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That's funny, here it got up to 83 F yesterday . 
Bunny, have you forgotten the time I turned back into my human form while playing shapeshifter twister after being tickled by your powder puff. . . . .I was still purring. As a matter of fact, when I think about that I start purring again.
Almost magical?  Hee hee hee, you ain't seen nothing yet! As for the Bun Vac, it's gonna be hard pressed to keep up if I increase my glitter output. . . . seeing as I've never gone over 10% sparkle on this thread. By the way, I don't have to be the Big Kitty to purr. . . . .sometimes I purr while in my human form. . . . . .just sayin'.      Oh by the way, any sparkly can be led to destruction by a female's siren song? Ahem, I beg to differ.
Bunny, I'm glad you told me about the ears. . . . . and like you don't enjoy it.      Sour, I'm glad to back. It's been crazy busy in my kingdom, I've been restoring our transportation system and upgrading the agricultural capabilities. I've thought about donating two huge steam locomotives to this kingdom. Interestingly enough they are the articulated EM-1 class.     Greetings dear Queen. I like the sound of Captain Sparkly although  Major Sparkly fits me better....
As usual, Bunny has purrrrfectly gotten her point across. Maybe I should  make her purr. . . . .listen carefully folks and you'll hear a Bunny purr. . . . .
What's the matter Bunny, Big Kitty get your tongue?         By the way, sometimes Baby Bun's humor is  almost frighteningly similar  to Bunny's humor. I wonder, can the world handle two of such funny Bunnies?                   Oh, Eenie . . . . .Happy Birthday!!!  
Baby bun, behave little lady. I'm the only one allowed to act that way. . . .not counting the Queen of course. Hey thanks Bunny, I was wondering I left my sign. By the way Bunny, you still sparkle, and how. . . . . .especially when playing shapeshifter twister. 
But of course I would get the permission of the Queen pro-tem to carry that out in the Kingdom. I have to mind my manners. . . . .or no telling what punishment I might receive.
Glad to be back Sour! I'm thinking of starting a nation wide Full Moon dance movement. It'll be more moons than you could count, or would want to. . . . .and probably Blue's worst nightmare.
Hi ya folks! Hee hee hee, Sour not dancing. . . . .that's funny. I believe the tune he dances to during the Full Moon dance is "You won't touch this".  Sorry Sour for letting that info out. . . . .by the way, it's the same tune I dance to during the full moon                         .
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