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My Chicken Ranch Chickens

I got my first 4 chickens in late march from a breeder in the area.. From what I was told I got 2 isa browns, a black orphington, and a handsome hershey rooster. One brown laid an egg while being transported home lol and has every day but 2. I call her Miss Prissy, (anyone get the reference lol) I got 6 more hens from what i think was a chicken mill or something. They were horrible looking when i got them they were molting something awful. Didnt even really know how to be chickens. It was sad But now their feathers are growing in and they are getting along with... read more

Belle Forêt Homestead's Chickens

Shalom! My name is Channah, and my BYC name is Noahette's Mom. My 12 yr old daughter (going on 13 this month) nickname is Noahette, she loves her animals, to the point my husband says it will take an ark to keep all the animals she wants! Lol I will post pictures of our multitude of chickens. The first chickens we got were buff orpington and golden comet, one of our buffs ended up being a male (thanks to a BYC person helping us identify him!) Then the next year we got buffs again. Last summer we got black astrolorp and plymouth rock. This year we got rhode island reds... read more

My flock in Johns Creek

My family and I had backyard chickens in North Florida and loved them.  When we moved to the Atlanta suburbs, I was worried about having them again because our backyard only has a picket fence around it and backs up to woods and a creek.  While I've never seen racoons, foxes or opossums I KNOW they're out there.  And then there are the hawks who nest all around. I felt it would be irresponsible to get pet chickens only to lose them to predators.    I was recently at my favorite plant nursery who had the cutest cedar coops at great prices, so I bought one and my husband... read more

My Chicky Babies

 Well I am a complete City girl right out of Astoria Queens Ny. I moved to Fl  about 12 years ago and now my husband decided he wanted a house with land so that out dogs could have room to run. That was fine until he started getting all the animals… it all started with our Goat Kronos. He is a Fainting Goat which is kinda neat. Then he got an alpaca which he names Hercules. Easter was coming and me and my bright ideas said hey let’s get the kids some baby chicks for the kids and raise them for eggs they can be another pet.   We started off with 12 chicks unfortunately... read more

S & J's Chickens!

Here are all the photos of our chicks worthy of being shared. Enjoy, and thank you!   ^ 2 weeks-ish   4 weeks-ish (perhaps a bit younger)   Little Mr. Muffet   Muffy is a Blue Cochin x Rhode Island Red Cockerel.   The one that needs it's nails filed.   Muffy comes first. He is one of the two "wecouldn'twaits". This is a nickname given to our two Cochin x RIR crosses. They were sold to us as females. A local woman said she could "wing sex" them. I knew that she couldn't really, but she said she would take them back if they were cockerels, so there you go.... read more

My Chickadoodles

  Here are some of my feathered kids.  More to come!      My beautiful ladies nesting.    Dorothy Lay - Blue Marans    Egglizabeth Taylor - Jersey Giant    Vivien Lay - Black Copper Marans    Scarlett Johenssen - Cuckoo Marans    Cluck Gable - Cuckoo Marans and Cock in Residence    My current tranny - bought as a pullet with his mom and dad... then this happened.    Shirley McLayne - sold to me as Ameraucana, possibly an EE.    Wheaten Marans Julie Hendrews    Gwynnie the Guinea     Barnadette Peepers - Barnevelder    Lucille Bok - Gold Laced... read more

Griffin Nest - Hatches

•Return to Homepage•   ☆ Hatches ☆   These are pictures and stories of my chicks I have hatched in the past!   Photo Album - Hatches   Chicken Hatch (Assorted) Oct. 24, 2009 (Incubator #1: 11 eggs set, 8 eggs hatched)   These eggs were from Krazy K Farms.They were the first eggs I hatched in a homemade incubator. 10 out of 11 were fertile. After 2 failed attempts at hatching eggs I finally got a success! This incubator was very stressful to manage because it's thermostat wasn't automatic. For me it was nonstop staring at the... read more

My New Silkies

My New Silkies...I was supposed to pick up my Silkies about a month ago, but for some reason the feed stores were having a hard time getting them in... so I decided to get fertile eggs that I saw posted online!  I brought them over to my father-in-laws to hatch our eggs together in his incubator.  It was so much fun... I am hooked on hatching out my own eggs.  You get so excited every week to candle the eggs and see how much they have grown every week.   We started with 14 of my cute little Silkie eggs and 38 of my father-in-laws Partridge Rock eggs. We had a little... read more

Meet The Chicks: Jen Knoedl

  read more

The coop house and it's residence!

So I've been raising poultry since 2010 and am still raising chicks.....or duckling.........or goslings......or turkeys every year! So my new coop still has to have a few finishing touches but here it is! And then here was the flock during a storm. So then here is the flock! I also have 5 Buff Orpington chicks unsexed & not yet named.As well as 3 unsexed mystery ducklings named Edgar,Allan & Poe! The breed identification key: Clark & Lewis - Black Barred Muscovies Damascus & Assyra - African Geese Heliotrope & Dello - 1/2 Silver-laced... read more

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