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my two girls, Bellatrix and Magonnigal.

So this is Magonigal my Barred rock...   and this is my aunts whole flock and mine eating together( the Barred rock next to the red sex link) read more

Cluckcluck1215s flock!!

So,I've made this page to post some pics and stories of my flock! Ok,first we have,granit,(gran-it)she is a barred rock,she is one yr.old,her fav.treat is meal worms,her best friend is Bea the 7 yr old barred rock,granit is on the bottom of the pecking order,she has a very cute personality,she's sweet,and very nice to the other chickens,and I've never seen her peck another chicken befor,she lay large brown eggs,well that's all I have to say for her. Well,tis is Gwen,she is no longer with us,but I'll tell you what I know,ok,Gwen is a sweet hen,she likes pats,but... read more

Birds of the Funny Farm

Pictures of most of the birds on The Funny Farm                     Hope you guys enjoy the birds as much as I do. read more

Micah Wotring's Chickens

        I hope you liked the pics   Visit for more.   MW read more

and girlBellatrix

my 2 females one is a redsexlink one is a black and white striped ( I forgot the breed owo) they live in TENNESSEE  read more

Bellatrix and Magonigal

my 2 females one is a redsexlink one is a black and white striped Barred rock, they live in TENNESSEE with my aunt, I'll have a picture s    so I made them all salad and the other one is me holding my barred rock       read more

Sassy Sultan

Ladies and gentleman, fellow chicken parents... I'd like to introduce our little girl, Sultan!  She is a little over 8 weeks old and fairly new to the coop and living outdoors.This sassy pants chicken has her flirty head tilt mastered and all the boys in the yard wrapped around her little finger. She's sweet, shy, and incredibly stubborn. So far, this prissy little pullet hates the coop ramp and prefers me to be her personal elevator each morning. Talk about a high maintenance chicken! Sultan, is not only her name, but also her breed. However, she's so fancy, some might... read more

TwinsLoveChicks's Flock!

This is my flock, through the generations. These are my first two hens, Lucy And River   Then, always having admired their fluffy head feathers, I decided to introduce some Polish, 'Cilla(Priscilla) and Omelette   Then, for Valentines Day, I got five chicks. Prince, Hummingbird Sunny-Side Up Providence and Black-Eyed Susan Then Sunny-Side Up went broody, hatching out six babies. The two that I decided to keep were Benni, and Star Benni's children... read more

Bogtown's Chooks -- Spring 2016

Bogtown's Chooks -- Spring 2016     Sylvia a 4 year old Hatchery Mix sold to me as a Silver-Laced Wyandotte.  She has a Sugar-Sweet Voice, figure like a bowling ball and a very demanding demeanor in true Wyandotte-fashion.         Lucy a 2 year old BLRW.  Our Best laying hen this spring.  She is huge and very fluffy and currently has unseated Sylvia as high hen.       Roger aka the BIG Tootsie.  --A 4 year old New Hampshire Rooster.  Keeping hens safe when he is not taking his Old Man naps.     Roger showing he is... read more

My Favorite Chicken!!!

This is my favorite chicken, Bunifa Latifah Halifah Sharifa Jackson Jr. (After the MadTV Skit). She is 2 years old and is quite the sassy diva. She may be at the bottom of the pecking order, but that doesn't stop her! Every morning when she sees me she comes running up to greet me, also she hopes that I have something nice for her. Pasta is her favorite food, and she has even flown up onto my shoulder one day to try to get some of the pasta I had. Besides eating pasta and treats, Bunifa loves to scavenge the back garden for bugs and other delicious foods hidden in the... read more

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