Spice, a buff orpington. A total sweetheart and quite a funny girl. This is a little roo that was adopted by one of... read more

The chicken pictures you catch just in time.

Everybody loves to catch those chicken pictures just in the nick of time, well here are a few I managed to get: I hope you all enjoy these pictures!   read more

15 French Guineas Straight Run!

              From keets to adults in 3 months, I sure have learned a lot about raising a flock of Guinea Fowl!  What started out only as a means to reduce our tick and insect population has turned into an interesting adventure, similar to riding a roller coaster ride.  There have been ups (I have trained them to return to the coop at the sound of a cow bell) and downs (an injured one die after nursing it for 10 days), a few bumps along the way (making new baby perches EVERY week because they outgrow them), times when my stomach bottomed out... read more

casportpony's Peafowl and Muscovy Ducks

They love checking out the new loads of hay!                                         read more

casportpony" Muscovy Ducks on the hay stack

Here are a couple of picture of one of my drakes on the hay that's still on the truck:       read more

casportpony's "P-Dawg"

My Beloved P-Dawg earned his name because he would follow me every where just like a dog and really seemed to enjoy rides in the truck and trips to the local feed stores where he would ride on the shopping carts.     -Kathy read more

My new coronation Sussex and pekin bantams!

Hi all I finally got some coronation Sussex bantams and pekin bantams yesterday I thought I would share a few pictures Gold partridge pekin bantam quad Coronation Sussex rooster Coronation Sussex hen Gold partridge pekin bantam rooster Thanks for looking read more

When you absolutely HAVE to get that bug...

  • by mc79

This is one of my Rhode Island Reds that had her eye on a little bug that was "taunting" her just outside of our fenced enclosure.  With some determination and a little stretching, she closed in on her target!     read more

Bea and granite:a friendship blooming

Name:Bea Breed:barred rock Age:7 and a half and still counting! Where you got them:my best frend Name:granite Breed:barred rock Age:1 and a half years. Where you got them:Paris farmers union girl.she is 7 and a half years old,she lays me eggs everyday.i love her so much.she can be mean to my younger hens, but granite, there.the friendship blossomed.i have typed the many times.and I am willing to type it again.i wish to never part with my girl, but I know someday, I will have to. A sad day for Bea:one day, I came home that night and I went I into the coop to... read more

Lavender Guinea & Keets 2016

This mama guinea sat on her nest for 4 weeks, right under our noses, and we never noticed. I knew she had disappeared, but I just assumed that a predator had gotten her.  Never thought to check for a nest under the bushes right by the front door of our house! When I opened the door the morning of Aug 1, 2016, I got a big surprise - mama guinea was back, with 23 little keets following along. Papa guinea was with them too, protecting the little babies from the too-curious cats. Opened the front door and found 23 little surprises!   Found the nest hiding under the... read more

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