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The little banty flock~

Hello! I thought I'd share some pictures with you all of my little bantam flock. There is seven in all. First off is Stella and Dolla. Stella is a Porcelain d'Uccle and Dolla is a Golden Sebright. These two are the sweetest things and love to hop on my hand when I've got bread. Next is Chip. He's an Easter Egger bantam. He also loves to jump on me when I have bread, but he also loves to snuggle up on me when I don't have any treats at all. He's always been very affectionate and would rather hang with humans than chickens. I guess I trained him like that when he was... read more

My Ducks, Geese, and Pigeons!

My brother @NathanZee and I first decided to get some birds in the spring of 2015. We started by ordering 2 African Geese, 3 Mallards, 3 Buffs, 3 fawn and white runners, and 3 Khaki Campbell ducks.  On June 17 we spent our whole day watching and falling in love with all those little fuzz balls. Since then we have added pigeons and bunnies to our little farm. Here are some pictures of them, enjoy.    Ruben feeding his little baby. Everest, one of our first pigeons. Dory with her first batch of ducklings. Some of the ducks and Elizabeth flying off of the... read more

henny1129's Flock!

My flock may be small but all the chickens sure do have their own special personalities and I would like to take the time to share them with you!     Moo Cow ~ Buff Orpington Moo Cow is by far my favorite chicken!  I know, I know, I shouldn’t have favorites, but I do.  Anyways, when we got Moo Cow she was in bad shape (covered with poop and limping), so we brought her inside and give her a lot of baths and made sure her foot wasn’t hurt to bad.  She ended up becoming super tame and a great egg layer!  She loves to be held and stroked and was even shown at the Fair... read more

The Flock, November 2016!

Here are a few recent shots of my babies!     Rose (Cream Legbar) enjoying a little relaxation time under the pine tree.  Elle McFeatherson (Olive Egger) is quite the poser!  I thought Cassie (Appenzeller Spitzhauben) almost looked feral out in the soybean field. She's a pretty girl and she knows it!  Cassie and Missy (Spitzhaubens) spending time together. Iris (Egyptian Fayoumi) rarely stands still, so I'm amazed I was able to catch her long enough for a picture!  Had to throw a ducky in there! Amira (Khaki Campbell) making the most of fall with her... read more

My Flock Of Pheasants.

Just wanted to show you guys some of my pride and joys. My family and I had acquired pheasants a few months back. I had just found out there was such a thing as Ornamental Pheasants and was amazed by what I saw. Of course we had to get a pair and the number has grown to 10, total. I originally expected nothing more of these pheasants than to just sit around and pace when I came around but they have shown me they're much more. I even have got 2 of my babies to eat right out of my hands. The others don't want to come that close yet but do not mind my presence. Very silly... read more

Keeping Chickens through Chronic Illness, The Why and How

Taking care of chickens is a wonderful past time filled with the thrills of victory (that first egg) as well as the agonies of defeat (the loss of a bird due to illness or predator). It can also provide an amusing hobby that is good for the mind and soul, especially for those who struggle with chronic illness.   At first blush it may appear that chicken keeping would not be good for those battling with chronic illness, however, I find the opposite to be true.   I personally have suffered with moderate to severe fibromyalgia for the last 6 years. It began shortly... read more

Just a stroll through the yard . . .

I thought I would show you all the few pics I got from taking my camera and going out for a stroll through the yard. Bibby my Black Australorp pullet on a beautiful sunny morning. Queen my Easter Egger hen. Fanny my Barred Plymouth Rock hen. Princess my Black sex link pullet. Pickle my Buff Silke Bantam hen. (Left to right) Lou, Jewel, and Fanny. Pickle my Buff Silkie Bantam hen, again. Some of my flock sunbathing on a cold fall morning. Bibby and some other flock members. Bibby again.   I hope you all enjoy these pictures of my flock! read more

Not other poultry but....

Here's a pic of a baby humming bird. Took several pic's this past summer of it and also of some baby and fledgling mocking birds. Just thought others might like to see a rarely seen close up of a baby hummer! to put the picture in perspective, the nest is about the size of a half dollar coin! I kept seeing the parents frequent this limb on an oak tree in my backyard...finely found the nest and took pictures of the tiny baby. read more

My most awesome/beautiful chicken pics

These are the best pics I have taken of my flock. I'm sure I've got more somewhere, but these are what have been uploaded to my profile:    Dixie and Rory, who were always best friends    Duke, who was stunningly handsome despite his attitude issues    Baby Duke, trying to decide whether or not to give this dandelion to his crush    My younger sister holding Peep, who is not only my name, but my Avatar    Arrow, totally rockin' a sunset    Caroline, exploring roost options    Goldilocks, fulfilling her life's calling - being beautiful      Arrow, again... read more

Chicken Girl1's Fall Flock Photos

                                         Fall Photo Shoots                                 It is the beautiful season of Fall, my favorite time of year, and the hens are having fun in the cool weather. If you don't know about my flock I have 14 hens, different breeds and ages. I make a list real quick before I start pouring out all the photos .   Hawk - Black Australorp - 5 1/2  years   Samoa - Black Australorp - 5 1/2 years   Sally - White Rock - 4 years   Daisy - White Rock - 4 years   Nel - Rhode Island Red - 4 years   Badger - Silver Laced... read more

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