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Terri feeding the chickens

My wife loves to go sit in the grass and hand feed our chickens!                   read more

The Buff Orpington Article (Please Help Expand)

Now here we’ve got our hands on a fine docile breed! Named after the town of its origin, Orpington, Southern England, this breed has been one of the most famous English breeds across the world. This fluffy fowl first appeared in 1886 when the breeder William Cook decided to put his pure breeds of Minorcas, Langshans, and Plymouth Rocks into the work of forming a new hybrid chicken which he hoped would take a place at the top of the list in chicken breeds. The outcome was a black fluffy bird which he thought was perfect to hide the soot of London which covered his others,... read more

The Barred Rock Article (Please Expand)

Looking for a great dual-purpose bird? Being a quintessential rock-solid American farm breed, the Barred Rock is the best choice for any small or big scale flockster. The first appearances of the Barred Rock were in the 19th century where it was developed by the breeder John C. Bennett using crosses of Dominiques, Black Javas, Cochins, Malays, and Dorkings. This fine fowl became a breed in 1849 and is the origin of all Plymouth Rock breeds. Since then it has been prized for its hardiness, docility, broodiness, friendship, sex-ability at any age, and excellent production... read more

The Rhode Island Article (Please Expand!)

Are you still looking for that egg producing red hen? Go no farther! Being amongst the best brown egg layers in the world, the Rhode Island Red boasts of its rank in the dual-purpose breeds list. Obviously enough, originating in the village of Adamsville, Rhode Island, by the Rhode Island Red Club of America, this red beauty was developed out of specific strains of black-breasted Malays. This fine work of breeding art became a standard in 1925 and is the base of the many egg laying high-birds. The breed is highly prized for its grand production of eggs. The air of the... read more

My fat, feathery friend

Lotus is my 3 year old cornish rock cross hen. She is my best layer (I have gotten 8 eggs in one week from her on several occasions), friendliest chicken I own (she followed me around when she was younger and not as heavy), and the only one that comes when called. In the photo above she has just finished a mud-bath and is begging for food.   Unfortunately, this breed of chicken suffers from leg problems (in Lotus's case, bumblefoot) and health difficulties due to the quick growth rate. Health problems aside, this breed is my favorite!       read more

My chick days

Week 3 and a half   the tail fethers are visible from outsite from the cage read more

Not Feeling the Love

Enjoying some afternoon chicken time, but Gracie is in no mood to cuddle.  She isn't shy about telling me. read more

i want to know my two chicken breed experts plz!

Hi i am from Pakistan, i bought 1 rooster and 1 hen .rooster is Quiet rare but hen is common in my country, i want to know breed of them ,my friend say that rooster is asil but he is not sure about it and dont know breed of hen my guess is aseel plz help me if u can            read more

My Black Sex-Link, Blackberry

This is my Black Sex-Link, named Blackberry. As some of you may have noticed, she is the inspiration behind my username. Blackberry is now five years old, going on six next April. Obviously, she's stopped laying, but she's still very special to me. A very dominant hen, but still very sweet. As you can see, she's doesn't have the usual Black Sex-Link look to her, lacking the gold/brown feathers around the neck. So, I'm sure exactly what sex-linked cross was used to produce her, but it's a possibility that she may be a second-generation Sex-Link cross (Black Sex-Link x... read more

My sweet girls!

After years of wanting chickens, I finally got a house with a suitable yard and got 5 day old chicks from the local feed store. I've had so much fun watching them grow up! read more

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