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Help! pecked and sunburnt hen!

Im an owner of a 12 chicken flock, started last year with 8 and added 4 chicks this year. when my little bantam who always got pecked went broody in april and we had to remove her from the flock, my 6 other hens started pecking her like mad. dusty (the chicken who gets pecked) looked awful and had a terribly red bald back bloody and scabby. then we noticed tiny eggs, shell-less eggs and a combo of both and noticed a huge gash running from the top of her tail to her vent. we removed her from the flock to our garage and cleaned it out and kept ointment on it. it was deep... read more

Chickerton: My Flock

(This article is still under construction, but feel free to leave a comment!)   Welcome to Chickerton! Chickerton is what we call my little farm, since there's so many chickens and other poultry. It's even divided up into three sections, Poultryland, where chickens, geese, guineas and wild birds all dwell together, Chickenville, where most of my chickens live, and Bitty City, where all of my little chicks grow up. Enough talk, let's meet some of them! Poultryland   The geese; read more

Garden Clutch

    This is the Garden Clutch. From left to right ...Solo, she is a Jersey Giant....Lucky she is a Delaware....Pepper she is also a Delaware, then we have Feisty she is a Blue Favaucana.......Then Tyrian she is a Blue Favaucana as well. This group came together in a tragic but way but they are so much a part of my heart now. I ordered 3 chicks, The 2 blues and 2 Jerseys. I got the call from the post office and went to pick them up. Unfortunately I did not know at the time how much my little Chihuahua hated chickens. On the way home I had him and the box of chicks in... read more

Surprise Chicken

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ALL ABOUT TILLEY! Tilley is a 3yr old wheaton Ameracauna. I got two chicks from Rick in Ms. We made a chicken deal in Walmart's parking lot. I knew chicken squat about chickens. But thanks to BYC friends, I learned alot! Thank you all for sharing information. Tilley is sweet and likes to be a lap chick. She investigates any new changes I make in the yard. She comes running to see me and Scratch in the morning. I love her! read more

My pets with benefits

My Fiance and I started this year off by moving from Kentucky to Idaho. We had wanted chickens for a while, before we got chickens we went to chickens for beginners classes and hit the books. We ended up on a property with a four stall barn. (we're renting because I bought off-grid property in Oregon and who knows how long that'll take for us to get together) On an impulse one day as we were strolling through our local D&B, we decided to get our first chicks. I know impulse buying is bad, but we did it. Our first were Rusty and Rain, two Rhode Island Red pullets. We went... read more

My three chicks I hatched. Pearl, Owly, and Highstepper

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My little ladies

I'm new to the world of chickens and am absolutely loving being a crazy chicken lady!!!  We started with four 1 year old laying hens that we "borrowed" from a friend who said we could keep them or return them "in a day, a week, a month, whenever"  if it turns out raising chickens was not for us. WHOA, I was not prepared for the addiction that followed. A few weeks later a 1 year old bantam from the same farm joined our family. Just watching them scratch in the grass fills me with joy. Also watching how much my children love having them makes our "temporary" trial period... read more

1st Flockfor our Suburban "Ranch"

               My wife and I live in Huntington Beach, CA. We are in our mid thirties and have always had fun pretending to have a garden. Growing tomatoes from time to time and other various veggies with so/so success. We recently decided to up our suburban homesteading game. We picked up our first 3 chicks on July 31, 2014 at 2 days old. We have a Buff Orpington (Sunny), an Ameracauna/Easter Egger (Scramble) and a Barred Rock hen (Benny). Being our first flock, we are very excited about raising these little girls up to be healthy, happy, egg producing hens! At the... read more

My husband wants to call them his Stormcoopers.

Thankfully, they're my girls and he has no naming privileges!   We have 4 darling chickens that should be quite interesting when they grow up.  Momma was a bantam black silkie and Poppa was a full-sized barred rock.  Mable is my sweet little black beauty.  Little Liza Jane could be Mable's twin except for her sweet little white glasses.  Chloe and Phoebe are my little barred rock twins.  Thankfully Phoebe has some feathery feet so we can tell her and her sister apart.   The girls are finally transitioning out of that fabulously awkward teenage dinosaur phase.  At 6... read more

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