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Mallard duckling

This is my mallard duck Pippin has a duckling at 2 weeks old. Here he is now at 14 weeks old molting his juvenile feathers! read more


hello! here is a page on my beloved Hattie. I am sorry it is so short! Put it this way, my white crested black polish hen is my side--chick. She is a wonderful hen with a unique personality! she is my little creative escape-artist, and is very humorous! (a little jokester!) I remember the day i got her as a small ball of fluff! ever since she was little, she loved tomatoes,noodles, and watermelon! (especially on the hot days!) here are photos of Hattie--       thanks for reading!  ~Chickensfan read more

Back Yard Chickens!

    I remember my grandmother's chickens.  I loved going to collect eggs.  Never even thought I would ever own a chicken...unil...I went to a neighbors home, and I heard peeping going on in!   I asked, what is that noise?  I think I hear birds cheeping.   She simply explains that she went to the feed store and bought some pullets.  What?   Yes, we have chickens in the back yard.  I looked at the babies..then went out and looked at her simple set up.  I almost ran all the way home to tell my DH all about it!   That's all she wrote.  He built me a wonderful... read more

Reepicheep the serama

This is Reepicheep He is a tiny rooster who thinks he's the the king He has the attitude of a giant rooster And he thinks he's the only resign the chickens are still alive He loves everybody He likes to sleep He thinks he's the king of the whole world! Hope you enjoyed! read more

The Amazing Coop of Littles!

  History Serama originate in the Malaysian state of Kelantan, apparently through the crossing of Japanese and Malaysian bantams.[1] Other stories of the birds derived from a gift of some small chickens by the King of Thailand to a local sultan in ancient times. Small chickens have always been popular pets in this area and are often referred to as "ayam katik" (pygmy chickens) and "ayam cantik" (pretty chickens). The modern breed is attributed to the efforts of Wee Yean Een from Kelantan, who named the breed "Serama" after Rama, the title of the Kings of Thailand.[1]... read more

BunnynChicks Chicken Page warning pic heavy.

Here are my chickens. I have 12 right now but I am hoping to add more soon. I have 3 barred rock hens. Despite being 6 years old they still produce an egg around every other day. They are quite friendly and one of them especially will follow me around like a dog. I also have 3 black australorp hens. They are very good egg layers and I can expect an egg from them every day. They are quite skittish and are scared of people (unless they are carrying treats.)   I have a single buff orpington hen. She is a good egg layer and I get a egg a day from her. She... read more

Pickle the Buff Silkie.

I hope you all enjoy these pictures of Pickle my Buff Silkie bantam!   read more

A Day in the Life of the Moonrise Sunshine Chickens

     As the sun begins to set and the moon rises, a high pitched buzz can be heard rising up from the swamps. Bat food, mosquitos, are out looking for dinner. The frogs sound like a loud chorus of undulating instruments, rising and falling in pitch and volume as the different sized amphibians join and drop out of the performance. When the skies are clear, the moon shines so bright that you can see the chickens roosting in their favorite high places.  Every night you can hear the echo of owls hooting across the still swamp waters and if you listen very closely, you might... read more

The Ducks of Turtle Rock Farm

Hello all. I have three two month old welsh harlequin ducks, and thought I'd make a page for them. Sorry that the pictures are not in order, I will try and fix them soon.   Tucson (drake) in center Chrissy in the back, Heather in front     Heather and Chrissy   Tucson showing off!   Tucson on the left, Chrissy in the middle, and Heather on the right.     Chrissy   Chrissy         Heather is in the front here   Tucson   Tucson in the front, heather in the back,and Chrissy peeking shyly at the... read more

KsKingBee's Peafowl

Here is a picture of a Spaulding Purple Black Shoulder cock that came from Deerman (s), RIP stock.  Such a beautiful bird and friendly as can be.  Here he is with one of his harem, SweePea, a two-year-old Purple hen.     Here he is in February when his train is almost finished growing back in.     He is a proud daddy and has many offspring every year. read more

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