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At least I didn't do that while I was the Hulk........there wouldn't be a castle left.
There is an easy wat to get rid of someone using a I row the boat over to the snorkel....turn into Shrek.......thenFFRRRRAAAAPPPPP![/SIZE Ta da! No more more cobb webs in the castle either! Where is every body? uh oh.
Wait a minute there......Wisher's handcuffs are regulation chrome (the Police Department frowns on any other than chrome cuffs). Pink?!? Only person I know that has pink cuffs is............oh babffel dear, where are you? I wonder what else she left in there?
What the heck.....did I just kill this thread? Or did it just fall asleep again?
We have an occassional visits from coyotes.......and they aren't afraid of humans as they once was. And that includes visits during daytime too.
"I have returned" by Kenneth Copeland
Well folks, today I did something that I haven't done in almost three and a half years......I wore a sidearm all day while working on the farm.Ahem, what else do you know about my pants?
Der Liebe der Danae : "Wie umgibst du mich mit Frieden"'s opera
Oops...that should be megabytes, not gigabytes. That's what I get for posting half asleep!
Sour, I'm not sure what to I won'tJust sayin'..........
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