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Finally out of the coop!

When it snowed a week ago, my flock were coop up and very cranky! Here are a few pics I got of them ranging for the first time in a week! Fanny my Barred Plymouth Rock ranging with her sister Queen.   Fanny peeking out at me. Luigi and Princess resting under our deck. Pickle my Buff Silkie Bantam. Mary Poppins my White Leghorn and Princess my Black  Sex Link. Princess. Ginger my Easter Egger giving me a look. Bibby my Black Australorp, she is constantly moving, so this is one of the best pictures I have ever gotten of her! Bunny my Easter... read more

WVduckchick's Ducks!

The original 4.  Hatched 3/22/15   They grew so fast! And so cute! Love peas But 3 of the 4 turned out to be male :(   The 3 boys So 2 went to my pond on the farm   Then the female (Juice) decided she wanted more! Such a good momma   The kids love to play in the water hose   But alas, still sooo many boys!  Drakes get to live on the pond. Opie showing off         Momma Juice (far right), 2 daughters (far left and bottom) and a son (top).   His name is Neptune!      read more

Our Lovely Ducks

My brother and I just got a new camera and we tried it out today for the first time!   Our ducks, in no particular order. Blaire, our rather stubborn, energetic Mallard/Khaki Campbell cross Phyllis, our very loud, adorable Rouen who loves making herself heard when she is the slightest bit annoyed. Reyna, our cute little drake-obsessed Mallard/Buff cross. Vienna, our wonderful flying Mallard/Buff cross (Reyna's sister) Nyasa, our beautiful, friendly Mallard drake. He used to be a little bossy, but Dory has kind of whacked him into being a more docile guy.... read more

My Pepper!

I know I've posted her story, but yet again I love my baby so much I dedicated this thread to her! She is very tame! I love her so much! She has modeling in her blood! (lol) I've been taking some shots of her the last couple days and here ya go! my beautiful Pepper!                                                                     read more

The little lone chick

If you've been following the New years day 2017 hatch-along thread, you might or might not know that i had a terrible lockdown due to my incubator...   I only ended up with one chick. Which IS better than nothing....but raising a lone chick will be a bit challenging. I have no other chicks the same age...   So its just me and the little chick.   I've created this page so every day i can add pictures, and updates, as little baby grows up with me, without other chicks. I've always raised and hatched clutches of chicks, never one alone......     Day 1-... read more

My best Chicken pics

Here are my best chicken pictures I have ever taken so far!I might have ore somewere tho. Cinder, Rockin' her Diva Pose. Brownie, being the cutie she is. Harriet, Drying herself off next to a warm heater yesterday after a bath Indigo, my lil' diva. Wisteriea, as i Capture her true beuty. Cinder again, being her Sunlight Queen self. Harriet Again, Deciding to Preen Herself on my leg. Raven, Rockin' her beautiful self in the Sunlight. The Lady Herself, Bea. Blackie(BA)and Granite(BR) I hope you liked my Photots!I will update soon... read more

In Memory of Isadora.

Isadora.The smallest chick I ever saw.Small, orange little ball of fluff. To one of the biggest chickens.Ever. Isadora always had a bright spirt.I was afraid fr her when she was so small.She was a small, but a bully!I had the name Isadora in my list, so, we had named her Tiny at first, but then we gave her Isadora.I felt it was a strong, great name that gave her strength. But, Yesterday, January 14th, Saterday 2017.I found her in the coop(See Good bye, Isadora n Pictures &stories of my chickens for the full story)Feathereverywear, She wasn't moving.I stared... read more

My only Black Copper Marans

        ​This is my rooster I call him Mohican . In July 2016 I bought 4 hens and a roo in two weeks they started laying and in 2 more weeks one of the hens went broody in a week she was sitting on 13 eggs with the help of her sisters unfortunately ​a coon  family raided my coop and killed all and ate 11 of the eggs I reluctantly rescued two of the eggs and placed them in my incubator, to my surprise they hatched 1 hen and 1 roo thus last of the Mohicans which have grown up nicely just started laying two weeks ago I consider him one of my prettiest roosters. read more

In Memory of Hopie

This is the story of my hen and best friend Hopie, who passed away in August 2016.        Over three years ago, our hen Goldie decided to go broody. She sat on several eggs, all of which were marked to prevent new ones from being laid. Goldie was, however, a very fierce pecker. Therefore, when there came a week during which she refused to get off her nest, we were unable to remove the new egg that had been laid by our Barred Rock hen, Hennie.    So, when all the other chicks hatched and began to explore with Goldie, it was no surprise to see the small brown egg,... read more

Tsisqua's Tsitaga Girls

  My four, cute, little peeps have become four, beautiful pullets, soon to be hens!   OMG!!  First Egg Today!!      Not sure which one laid the egg, but suspect Bridgett - one of the RIRs.  She's been assuming the position whenever touched for about a week now, and we just noticed that the other girls are starting this, too.  The girls will be 23 weeks old this Friday.  My 29 year old son found the egg - he's never been around chickens, and the look on his face, standing there holding that warm little egg was priceless!  He said he never thought he would... read more

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