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The long and the short of it. And some in between.

Only been into chickens for a couple years but I've had the opportunity to work with several varieties, from tiny seramas to the tall Malay. I like a lot of them, but the Malay and the Modern Game are my favorites with serama close behind. Time for pictures.   Blue Malay cockerel about 33" tall. I reared this off stock I got from Carl Brantley. Same guy different look. Once again towering over my border collie Amber the photo bomb pro. This is a frizzled serama I raised recently. This is another serama from the same hatch. This was one of the first I... read more

In memory. Rest in peace Hops

I have been putting this off for a while but now feel ready to make this page. Hops was an amazing duck here is his story. One cold day in early December l went out to take care of the goats and l saw one of are many Pecan ducks laying down outside the pen l went to pick him up and he did try to run from me but he could not make it far seeing as he could not use one of his legs. I brought him inside and put him in a box. His leg could not bend the only position it could be in was right behind him. This went on till after Christmas, Hops had never been handled before l... read more


Many of you have doubtless seen pictures of Macgyver. He was not only my very first avatar but also a very handsome rooster. At one point I had all hens and had recently gotten a hovabator. Now, most(if not all) of you chicken folks out there know that it can be difficult, dare I say it, impossible to hatch a non fertile chicken egg. The solution? A rooster. So, I put a wanted ad on the door of the local feed store and next thing you know I got myself a free rooster! I now know that he was a golden duckwing OE bantam. He was a beautiful bird!   So, why the name... read more

Harriet, The Chicken That Has Changed my life

You all know Harriet, or so youthink.The spunky, crazy, little fluff ball of pure love.But you don't know her hole story.It quite starts out like this. It was spring, June 2016, the 2nd.I has chosen 12 chicks that I wanted from Paris Farmers Unions chick flyer, and I gave it to my mother.Her face suddenly saddened and she turned to me,"We forgot the deadline"she whispered,"It's was May 3rd"she had told me.I had wanted to cry my head off, but I raced up stairs.She had told me her friend, Mellisa had 6 Partrige rocks, 2 weeks old.She sent us pictures,"NO"I had said,"I... read more

Oliver my love....

   On June 15, 2015, Oliver saw the world for the VERY first time. That same day he hatched out of his mother's egg, he was moved into a box and shipped off to MN. Two days later Oliver arrived at the post office and was picked up by @NathanZee and I! He was driven home and finally let out of his box that he had spent the first days of his life.   Oliver and his friends in their new home! When Oliver was finally old enough to go outside, he got to go for his first outdoor swim! He grew and grew and finally he was all grown up!   This is him showing off so we... read more

Wandering Hollow Farm

Hey y'all! I've been wanting to make a flock photo article for a while, and now I'm finally getting around to it  Note that not ALL the pics are of chickens... I also have goats, rabbits and ducks. Enjoy!!   These are my feet, encased in boots    Clover and Marmalade... The Nigerian Dwarf goats   Moo-Moo.. another dwarf goat   The kids!!    Attagirl, the incredibly silly French Alpine... Chewing on my buttons.   Daisy, our crippled Pekin, who gets around just as well as the others.   Ginger, the Flemish Giant rabbit   Snowshoe, the... read more

In Memory of dear Charms

                                                    Charms was a very special bird. As a baby he was dubbed as 'Hope'; Hope was the first one to hatch and i bonded very closely with Hope. I would fall asleep with her under my chin, talk to her softly, and spend all my time with this special little thing mixing herb water and entertaining her and her two siblings. Hope had quite a thing going on, she'd love to peck my eyeball...right in the middle.   When I had first put Hope in the brooder; she hatched a day earlier than her siblings. I left her for a bit, but I had... read more

Little Miracle

It had been a long day. It began at 1a.m. with the sound of a new baby - a lone, first baby in the incubator. You know, that particular cry that seems to say, "I'm wet, I'm tired! I want my mamma!!!!" It's such a heartbreaking sight to watch that first little hatchling wander around the incubator, looking for comfort! So, I was awake; chatting with the little fellow through the window, and then, finally, watching subsequent hatches take place all day. No matter how many hatches I've seen, I never tire of the process. It's incredible and beautiful. Ah, but I did... read more

Ducks and Pigeons bathing!

Today was the warmest day of the year, and the birds LOVED it! The ice and snow melted away into pools of water.  My brother @GoldenFlight took some of the pictures.   The Ducks bath time: Snuggles  Dory sifting through the mud Ella Reyna Blaire Snuggles Reyna dipping her head in the cold water!  Reyna and Vienna Reyna Ella Blaire preening after her bath Nyasa scratching his head Snuggles cleaning his wings Vienna diving under And Vienna again!   And the pigeons also took a bath today!   Lauren flying down to a... read more

My Flock Pictures!

I've posted some pictures of my flock on here before those pictures are old! I've gotten more birds and some have passed! Its time for newer and better pictures! I have seen them molt and change! My rooster looks like a total different rooster! Since I've gotten my phone (Christmas day) I have took 1,469+ pictures! Of course all those pictures are way to much to share but I will entertain you for sure! I love sitting out in the coop taking pictures! It is my happy place! It's my motivation to wake up in the morning! I smile every time one of my roosters crow! I spend... read more

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