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Holm25's hens!!

Hi I thought I would share some pic's of a few of our hens and turkey's!! First up is Daisy a Buff Orpinton pullet. These pics were taken when the girls were younger they are now laying.       Regina a Black Australorp .       The Three Amigo's.       Dottie a Cornish Cross.  She is a big girl!!       Chickaletta I did not name this one. She is a Buff Brahma.       And Rhoda a New Hampshire Red. thought she was a Rhode Island Red.       Queen LuLu When the chicks were younger.       Some of our young... read more

Puddin Ridge Chickens

Pop tart is a 4 month silkie pullet, named by my daughter. She seem to be frightened of her own shadow but I think that is just because she can never see where she is going. This is Spike. She is now almost 3 years old, she is a Mottled Houdan. I find her color transformation fascinating. I'll add more later. :-) read more

co-broodies: Cenere and Ombretta

Cenere is a blue Cochin, and one of my very favorite girls. She has the sweetest personality, very curious and not afraid of people at all. Her hobbies include striking the funniest poses for my pictures and eating yogurt from my hand.   I am not sure what breed Ombretta is, but she is a bantam, and about half the size of Cenere. She is far more skittish of people and less silly than Cenere is, though super sweet with babies and generally not aggressive with anyone - new additions, others' chicks, you name it. She is higher in the pecking order than Cenere, and it's... read more

My dramatic and passionate chickens.

This is El Gallo, he is in charge of the flock he watches over his three hens. he has a steamy fling with one of them. but the other is his soul mate.   However, he is not the only rooster. Here he is with the loser roo.     but the loser roo isn't a total loser.  He has a cute little girlfriend.  She is a little silkie hen named la tontita.     and they are a happy little flock of silkies and smooth feathered sizzles.  I bought them from Sheri Minker in Lincoln.... read more

Sleepy Turkeys

My turkeys would roost in the middle of the day...  i promise that they are not dead here they were starting to wake up:   read more

hen aprons

Just want some advice from you guys my hen has a very raw back  and i was thinking of buying her a hen apron that will protect her from the roos, here is a pic I want to know your opinions on this read more

Aunt Jenny the Polish

  Aunt Jenny, our Polish.  8 weeks old at time of post.   From Lancaster Fancy Fowl, purchased at 6 weeks.  She's scared of everything, but has THE BEST personality.  Super funny and curious...and Muppet-like.      read more

All grown up and pumping out eggs.

                        read more

My Pet Chickens

This is about my favorite chickens! Mostly pictures though.    Oreo Oreo is a barred rock. She is the kindest, funniest, bossiest, and friendliest chicken ever! She died about two years ago. She was the 4th chick to hatch out of my first batch of eggs. She and 11 other brothers and sisters. Even though she was one of the smallest hens she was  almost at the top of the pecking order. She would always find a way to fly the coop and free-range! The  other chickens always so jealous! Oreo once laid two eggs a day every other day for two weeks!! she later became broody and... read more

Gloria the glorious

Oh Gloria, where to start? Gloria was hatched on May Nineteenth. She was two days old when we got her and her flockmates. All fluffy and yellow, it was hard, almost impossible to distinguish her from the other red sex links. When she got home, it was apparent that she was different from the other chicks. She was quite friendly and didn't run and hide whenever the big hands came to say hi. As she grew She became a camera hog : A patient soul ( Waiting for Hazel to lay her egg) She was the first to lay an egg and the eggs are always quite big for a pullet. ( her... read more

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