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Cathy's Poultry and Stuff

MARANS   Below are photos and more info for each variety & my experimentals.   ====================================================== BLACK COPPER (BCM)     I have several bloodlines I've mixed together. I cull the males heavily and keep only the top quality individuals. Out of 50 or so males I raised in spring of 2014, I kept only three! I get eggs up to #9 on the Marans egg color scale, but not all lay quite so dark. Most of  my copper hens lay from #7 to #9 at the beginning of their cycle.   ====================================================== WHEATEN... read more

Scrunch and the gang!

I'm a little new to keeping the chickens, but this is my 3rd batch ordered from Ideal...and at 19 I will never regret it!     Scrunch is the diva of the group! I she is a splash frizzle and loves to be held, and dirt baths. Apparently likes to be in photos too because I've yet to get a bad photo of her.    And a few more of the young lasses and lads! Don't have names for them but the little barred one is very friendly.     read more

What in the world happened here?????

          read more

My Lil Merpin Nerps

I have 6 lovely ladies in our Colorado Springs, CO backyard. They just turned 7 months this week. Two light Brahmas, Rita and Grace, two black Australorps, Etta and Billie, a Easter Egger, Koko, and a buff Orptington, Ginger. read more

Oregon Backyard Chickies - The Melody, Harmony, Nova and Vega Chronicles

So I live in a small town in Oregon, with a small backyard. The story goes that years ago I had a little parrot I loved, an Indian ring neck named Jasper.                   and one day he flew away. I waited 2 years for him to come back or be found but he never did.     So eventually I got this crazy idea, I wanted a bird that wouldn't fly away and wouldn't bite my fingers.   So overcome by craze while in the Wilco farms store, I saw this lone cute little chick, the last of her batch of easter eggers. (See how she was peaking up at me )   I was warned by the... read more

Emslie Hens

My husband and I have four beautiful girls - April: White/grey easter egger (lays blue) Blondie: Buff Orpington Willow: Black Australorp Kelly: Barred Plymouth Rock   I just wanted to share some pictures of them!   Above: The girls the first night they spent in the coop. It was a work in progress the day they got home, so they spent a day or two inside a tool shed. Above: Clearly they found a sun spot... Above: They really like that roost. Above: I took this picture the day Blondie laid her first egg. Above: The coop! We added a roof to the run... read more

My six girls!

  The first four are almost 10 months now and the other two are about 7 months. They all are hating the snow!  I'm hoping to get a few more chickens this year!!!  Probably a EE and maybe Barnevelder (I haven't decided). Anyway..... Here's Sweetie my Black Australorp!  She's super sweet (I'm sure you could have guessed!) and calm.   She's definitely the most photogenic!   Lexi the partridge Silkie is very adorable and calm, but not the type that likes being petted. She also hasn't given me even ONE egg yet!  So that's a mystery since she's already over 9... read more

My Chicken Raising Experience, strap in for the ride! :)

Hello all, I have been keeping poultry for over a year and a half and I thought it was time I shared my stories, the many mistakes, highs and lows of my experience. On my birthday at the end of July, I made the journey to a local breeders in the north west of England. I was going to get two exbattery hens because I had researched thoroughly and wanted to rescue some hens. But then when I arrived, I saw the pen of Polish hens and fell in love and before I knew it I had two ex batteries, babs and Ginger (names based off chicken run) and Sophie, a white polish hen. (Named... read more

Barnies in Oklahoma

  • by Yara

Here's some of my babies. They are Blue Double Laced Barnevelders and I love them very much.  I'm just starting out with them but I hatched and raised most of these myself.  Beautiful birds with quirky personalities.         read more

Starting my flock

Hi am working on starting my flock. I am planning on getting around ten hens, buff Orpingtons, barred rock and Sussex or something else. I am staring to build a 6'x4' coop with a run and four nesting boxes. I was planning on getting my chicks from my pet chicken in Connecticut. I was wondering if this was a good place to get them and where in ct are they located. Also any general tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you read more

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