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Mooredge Poultry

Lots of stuff going on here at the moment - just dealing with the moult is one thing but getting ready for winter and the preparation for control of the mud in the paddocks and fields takes up lots of time.   We''re still hatching new stock; here is one of the latest arrivals - little Araucana Alice!       Plus our day old chicks are moving from nursery stable to rearing pen - here is little Brahma "Nookie Bird" at the front and "Berry" behind her!     read more

My Little Mother Cluckers

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I have got about five minutes so I will just quickly post some of the pics! When I get time I will write the story too!   I will be telling you all the names when the story comes!   Start with the roo's! This is Blackie, he is third in command!   This is orange rooster, (he is nameless) he is 2nd in command!   This is Big D at the moment he is the head roo!   Now for the broodies with chicks! These are the broodies with their chicks!   Now for the broodies on eggs! These are the broodies that are still broody at the moment! This is Mrs... read more

My Guinea Adventure!

We moved to Kansas in the late Spring of 2014.  There were unreal amounts of ticks here.  So we researched and decided to add Guinea.  It is certainly not a fast process but it has been fun and I now have the best coop thank to my Husband and his buddy!  I am lucky!       10x12 platform    Kids and dogs enjoying the new structure. Babies arrived the first week in August!  We also had just gotten a puppy!  Crazy summer.   My oldest dog would guard the babies.  She would just sit next to their brooder!       Walls and roof!... read more

"As The Coop Turns"

Here is an anecdote of no small amusement:   Shortly after Johnson our Rooster was eaten by a bear I decided to look for a new rooster.(See "The Three Little Pigs (Except with Chickens) Story moved to Member Pages) Partly cause I missed him and partly cause the hens were getting way out of line. Almost a state of chaos. Definitely felt they needed some direction. We searched and found a man here on the coast that had roosters and chicks... wooo what a way to sooth a broken heart than having some baby chicks around to look at. So we went and collected our new (and still... read more

Long needed Chicken Update!

  Hi! I'm sorry I haven't made an update, or let alone posted in so long! I have been taking pictures but for some reason they didn't want to upload onto BYC. So lets try this again!   -   My chickens are Sunshine, Blue, and Happy Feet.   Sunshine is now 17 weeks! 4 months! And she's getting so big!    -   Blue is now 15 weeks! She's getting such a big floppy comb!    -   Happy Feet is now 15 weeks as well! She's getting so tall and losing all of her baby feathers!    -- Sunshine is a Deleware pullet Blue is a Blue Andalusian pullet.  Happy Feet is a... read more

Aria's problem

Our chicken, Aria, was attacked by our temporary dog. She lives in the house, and when we bring her to the coop the other chickens peck at her head! help. We have tried to let her adjust, but it just doesn't work. read more

Girls gone wild~

Hi!  I'm Annemarie and I'm a first time chicken owner.  My daughter and I bought chicks at our local Tractor Supply Co. and kind of "winged" it.  First we used two medium cardboard boxes with one side cut out of each and then the cut ends were taped together to make a long rectangular 'house' for them.  After two or three days we didn't feel comfortable about the security of the boxes and we moved up to a large dog kennel left by my sister.  We placed old pieces of plywood left over from previous projects to insulate the sides from not only the cold but any critters that... read more


The girls at Barncroft: we are 6 Buff Orpingtons and 3 Black Austrolorps, hatched April 1, 2014 (no fooling!). When we are not hanging around the run or roosting in the coop, we love running around the yard! We love scratching around the gardens, and especially love getting treats during Happy Hour. Unfortunately, we are usually not allowed on the chairs, and definitely do not eat at the table! Margaret Thatcher is known for taking an unoccupied seat during evening cocktails, while Sophia Lor-hen is not quite sure what to do with a half coconut! Coop has been... read more

Andersons' Hatchery

we're not sure if we are a true hatchery yet, but we have been selling egg, chicks for a year and just have started to sell fertile eggs.  Our first shipment goes out tomorrow. We are getting pretty excited about our new venture. We are also beginning to raise endangered and rare breeds. We purchased four silkies and a half dozen Faverolle to use them as natural incubators. When we just started we had RIR which the other chickens just wouldn't accept.  She wasn't allowed to eat or drink without being attacked.  So not knowing what to do we brought her inside.  Our... read more

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