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My Poultry Coop

Hello, I don't have any pics, but I have chickens, ducks, quail, and geese.  You probably already know that... read more

Too deep to back out: chicken obsessed

This is the story of my chicken adventure. It all started when my mom arranged to buy 6 chickens from my friends 4H group. We were originally gonna get 3 BOs and 3 Ameraucanas. I did my research and realized I wanted a silkie. So I found a breeder and we picked up a silkie and a showgirl because we couldn't just have one and we didn't have the other chicks yet. Hera: silkie Medusa: showgirl Life was good. Until I realized that 4H carried silver laced wyandottes. So then goes the on going debate on what to get because we can only have 6. I decided on two BOs and two... read more

Easy way to a sex a chukar partridge

You can just look at there ankles if they have a spur there male if they don't then they are female read more

Easy way to tell a chukar partridge hen from a rooster

You can just look at there ankles if they have a spur there male if they don't then they are female read more

Will a chukar hen set on and hatch on her eggs

Will chukar partridge hatch on there eggs thanks for any ansers read more

Samantha And Dixie (with friends)

    this is samantha (the black/white one) and dixie (the red)   they are friends.   i've had samantha since she was a baby. let me explain.   every year a nearby elementary school hatches baby chickens for all the kindergarden classes. and we watch them over the weekend every year. one year a new teacher didn't know how to work an incubator and got 4 baby chicks stuck in eggs. 'mantha (our nickname for samantha) was one of them. i had to help her out.   we were deciding what to name him/her. one of my mom's friend's daughters was saying "see em" fast,... read more

How big dose a chukar cage haft to

I acidintlley clicked enter but any way how big do they haft to be read more

The Kitsune Den - Small Urban Flock in Austin, TX

Location:  North Austin, TX Breeds:  Various, generally bantams   Current Flock Name:  Rogue Sex:  Female Breed:  Serama Obtained:  Watson Ridge Ranch ( Interesting Facts:  She has survived both a raccoon attack and falcon attack that killed a majority of my other hens     Name:  Buttercup Sex:  Female(?) Breed:  Old English Game Bantam Obtained:  Callahan's General Store ( Interesting Facts:  Was a complete impulse buy because she was just too cute as a chick.  I had no idea what... read more

Want a silkie hen badly

Really want a silkie hen badly I already have my little sweet flock And I have room for one more girl really want to have a silkie if anyone has a hen they want to re home I would gladly take them Off your hands read more

My chickens fill my heart!!

    This is my daughter holding one of 4 barred rock chicks that we have. I also have 4 Buff Orpingtons, 4 Columbian Wyandottes, 2 Naked Necks (one yellow, one black), and 11 New Hampshire Reds. The Reds are approximately 2 1/2 years old and all of the others are going on 3 months old. I have only owned chickens for about the past 5 months. They hold a special place in my life.   Here is my story of becoming a chicken owner:    My mother passed away back on Thanksgiving of last year. My father had the Reds that he had raised from chicks and after my mother's... read more

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