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Ahem, behave dear.
Goes the Pooka.
I was gonna ask a certain question, but I'm not. It would have sounded soooooo wrong.
Wisher, it's not Em's Kingdom. I don't think it could ever be absorbed anyway. Bunny, I think this Kingdom is more fun than a barrel of sea monkeys..........but mine yipes! Dealing with the Council of Lourdes can be risky as swimming among pirahna with an open wound.
Thanks folks......and that is too true Sour. It has helped me focus on what is most important and it will make me a better Monarch. By the way, for the first time in my Kingdom's history a Monarch will try to build a coalition government. If I'm successful the Kingdom will grow to four times as powerful as it was at the peak of my Father's reign.....if I fail..... It is not gonna be pretty. Right now I have six out of seven factions already onboard......just one more.
Well is gonna happen next Tuesday November the 17th.....
Em, congratulations! Luke is a beautiful baby boy indeed! A word of warning though.........I think he's gonna be a heck of a sparkly!!!! gets it from his Mom Well I guess I should tell you folks.......I will no longer be Crown PrinceJD, Protector of the Realm. Instead I will be King JD, Ruler of the Realm and Keeper of the Peace. Next Tuesday JD is getting married..........................
Howdy all. Em I'm glad to hear that your ordeal is almost over. I've been praying for you and the baby. much hot glue? And where?
Wisher, I'm praying for all of y'all .I 'm sorry to hear that you are having such of a difficult time.
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