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My little flock <3

So my quick story is about my 10 chickens. I started off my flock with 6 chicks from tractor supply. 3 were White Leghorns and 3 were Red sex links.  Here's a picture of them as babies. It's in black and white so you can see it easier because of the heat lamp. As time went on they they got older, we ended up losing 2 of the leghorns to predators.. Here is a picture of the last White Leghorn left. She is quite the goofball and loves to annoy me but is a great chicken :)    After 2 years of having the girls we decided to get them a rooster :)  Here he is. PRINCE... read more

My Sebastopol geese

Costi and Jena have been such a fun experience for me. They arrived at the beginning of June, 2014 -- a birthday gift from my parents and sister -- from Murray McMurray hatchery. I had been a chicken girl since age 6, but I've now converted to the world of waterfowl. My pair of Sebastopols do a great job of keeping themselves clean, even when their only "bath tub" is their water bucket, and their clumsy curiosity makes for great entertainment! They think I'm "Mother Goose" and will often follow me when they are allowed out of their pen. Running across the lawn after me... read more

Current Flock - 2016

  • by 0wen

Svart Hona Pullet & Cockerel from Cedar Crest Farms (names TBD).  Roughly 10 weeks old at time of this post.       My Pet Chicken Olive Eggers (the orang-ish legbar base, and the black Ameraucana base hiding under the coop, Cream Legbars, Buff Orpington) ~ 11 weeks old Ideal poultry Leghorn bantam (~11 weeks) & a polish mutt from Dick Horstman (~9 weeks) Dick Horstman Barred Rock Bantams (~9 weeks), only a few pictured here, but a few more pullets running around out of frame. Horstman Barred Rock Bantams planning their jail break to get to the dried... read more

Shela's little flock!

Well after having some bad luck with a predator and completely re-fencing their run (looks like alcatraz)  we decided to go get some more chickens so here's some pictures of our flock now.     We picked up a couple adult (1-1/12 yrs) Brahma hens...Lavern and Shirley shown above.   My son also picked out 2 EE's which he named Diana and Athena, shown below...I still don't know which is which!       Then we picked out an Ameracauna that we named Liberty(below) ...she's bald from all the Rooster attention she had been getting but should be able to grow... read more

The old flock.

Even though their not too old, to me they seem a lot older than my younger chickens.   Lou the Black sex link. Luigi the Old English Game bantam. Jewel the Black sex link (Lou's sister). Fanny the Barred Plymouth Rock. Penny the Rhode Island Red. Pickle the Buff silkie bantam. (She's broody in the 2nd picture) :) Lester the White silkie bantam. Muffin the Easter Egger. Queen the Easter Egger. Bunny the Easter Egger. Thumper the Light Brahma. Seagull the Light Brahma. Dumpling the Light... read more

Fun with too many Roosters

I thought it would be fun to show off all of my roos. We really like bantams, but most of the places I've boughgt from sell only straight run, so we've ended up with a lot of roosters. Past roos Jupiter- Australorp Cross           Mercury & Aeolus- Sebrights     Cupid- Bantam Cochin/Brahma   Aquilon- Bantam Cochin/Cornish  Not pictured Mars- Bantam Cochin/Brahma   Janus- Coocoo Maran               Neptune- Cochin       Now for our current roosters Pierre- Houdan Cormac- white laced red bantam Cornish  Padfoot -We hatched him and his brothers. He's named... read more

The Quackers!

Hi Everybody! Hope you are all having a great day! I want to tell you about The Quackers (My Duck Flock). The Quackers is a flock of nine Ducks, of various breeds. I am a lover of many animals (I'd give you a list of them but it take up the whole page ), but Ducks are my favorite. I'm not sure why, but they are! So here are The Quackers! This is Sherlock, He's a Boy Chocolate Ancona. When he had just grown his feathers in, he got Niacin Deficiency. He barely walked so we brought him in and took care of him and he got better very rapidly. Soon he was back on his feet.... read more

Pipd's Peeps: The Guinea Fowl Boys

. The Guinea Fowl Boys (and Girls, too!) In the summer of 2009, while I was away out of state overnight, two of my chickens were killed by a predator. Not knowing a thing about them beyond their reputation for being ‘watch dogs’, my family invested in a small brood of four Guinea keets. They grew, progressively getting louder and louder, until they were finally able to move out of the brooder and in with the flock. Unfortunately tragedy struck again, and soon after their move, the lavender hen that had been in this set of four Guineas was killed by an... read more

My Roman Tufted Goose Flock

On a cold day in late March 2013, a small roman tufted gosling arrived at my farm along with an order of bantam chicks. She had a mate, but he died in transit - the fault of the post office leaving them in my mailbox instead of calling upon their arrival, even though they had been warned a week ahead of time that these babies would be coming. Still, she was in good health and very happy to be taken out of the box and placed somewhere warm with food and water. The bantam chicks were too small for her to live with, as even though roman tufted geese are the smallest breed... read more

The best flock ever

my flock is full of the color and personality they love to be held petted and love treats I couldn't ask for more there is a wide variety of color in my flock The rooster is sweet but protective of his ladies he has never attacked nor pecked well not on purpose anyway the pullets love to perch on me when I do my chores in the coop I love my wide variety of breeds to I have 1mixed breed 2 Dorkings 1 White Rock 3 Modern Game 1 Barnevelder 1 gold sexlink 2 RIR 1 red Leghorn and 6 brown leghorns And I'm hoping to get some EEs soon hope you enjoyed read more

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