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Hey Red, long time no see.......... no try to spank either. Ah, such fun times those were.
Ahem, old roosters are delicious only after being tender-aged for days in a refrigarator, then cooked for only a few hours.
Ah, nope.Sorry, not green.Ahem, there will be no splatters!Nice try Bun Bun........but no.
Well, I've made a new addition to my castle.......a, ahem, recreation room. Can you guess what color it will be?
(pulls up rocking chair and sits down) Hey Bama, just chill out. Newbies usually have low hatch rates......especially with shipped eggs. I've never done bettter than 35% with viable shipped eggs......but I average not less than 80% with local eggs. Yawn, I think I'll take a nap...
Ahem, seems the good Queen knows me fairly well.Darn twitchy palms
Just as long as I don't end up in the moat.
Dumb and dumber....and downright brain dead.
Twister, really? And I thought you were only trying to get your, ahem....bracelets on me.I have a suspicion that Princess babffel might have her own bracelets.
The Smell of Music
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