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RedBreasted's Brood 2015

Hello there! I am James and I want to share my 3 pets, hens with you guys because this is a friendly forum and I know all of you are friendly people in real life! (I know I am!)                                                                                                            Cutey Cutey is one of my best first ever hen! She is a beautiful lovely Brown Leghorn. Cutey can be noisy, mean, bad, and always scared my 2 teenagers chickens from eating her food. But she is really kind, lovely, pretty, and beautiful on the inside. She lay eggs 5 a week but the Brown... read more

ChickenShan's Flock: 2015!

Hello, I'm Shannon and this is my updated flock page for 2015! Lady Marigold: Lady Marigold was my first ever chicken. She is a bossy, intelligent, loud and crazy little hen who I love with all my heart! Unfortunately, I have no clue as to what breed she is, though many have told me that she resembles a Legbar or a Leghorn. Lovey: Lovey is my big, beautiful, cuddly hen. She is the sweetest chicken I have ever had the pleasure of owning! She is a Golden Brahma. Lady Egglantine: Lady Egglantine is by far the most adventurous, loveable and bold... read more

Chickinn Chickin Fruit Farm Flock

 HI Everyone! I'm a newbie to chickens but I already have a bad case of OCD! This site is an inspiration and helped chic chick's get all the bells and whistles! I'll Add more chick pics when I get a chance :)    read more

Lone Star Mix

When I first started my small flock last year, it was spur of the moment. Although we had planned on getting chickens, it wasnt supposed to be for a few more months. At least till my husband got a coop and run set up for me! The feed store had day old chicks and keets and my friend had snuck home 4 chicks and 3 keets that morning herself. They were so darling and I thought... just one of each. They are so small, hubby couldn't say no! So I purchased a production red, a barred rock, and a guinea keet. I bought all the necessary feed and supplies so it was a done deal by... read more

My West Texas Chickens

We got 4 Easter Eggers and 2 Barred Rock (I think that's what they are) at the end of March.         This one looks like a hawk!   read more

unknown breed help what kind of breed is it

Please try to help me I bought them from pet shop read more

Two laying daily Four are freeloaders......

I have four cochin hens and the man "Deufuss". I get two eggs a day, even thru the winter, sometimes 4 eggs but mostly two. The two rescue chickens don't lay at all maybe one egg every 2 months. What is wrong with these girls? The four cochins and roo I raised from peeps. The other two came from a flock that was wiped out. The red isn't too bad but the black and white is a real "B". She rules the roost and the rooster. And doesn't lay. They free range and also beg for treats. My cochins are very friendly.    Why won't they all lay? I tried my hand at incubating a... read more

Is this a good show bird?

I want to know if this isa brown is show quality.     She's the brown one. read more

Jerry's Rhodes and Wyandottes

Just received 2 Rhode Island red chicks (RIR) and 2 Silver-Laced Wyandotte chicks.  They are eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing well together.     read more

My chicken, Bitsy

  This is my chicken, Bitsy.  I got her from a local feed store in Rohnert Park, Ca.  She is so very gentle and lets me pick her up.  She must of been raised in the house because she tried to follow me in.  She is a bantam, appears to be a year at least.    She laid the next day which surprised me as they usually fall off laying when moved, especially to a next home.  She laid 6 eggs a week and rested on the 7th day, sound familiar?  Her eggs are larger than I expected them to be.    She steered clear of our full size hens at first but hung fairly close to them,... read more

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