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Mustangs Recent Chicken Pictures

Just some recent chicken pictures, mainly of my Bantam Firzzle Cochins, my silkies, and some of my chicks. - 2 days old today-nameless, but thinking of something like 'Banti'  @BantyChooks - Charlie and Leyla (@TwoCrows, might you guess who Leyla is named after?)   - Topazs baby, unsure of what to name her   - Topaz   -Charlie   - Lemon Drop   -Rosie   - Jasper, my handsome young man   -Leyla, enjoying kicking out the other eggs to lay her own     A whole lot more to come.                     read more

Pure English Silver Laced hens also!

Best friends and always together.... read more

The Life Of A New Hampshire Hen

                                                                               The Life Of A New Hampshire Hen     Once upon a time... There was a Delaware Dorking rooster that bred with a New Hampshire hen. In the flock, there were a Buff Orpington , 2 NH, 2 Black Australorp's and the rooster. The Buff passed away. The only hen that went broody was a BA. She was broody for too long. My Dad and I were starting to think... Was the rooster fertile? So, we ordered eggs.   A day or two passed... I heard chirping, I run up to the top of the barn. I saw a yellow... read more

Pure English Silver Laced Rooster

                                                                                              Thanks for looking at our Silvers, Marc owner   read more

General and Lily

this is the thread of my first two chicks- General and Lily. Lily is a silky- known to, when cold, run under General's legs. 4 days old. General is a Rhode Island Red- more laid back than lily, loves to cuddle. 4 days old. This is their 'scrapbook' read more

Ten little hens...

    Hello! I'd like you to meet my family's first flock of chickens! We got all 10 of them from our local Family Farm and Fleet on March 28, 2017, and now at 4 weeks, they are almost to move into their coop! it seems to go by so fast!  with out further ado....I give you the Ten Little Hens!                                        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ March 29, 2017 2 Days old   These are my personal chicks of the bunch, both Buff Orpingtons. On the left, Filly and on the right, Lady Marmalade.     ... read more

Shaggy's Chickens

My newest flock consists of the following: 2 - Americana pullets 6 - Cuckoo Maran pullets 5 - Gold Sex Links 1 - Rhode Island Red rooster   I purchased all of my flock as chicks from my local Tractor Supply. They are approximately 7 weeks old now.     read more

Flashy Ember

This is Ember, my year-old Belgian D'anvers rooster. He was a completely impromtu rescue, along with Scorch and Firestar, that I confiscated by hitting a guy with my purse. The requested tale: My mom and I were driving through the middle of the woods a few towns away from ours. We come upon this short, fat Italian guy darting across the road in pursuit of some escapee bantams. We pull over, and I, being the chicken fanatic of the family, was the one to go confront the guy, noting the bashed open chicken crate that seemed to have been thrown from the truck. "Hello, sir.... read more

~My Coop~ By MissNutmeg

Hi Y’all! I thought I’d introduce my flock,       Alexander:     Breed:Buff Orpington Age: Two yrs Personality:Sweet, Generous, Protective, and a bit sassy.  Comments:  Alexander is a very docile rooster, but he doesn't exactly enjoy being picked up. It's just heart warming when watching him share his snacks with his hens.    Nutmeg:     Breed:Buff Orpington Age:Two yrs Personality: Docile, Sweet and Loud Comments: I named my profile after her. Nutmeg is a very special hen, she loves hanging out on laps. But she can also be a bit jealous. There was... read more

Rest in Peace, Acorn.

R.I.P Acorn One day my girls were free-ranging.I locked them up back in there pen, collected a few eggs, went inside and went out a hour later.Acorn normally always came running, but she stayed were she was.Didnt think of it, sat down.She didn't come up for cuddles like she does.Thats odd.So I grabbed the treats, shook them.She took a shuffle forward, that's it.I imidiatly rushed her inside, something was off.I, of COURSE ran out of Electrolytes, So I quickly started researching for a remedie.Baking soda, Hot water and molasses worked.So she... read more

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