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Kristin's Chickens: The Littles

The Littles A number of events led to me receiving my brood of chicks in 2014. The main thing that had happened was that of the chicks I ordered in 2013, the one that I was most looking forward to getting, the Silver Gray Dorking, did not hatch. And so, for 2014, I had on order a Dorking as well as a Welsummer and two Black Copper Marans from Meyer Hatchery. Since I knew I would be getting chicks in 2014 and I also kind of always wanted some of them, I reserved two Cream Legbar pullets for roughly the same time from a nearby backyard chicken breeder. In the mean... read more

Our starting flock

So after about two years of research and many conversations with chicken owners we took the plunge. I bought a coop but sadly it's way to big to get in my backyard so having to sell it and get a different one. But when I heard that they had chicks at big r I had to get some. At first we got only six...then the next day went and got 4 more. Then after nursing my friends chick with pasty butt she gave me the chick. I want to say we have had them about 2-3 weeks now and they sure are growing fast. Here are just some pictures of our girls. I'll get more individual shots of... read more

Little Army of Chickens

Hello! I just joined this site, I'm not used to it but I'm learning! I have a story of my little flock of chickens I recently got on April 18, 2015. It was hatchery's choice pullets, we had no idea what breed they were. I named them, Hickory, Butterscotch, Tabby, SockMonkey, Little Miss WhaleTail, Nacho, Salsa, and a runt chick who died before she grew up. I originally got these chickens for FFA, as well as eggs. As they grew, we could determine the breeds. We got four brown ones, two white, and one gray left. The brown ones are Russian orloffs, the gray is barred rock,... read more

It All Started With a Hen Named Kevin

Kevin: The rescued Sumatra who may have rescued me   Halloween day, I snuck out a young pullet who was almost cannibalized to the point of no return to my home where she reins as Queen. Ever since she first hatched she was destined for death either by other chickens, or the dinner table. Let's pass the long sad story of the beginning of her life and start with our drive home:   I had covered her in a blanket and drove her home. She was so weak she couldn't even move the blanket. Now, I had zero plans for a chicken. I didn't even want a chicken, nor my family. I was... read more

My Life with Chickens (LOTS of Pictures)

My family purchased our first chickens in 2010. Our first chicks were red sex links from the local feed store. They were named: * Mary Jane * Ken * R2D2 * Little Cheep * Daisy   I know we named the 6th one, but I just can't remember the name. They lived in a chicken tractor until they got a little too big for it. Then they moved into my great-grandpa's old pig house.     They layed 2 eggs a day on several occasions and were very friendly. While we were on vacation in 2011, a raccoon got into the coop and killed 2 of the hens. My grandma, the chicken-sitter,... read more

What are some ways to entertain a duck?

I am wondering what ducks might like to play with. All i can find is bells and a swimming pool is there anything else they might like to do in there free time??? read more

Pietro - The Most Mishevious Little Sebright Bantam in the World!

This is Pietro, my Silver Sebright Bantam Pullet.  She is Five Months old and we bought her from Burn's Feed Store in Oregon. The thing I love most about her is that even though she's the smallest, sneakiest and fastest chicken in our coop, she has a big heart!   Pietro might be the smallest chicken in our coop, but for her size she is extremely mischevious! Her antics first began at birth. She would peck holes in the corners of the boxes we kept our young chickens in, and somehow make her way onto the garage floor and into our shoe bin! I nearly passed out the... read more

d'anvers and friends

  • by Bine

This is Schnute. My rooster , first in rank.  Mrs. Wong, his fav wife   Kopernikus, Nr. 3 in rank and more a house chicken than a backyard fan. He likes to sit on the sofa with my cat Teddy.   This is Piep I raised her and she thinks that my scarf is her home.  Queen Mum with her chicks in the maternity pen. Dahlia (front), Boots, a black d'Uccle, Goldy (golden neck d'anvers) and Schnute on the allotment last winter.   Milo, my asian longtail mix         read more

Alexandra-The Coolest Chicken Ever!

So, where to begin about Alex. Her antics first started as a tiny chick, when she would fly up on the edge of the brooder to snoop on me anytime I came around. Right away, I knew that she was going to be special, and that we would share a special bond. Name: Alex Breed: Golden Campine Age: Currently she is 22 weeks Place of hatch: Meyer Hatchery   At around 10 weeks, Alex trained herself to fly up onto my arm on command; this turned out later to be both an endearing and complicating (at times) trait. The only problem with her cute behavior is that I cannot seem... read more

My chicken pages- Emma and the rest

Emma Age: 7 Breed: EE   Here's Emma... . She's really sweet, albeit a bit greedy, she is also the alpha hen of my flock. I hatched out a daughter (Grasshopper) and a granddaughter of hers, (Tacky). the daughter's tale didn't end well, cut short by a dog. Her granddaughter is still here.   Speckle Age: unknown-still lays Breed: Silver laced wyandotte she is very flighty, unforturnately.   Mayan Age: 1-2-3 years Breed: Blue laced red wyandotte Found abandoned at lakeside with Inca in winter.   Inca Age:1-2-3 years Breed: Blue laced red... read more

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