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casportpony's random chicken pictures

Here are some pictures from today (3-19-2017)   Here is a purebred "mutt" keeping an eye on his hens       Old hen dust bathing Old hen checking out the pile of rock       read more

Best Pictures of 2017.

I thought I would share a few pictures I've taken in 2017, here are the best ones so far:   Pickle on a cool winter evening. Closeup: Bibby my Black Australorp waiting for a treat. Lou giving me her daily "I mean business look" Fanny and Thumper. Muffin, along with Becky and Audrey. Luigi blending in with the shadow.   I hope you all enjoy these!   read more

Duck Year, A Love Story

I believe that one year ago, today, my first two ducklings hatched because I purchased them as 3-day old hatchlings as soon as they arrived at the feed store -three days later.  I was eagerly waiting because it had taken me months to talk my husband into having backyard, garden ducks.  I was told they were "Indian Runners", but I soon figured out they are Khaki Campbells -didn't matter, I was already in love with them.  We named them Cheeze and Kwackers.     They were sooo cute and loved playing in my garden, hunting for worms and slugs.   Fortunately,... read more

Meet Lazarus The Comeback Chick

I have a great heart-warming story that I want to share about a recently hatched Aussie   chick.   We just incubated and hatched 16 out of 20 of Blue and Black Australorp Chicks.  The last 5 chicks had hatched, and they were being kept in the incubator until they dried.  There were four remaining unhatched eggs remaining. One had a small hole, so that was positive.  The others...not so much.  (Later learned- 1 wasn't fertilized, and the other 2 had stop growing around a week.) So I'm preparing the other incubator for the next "batch"of eggs, and having difficulty... read more

Meet The Four Trio!

Blackie The Austrolorp. Blackie was the tiny one, but a bully.I originally wanted her name to be Shadow, But tht didn't work!She is best friends with Wisteriea. Fifth best layer in the summer, 5 eggs a week!But only once in a while in the winter.Se is currently more then 1 1/2 years old, almost two. Hatch Date:June 9th 2015 If you don't know already, Blackie is the second hardest chicken to get pictures of And these are oldish pictures. (More to come soon, To see the rest of The Four Trio, PM and tell me and I'll make a article soon) read more

A Beautiful New Hope

Hello Everyone,   I am here to tell you the Story of Beauty, as well as tell you about all that is going on in my quarantine barn. Beauty's story is one of injury, pain, infection, and neglect, But now there is hope for her. Beauty is a white silkie hen. She is around a year old. Her exact age is unknown. I saw an add for two silkie hens for sale on the coast. They caught my eye and I knew right away I wanted to add them to my flock. I contacted the person selling them and pre-paid for them. The birds were located about 3 1/5 hours away from me so I was unable to go... read more

2009 to 2017!!!MY Flock, MY Story, MY Life!

It's me again.The Chicken Crazed Chicken Addicted Country Maine girl, Kyndra.And this is my story. Now, before I begin, let me just say, I was very young when we got our first chickens and a don't remember much, something's might be false.I also don't have baby or Pullet pictures of my first batch, and only Pullet and hen pictures of some of my second batch, I do have some, but they aren't uploaded to my IPad. April ? 2009(?) My mom, Me, My little baby sister and my father decied to get chickens.Now, keep in mind my mom was raised on the farm, but only with meat birds... read more

The Case of the Missing Eggs

It had been 5 days, and not a single egg had been in our nest boxes. At first we though the three ladies were taking a break, but today when shut inside the tractor coop's run instead of being let out, 3 eggs showed up right on time in the nest boxes. Time to do a little investigating.    Our three girls   Red: Hatchery RIR. Top hen. Don't mess with her.    Bluebell: Buff Orpington. Knowing her, she's probably the mastermind behind the whole thing.   Oreo: Dominique, the sweetheart.   Empty nest boxes for days... Things are getting... read more

A year of chicken keeping.

A tribute to my first year of chicken keeping How I got into chickens: Two years ago, I started baking bread for my family, I have always loved to bake, so I started making sandwich breads and banana bread for our own personal consumption. Well, a friend of my moms found out and ordered a loaf, and I obliged her, but I was not planning on getting into anything big. She told her friends and soon I had quite a few orders each week, so I decided I would start my bread baking business. I colored flyers and handed them out to neighbors, and I even started buying my own... read more

My Show Chickens

I breed and show LF Blue, Black, and Splash Cochins so here are some pictures of them.         ID: BM-1 DOB: 10/20/16 A black cockerel purchased from Jamie Matts             ID: BFF-1 DOB: 10/20/16 A black frizzle pullet from Jamie Matts                 ID: BLF-3 DOB: 10/20/16 A blue pullet from Jamie Matts         read more

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