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Big White Bird

When he came to us, he was a scared little thing, rejected by his owner, along with his gold-laced buddy, because they had turned out to be boys.  He had been named "Big Bird," but he was not big.  However, he was, indeed, a Bird, so he has always been just "Bird" to us.   Bird has grown into a very handsome Polish rooster.  He chooses not to live with the other chickens, in their nice safe pen, at night.  Instead, he roosts on our front porch.  He can be relied upon to crow nearly exactly at 3:00AM each morning.  When we reset the clocks for daylight savings time,... read more

Broody Hens of 2016

Hi all, this here is where I will be posting pictures of my broody hens and chicks that I get over the year. So far, my Spangled OEGB Jace has hatched out 5 chicks.                   Hope you enjoyed the photos. Check back soon, as I have another hen that just went broody! read more

My Ancona

April 2015, I went to Long Island Poultry to pick out my 3 new chicks. I had 4 hens at home that were just shy of a year. I knew I wanted to get Wellsummers, but there was this one little yellow puff ball with 3 black dots on her head and I just had to get her also. The guy at Long Island Poultry did not know her breed. He had received a bunch of chicks from a friend and she was one of them. I named her Wendy. And Wendy LOVES to chat! My husband calls her Chatty Patty!. When I clean their coop she comes in with me and chats to me, like she is asking me what I am doing.... read more

Meet the Ontarioins

Chicken4prez's flock     Hello everyone who is reading this! I am going to show you a little of my beautiful flock. (Note) Most of the hens are mixed breeds.  So lets get this show on the road!   Meet our SSH's (Silver Spangled Hamburgs) Kristin and Curious. You will often hear me call them K&C. The funny thing is K&C sounds like KFCThey are 6 or 7 years old and lay beautiful white oval eggs. We got them from a man nearby us. Curious Curious' wings  Curious (Left) Kristin (Right) Kristin   And now the beautiful and majestic Belle! I think she is a... read more

My totally awesome girls :)

2 Barred Rocks and 2 Black Australorps five weeks old today :)     Nita Bella   Skye Willow   read more

aart's chicken page

  • by aart

Someone asked me to make this page to post this pic. kind of out of focus, so not the greatest 2 week old home hatched chick, (Wellie cock over blue laying EE, so hopefully pullet and hopefully carries a blue egg gene) was not keen to explore the newly opened run....calling it 'chicken' was just met with a 'well, duh'.   Someone tweaked the photo...maybe this will work better:         read more

A curious little guy

This little guy is a photo bomber.   He/she is 2 days old and extremely curious. I believe heshe is one of my EE Partridge chanticleer crosses.     read more

lonely little chick

  • by RTL

Hi everyone. I don't have pics yet and this may be the wrong place for this post. I have 10 babies and nine have rejected one of their own. We have them in the house in a big box with a warming lamp. A few days ago we awoke to find one of the chicks on her side shaking and she could not walk.We put her in a box by herself and waited, fully expecting her to die, but she rallied and is getting much stronger. She eats and drinks well, but she is loud and chirps as she looks toward the other chicks and pecks at the side of her new home.She wants to return to the fold, but... read more

Is My Jersey Giant Sick?

I have a 6-day-old Jersey Giant chick that I bought from a Southern States. I have noticed that her poops have red blotches in them. I have dissected one of the poops and found that the red blotches seem to be flakes of some sort. She is housed in a brooder with 14 other chicks of various breeds, 8 of which are 6 days older than her, but they all get along fine. She is acting healthy and alert as the others. I feed them medicated chick starter. I'm just worried that its some sort of disease or something. Any ideas? Thanks! read more

My Little Farm!

Runt of the Coop -   Though this sweet heart mamma is the second oldest in the coop, she is the second smallest for my standard sized Hens. (If you dont include my baby EE and Speckled Sussex) Every day she lays an lovely sized light brown egg, and seems to love being pet. Her favorite scratchy place place is on the back of the head, and she nearly purrs for it. He name is Go-Pro. Its a long story    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   Chicken Nugget -     This handsome boy is Nugget. *whips off glasses* Chicken Nugget. He... read more

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