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My 6 Chooks

I started my chicken adventure in June 2013. I NEVER EVER thought I would get chickens but here I am over a year later with 6 lovely hens who are just as much pets to me as my dog or cats. This is a collection of photos and facts about my chickens. When I first brought them home as 2 week old balls of fluff with some feathers to. ( The odd red light is from their infrared light bulb. ) First time outside. (Sorry for the bad pics, it was a cheap camera) Name: Snow White Breed: White Rock Age: Almost 1 1/2 Name: Jackie Breed: Rhode Island Red Age:... read more

My friendly chickens

Hello and Welcome to my chicken page!   We started with chickens I think about three years ago and have had many adventures with them! We received our first 10 chickens from our friends leaving to Texas. Since then our flock as grown.   Now I will introduce you to my chickens!   Zorro  Breed: Mutt Age: 3  He is our head rooster at the time. He protects his hens fairly well and is a perfect gentlemen towards them.   Cookie Breed: Mutt Age: 1 1/2 Robin Hood Breed: Silver laced wynndotte Age: 7 1/2 months Hopefully he will be supper soon! Little Red... read more

Missy/Tammy's First Time Flock

My daughter (10 yrs) and I are new to chickens but we are trying to learn as much as possible, it has been an exciting journey so far......   My daughter hatched these chicks in her class room this spring and whom ever wanted to bring chicks home could with their parents permission of course...... so I gave in and let her bring home 7... as it turned out we ended up with 3 roosters and 4 hens.... we have found new homes for 2 of the roosters and are now down to a small flock of 5...... the boy that brought the eggs into the classroom to hatch said they are Red Sex Link... read more

Snappy (The Gold Link hen)

When we got 28 chicks in April (4 rare breeds, 12 Gold Links, and 12 Barred Rocks) little did we know that one would have a deformity.  I tried to keep on top of holding each one a little each day, but it was hard to tell them apart.  So I probably didn't hold each and every one.  Once they were old enough to go outside and feathered out, we put them in the coop with our 4 silkies.  This is where they all grew up until about 2 weeks before they started laying.  We moved all but the rare breeds to our bigger coop.  Until I noticed Snappy.  She had a crooked beak.  It... read more

Canadianislupus's flock page~

Thanks for visiting my page!!! Here is where I'm going to post pictures and profiles of all the permanent members of the flock. For more pics, stories, and updates check out my thread!   Chester (Rhode Island Red/production red) (Age in pic: 5-6 months) (Age in pic: 5-6 months) Chester is currently the head roo, although I suppose he is not considered a full roo yet as he and the ladies where hatched sometime in April 2014.He was an unexpected roo in a hatchery order.  He is... read more

I Dont know the Breed

  As you can see, this is my beautiful Hen. I have 1 major problem though..I dont know what breed she is. I know the pic is blurry, but if you really know chickens, please tell me what she is. I would be so relieved if I knew.   read more

Our "Do Whatever the Hell They Want" Chickens and LaVern

I've always heard the term "Free Range" Chickens...well our ladies have taken that to a new level. They might be just a bit spoiled, but of course, I'm sure they wouldn't agree. Wilamena, one of our Dixie Rainbows, comfy on the couch while I fold clothes. She comes in every day for a visit. She's very polite of course and oddly enough, never poops when she's inside thank goodness! Nugget, one of our Sex Links. She's always been the boldest and the first to try everything, and she's always in the middle of whatever we are doing. She's very nosy. Dixie Chick, our... read more

Yorkshire coops polish chickens

This is Poppet my lovely polish cockerel. He's such a sweet thing so friendly and loves having cuddles and being a lap cockerel. Literally goes to sleep on you. I hatched him myself and have watched him grow into such a funny creature. With him being frizzle and having a large crest his vision is not so good so listens to me very carefully and even knows his name. I have 21 polish at the minute at various ages and love them all such an endearing breed that do well confined as they can't see to well so you can really build a bond with them. Sometimes over taming them.... read more

plymoth rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plymouth rocks are sneaky ladies. they layed eggs behind our solar panels and they exploded EWWW!!!! PU just cant brake her . our other one is a little slow she spins in a circle when she is nervous thus her name Spinner read more

orpingtons are the BEST

they are the sweetest birds in the world. (well at least one of my two are. ) she is an angel of the chicken world !!!!  read more

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