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You know, I could lend the "Girls" or even "Carlos" to Bluesub for patrol duty if the denizens aren't left alone. Remember, the moats serve two purposes defense of the castle and a safe haven for Blue's lovelies. Sorry I sound grumpy but no one messes with the endangered species in the moat.......of course unless you're volunteering to be their next meal. Beware of the caniru
smudge, it's seems you're caught up in the rat race that is called life.....and you care when others don't give a rat's behind about anything but themselves. Life isn't fair, especially to people who are chronically striving to make a difference in this world. My advice is just drop the intensity a couple of's what I've done recently, particullarly at work. I don't mean to sound cold but they are people that just don't care, and they are a waste of time....
That one is a puzzler. Usually when my birds had weakness, particularly in the legs, it was a vitamin B deficiency. Just not sure on this one.
See what? Me as the Big Kitty or, perhaps the Crown Prince doing cartwheel while wearing a kilt?Sour, my empathic ability tells me that Alaskan is definitely female.
Oh. the cat door?
Yeah, the candiru. They just eat you from the inside out.
Oh dear Lord! Harvey just shaved himself on purpose! . Ugh. must compose myself. Uh, congrats Alaskan. finally something your'e not getting blamed for. Ugh, Harvey!!!! He just covered himself with Caro syrup and squeezed through the cat door! How much moss did he eat?!?
Folks, you shouldn't swim in the moats. Either moat......unless you plan on becoming somethings meal! Bunny, the salt water moat is massive. How do you think she got all types of endangered marine mammals in there? Uh, was I allowed to tell that?
Well, Harvey just went and did it. He went to north entrance to the labyrinth and grabbed a torch and lit one off. Fom reports I'm getting he landed in the Great Southern Swamp in my Kingdom......he surfaced from the mud laughing hysterically. Yeah, he ate a lot of brown moss!
And I only wear my kilt the Scottish woolens.
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