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Elsa the Rooster and his Crew

Elsa is THE MAN! He was named by my niece when he was just a little guy, before we knew his gender. Elsa was born in late April and was given to me, along with his Brother Clinton and his sister Molly, by a neighbor. They are a beautiful lot! My neighbor says they are Silkie/Bantam mixes.      Clinton (named by my Nephew after his father/my brother who passed away) is a handsome fellow who always looks like he is wearing a beret. He also has a magic feather! He is the less dominate of the two Roosters and I think this is due to Elsa's "Boy Named Sue"... read more

Goins Girls

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Need some tips on preparing the chooks for winter.

If any of you have pointers for the winter. please share them with me.I got my chooks this spring so i haven't experienced winter with them is appreciated.  read more

My EE Roo, Cake

This is my Easter Egger Roo, Cake Alexander Miller. He is a very big boy that likes anything that has to do with food, whether its apples, to insects. He likes chasing grasshoppers all over the yard. Even sometimes he comes near the peacocks and starts showing off to them and getting aggressive. It is a pleasure to watch. Cake lives with my two turkey hens, Tom and Buddy. (Don't ask about tom's name. )   I acquired Cake about 9 months ago. I got him from a neighbor of mine, who had at the time a cow, 3 goats, and about 60 chickens, with more hatching. He had become too... read more

My Little Fuzzbutt ♥

This is Miss Rad, she is a Modern Game / Hatch cross hen and just turned 1yo on the fourth of November! She was a christmas present from my Best friend's Grandfather, I named her Radagast the brown (Wizard from the Hobbit) Thinking she was a rooster.. and while she does crow every afternoon.. she lays an egg everyday!! I started calling her Rad because it felt a bit girlier       read more

Anyone know what breed of chicken this is?

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MrsB's Rocking Australorps

Here are a few snap shots of my lovely, beetle-green, sheeny sheens!   I do adore my Australorps. read more

What kind of chickens are these

I got a couple of chickens from a friend of mine for my daughter. They have since turned into mine lol. I was wondering if some could help me on what kind they are. Here is the hen read more

ChickenShan's Flock!

Hi everyone! I've been keeping Chickens for about 2 years. And this is my wonderful Flock! Lady Marigold: Lady Marigold is my Brown Leghorn Hen. She was my first Chicken! I've had her for about 2 years. She is the leader of my Flock and she is a little bit bossy........but, she is very loveable and caring. Lovey: Lovey is my Golden Brahma Hen. I've had her for about a year. She is gentle and very protective. Lady Egglantine: Lady Egglantine is my Vorwerk Hen. I've had her for about a month. She is adventurous and really friendly. Pinkie: Pinkie is my... read more

new to raising chickens

  New mommy   read more

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