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NuggetIRL's Chicken Journey

I got a wild hair to get ducks early in 2014. I wanted to start herding with my mini aussie, and fresh duck eggs never hurt anyone! Then I started researching and learned I couldn't have them where I live. But a backyard chicken bill was going up to the city council in April/May so I waited and hoped (it was passed the stage that I could help. I did email council for what it was worth) and it was shot down. So, no legal poultry. Ducks weren't even covered under the bill, but I thought I could probably squeak passed that. So, I started thinking indoor.  I wanted quail!... read more

Bean's Birds! My flock...

I have been a long time chicken lover. So this past year I got my first birds! All three are Cochin bantams :) They were previously owned my someone that was not allowed to have them because of city laws, so I was VERY happy to take them!   read more

My flock, Chicken, Duck, Geese.

I enjoy my flock very much. I want to share pictures of them for you all to enjoy.   This is my Roo. We call him BigBoy. He was given to us by a friend.His mother was taken by a predator. We were told he was a flyer mix. He was hatched June of 2013           This is Nubs and her sister. They are EE. Nubs got out one night in Winter and lost the tips off all her toes to frost bite.  Here is Shadow the first chick i hatched out. Her father Is BigBoy ad her mother is Nubs.    This is our turken. That is what we call her Turken. She has sat on eggs all summer and... read more

Ma & Pa Seabrights

So sweet and ready to sleep  Why are you taking pictures? read more

Lights Ranch Hobby Flock

Our little flock started with a trip to D&L with the intention of just 'looking'.  Half an hour later we were leaving with a box of baby chicks randomly selected on how adorable the chick looked and all the recommended supplies to raise them.  For the first month they spent their lives in a little box in our bedroom to make sure they were kept warm with their heat lamp.  We quickly realized that we defiantly needed a new enclosure when we came home and found one of them perched on a model car.  So thus began the rush to prepare a coop and a run and make sure the dogs... read more

What's missing? Chickens!

We are about 4 months into the chicken raising scene and we absolutely love it.  Apparently four small children and a chocolate lab was not enough responsibility.  Something was missing, we needed something more...ah yes, chickens!    From what I had researched prior to taking the plunge, this undertaking was destined to be an addictive one.  I was advised by many that if I have the space, build a larger coop than I initially intend.  We do have the space and boy am I glad I took that advice.  Our two little chicks we purchased in early April has turned into an... read more

The Hennery Run

♦♦♦ Welcome to The Hennery Run ♦♦♦ We have nine sweet hens with nine distinct personalities...   This is Chippie. Now at the top of the pecking order, this EE was the first to fly in the brooder and looks tall and svelte compared to some of her puffy, fluffy Orpish sisters. High school yearbook: Most Likely To Cross the Road.   This is Jezebel, my shy, sweet Buckeye. Once a runt at the bottom of the pecking order and very skittish, she has worked her way up to #8. Go Jezebel! She is now holding still for gentle patting and is much more relaxed and... read more

Farmtop Flocks! WARNING LOTS OF PICS!!!! :D

Here at Farmtop we raise ducks, chickens, and sheep. We raise all organic and always have new projects.     To start off I would like to say how much I love our girls and boys. We have three roosters over 30+ hens.   Here is the top Roo Pritzs (aka Pretty Boy) He is a beautiful Phoenix/EE cross and all his daughters lay bantam sized green eggs,      Here is our old boy Olly the only bird left from our orginal flock.       Now not all our girls have names (im working on it) here are some of my favorites. Also you can suggest names in the comments!    to... read more

American games for sale

I have one rooster left for sale in fairmont north caroilna looking for $30 dollars for him want pictures just ask no shiping pick up only yellow leg hatch croos read more

Poultry Queens' Beautiful Birds

In the Fall of 2011, we fell in love with a pair of Silkies and bought them for 4H and Show. They are still our loving birds, but Iris, the hen, is a disaster featherwise, but a great mother. Max, her husband, is king of the coop. The next summer, Iris decided she wanted to sit on eggs. We then got 3 Lavendar Ameraucanas from the same breeder and another pair of Silkies.  In the fall on the day of the fair, Iris's eggs decided to hatch. There was 4, 3 roosters and 1 hen. One rooster went to a friend in 4H and was killed by a predator. The other went to another friend,... read more

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