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Meet a few of our other girls!

Our Black Sumatra, Bali, enjoying some time in the sun. Boy, is she ever a talker! There are times I think my ear is just about ready to fall off from her endless chatting. Scarlett, Partridge Rock, and feisty redhead. Don't ever think of getting anywhere near her during roosting time, because she'll just about take your arm off! Ava the EE perching on a stall in one of the barns. Who knew that a member of that breed could grow into such a huge hen! Good thing she's extremely sweet and docile, right? Cream Legbar, name of Arlene. Although not friendly in the... read more

More Cookie and Alex!

Of course, everyone who knows me knows that Alex (Golden Campine) is my quirky little buddy.  These days, she's been focusing on growing those pretty golden feathers back after a mini-molt which seemed to "offend" her. Nobody likes to look scraggly, right? My little babydoll, Cookie (Sicilian Buttercup), has been whiling away the days dustbathing, foraging, and just plain being cute! She looks set to take a nap in the dirt, I must say. Ah, there's the adorable pair together. I've christened them "Cookielex."   -Alex read more

"Pesky polands"

Some new pics of my "Pesky polands" I love the polish breed of chicken, they are very quirky characters but lots if fun to keep. I've been breeding and keeping them a few years now and they just get better and better. I have tamed them from being small chicks and they have made fabulous lap chickens. I also enjoy incubating and hatching them, nothing quite like watching them hatch from the egg! Here are a few pics of my birds past and present. Bash my blue splash. I have since rehomed him as I wanted to go in a different direction with the colour of my chicks. I was... read more

My Spoiled Rotten Flock

I live in a city in Southern Maine.  I hatched my Australorps in the spring of 2014.  Roxy (Barred Rock) was an impulse buy from Agway.  All of my chickens are very tame.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much personality they have!   Hanging out having a chat.    My husband giving her some love.   My hens eating breakfast with my bunny.  They all live together in the run.  The bunny has her own hutch in there and has made a few burrows including one under the chicken coop.  I love how they all get along.   On their way to visit the neighbors.  They love the... read more

My Fabulous Flock of 4

My Fabulous Flock of 4 in Central North Carolina Meet the Flock: Bertha & Lucy: are Buff Orpington's and the biggest and oldest chickens in the flock. Hatched June 15, 2015. They both started laying right before they turned 6 months old. They are also the most friendly of the flock. They eat out of my hand and allow me to pick them up. Ryder: is a Partridge Silkie with a hatched June 23, 2015. I am still waiting for her to lay. I think she's waiting for winter to end. She is more reserved and always seems to behind the rest of the flock. Here is Ryder... read more

Our flock (And farm)

I love chickens, my parents use to raise meat chickens by the hundreds and we also had a small flock of laying hens. All that changed 9 years ago when my dad got a job working for the railroad. We sold our laying hens (And sold or gave away all our other animals a pig some goats, some ducks and a few rabbits.) and started traveling the country with him. Late last year we decided that we were going to start the farm back up and try to make a living off the land, first we got some pigs and rabbits, then some ducklings and then last but not least we bought chickens, 13... read more

My pet hens

Heres my chicken story starting just 5 years ago i found my new favorite pet, a chicken! In the summer of 2011 we got 7 cute fuzzy chicks. 5 Buff orps and 1 Production red. By the time we had gotten our chicks we had built a large coop big enough for more than just 7 so the next year we had to get some more cute birds. Yellowfeet as a pullet🐓 the new pullets we had gotten where 3 Americanas or EEs and 3 Cuckoo Marans who lay dark brown eggs. They where all fuzzy as chickens and where as grown ups too. In the summer the chickens all got aling even better. They had fun... read more

Here are the residents of Deedee's Inn! Deedee is the blue/grey Easter egger, about 1 1/2 yrs old, and she rules the roost. Then there are nine more, all of different breeds.

Let me introduce you to my Inn and flock of ten! In the first two pictures, you see the Inn. It started with a small movable coop, then I built the raised 4x4 coop with the porthole window you see in the picture. It was originally attached to 12x4 secure run space. Last summer I got four more chicks, and I built the smaller 2x4 "ground level" coop for them and added another 8x4 secure run. Even though they could move in with the big girls, they haven't, and still sleep in their own little coop, on four feet of roost. Behind the big white door is their fenced-off... read more

My Australorp hens are sleeping outside what do i do.

I think one of my hens are bullying the other hens because there is feathers every where in the coop. Any ideas? read more

Gallus Domesticus Obsession

On April 12, 2015 I finally gave in to the whim of my wife and daughter and allowed them to get a few chicks from a local garden shop.  We started with 2.  We quickly decided that 2 hens would not give us an adequate supply of eggs, so my wife went out to pick up 2 more.  She came home with 3.  Within a few days we decided it didn't make sense for a family of 6 to have 5 hens, so one more was added to even out the flock.   Since then my mild interest in what I considered would be a short lived trend has bloomed in to full blown obsession.  I found myself checking out... read more

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