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Forrest Dump.
The Ranger, The Cook and the Hole in the Skylight.
Grap nuts of wrath.
Dirty Harold Balz the name of a former foreman
bent crank shaft
Thanks folks! I appreciate you all, my BYC family.
Oops! Sorry, babffel. Love you.
The full moon dance is actually quite a simple dance really. It's kinda of a freestyle dance, while your "full moon" dancing under the full moon dancing in the sky. Just one thing though, make sure the police aren't able to see the lower "full moon"....that could be trouble, just sayin'. Oh, and prefferably no pictures......there should be no...ahem, evidence of it when it's over. It is something that should be enjoyed for the moment......even if it's not understood.
Thanks! Sure why not guess what's gonna be on the menu , because I don't know myself.
Well well well, it looks as if Crown Prince JD will become King JD..........and Princess Babfel will become Queen Babfel!
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