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The goofy chicken page

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Peep's Hatch of 12/13/14

Before I start, let me state something. The person I got the eggs from, I have never had a good hatch (won't get more there again). The chickens aren't fed very well and have poor housing I found out after the last hatch. Eggs are porous and thin shelled. So from roughly 50 eggs to hatch in December, I got a dozen or so chicks. Only eight made it to two weeks old. So very upsetting. And from maybe a 80 I got from the person, there has been seven black chicks, one gold and two brown. The eggs I cracked open, other then a few quitters, there was fully formed chicks that... read more

CT Chicken Chick!

  • by kell

Raising chickens is awesome! My son learns the value of urban farming, and we get fresh, organic eggs.  Natural pest control too!  We have Hedemoras, Swedish Flowers, Americaunas, Barred Rock, Isabel Orphingtons and a Comet.         read more

My Friendly Feathered Flock.

Just like every other chicken keeper here, we all want to post pictures of our beautiful flocks!   Hooray for chickens!!   ---------------------   As you all may probably know, my flock is consisted of 5, three are pullets, and two are adults, that are 3-4 years old that we raised from chickhood. I have 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte pullet, 1 EE pullet, 1 BCM pullet, 1 Welsummer hen, and 1 Sussex speckled hen.   Here's their coop and run:   Yes, it may not be the best, or much, but my girls see it just as a comfy and cozy house to roost.   Meet my... read more

Kino's Flock [Image Heavy]

  • by Kino

This is my flock of over 30 chickens! We've hatched some, mixed some, ordered some, and bought some. They're a variety pack of beauty and elegancy! Haha.. Just kidding. I love them a lot though, and I think they're beautiful. :) So, here's so pictures of'm, I hope you enjoy them! I certainly do.   Let's start out with our older hens and rooster.   First, Meeko. She's a hen we hatched, a mix between a Cochin and a Speckled Sussex. Next, my Wyandotte Cochin mix, whom we also hatched, Bandit. Pretty girl read more

Adventures of Orpingtons and their Polish Friend

I've only had chickens for about a year. Somehow, while obsessing over breeds online last year I came across a photo of some silver laced orpingtons and knew that was the breed for me. Of course, when I actually researched them I realized that I'd be waaaay upside down if I decided to add them to my flock but it really didn't matter to me. I had to have some!     In March, I purchased just enough SLO and Chocolate O to fill an order and, because the breeder is amazing, I got a couple extras "just in case"...lucky for me all survived and all are of breeding quality,... read more

Overrun with Runners? Is there such a Thing?

"Texas" (My most favorite runner duck! He's a sweet boy with a bubbly personality!) I can't say enough good about Indian Runners! Maybe I'm a little bias, but I sure do love my ducks! They are friendly, fun, and just plain cute (you can correct me on that if you have a different opinion)! Aside from all that, they lay eggs, don't crow (although they do get a little loud at times!) And get along great with every animal that will get along great with them! Just want to share some pictures of my flock! Texas' sister, "Missy" short for Mississippi "Texas" and... read more

Help with chicken issue!

i have had a healty flock now for around 5 months. I got 7 as chicks and 3 ended up being roosters. I recently went to a feed store in Kennedale, TX who will take roosters in and trade (along with other monies) for hens. I think that 1 of the hens might be sick. she does not lay, and she does not get up and walk around, infact neither of the new hens will come out of the hen house! The original flock seems to pick on them. Now the hens that does not move around much has 1 eye that is stuck shut. i am afraid i dont know much about whether she is being pecked that caused... read more

youngchooklover's flock!

Hey!  I thought I would share a little bit about my flock and some pics of them. Feel free to ask questions.   Here we have Samuel my Leghorn cross Light Sussex rooster. Although he looks mean he's just one big baby. ^-^     Here's Samuel doing his little dance to me.     Here's my flock at feeding time with Samuel on watch.     Here we have poor Samuel's mother Elizabeth who's a Leghorn who suffers from bumble foot. We have tried to take out the bubble foot but it never works. She should be put down but I don't just have the heart.     Here... read more

How to deliver a baby goat.

How to deliver a baby goat.   Signs of Labor:   Ligaments loosen: The ligaments which run next to the spine near the tail head. Feeling the ligaments and the tail head is one of best ways to tell that kidding may happen within the next 24 hours.   The tail head is raised: You can practically put your fingers all the way around the spine right before the tail.     Uncomfortable: The doe may continually get up and lay back down.   A long clear string of gel:  A long clear string of gel may hang from the doe's vagina.  If the goop is amber, it is amniotic... read more

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