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Sour, I'm not sure what to I won'tJust sayin'..........
I guess I'll field this. A Euro is about $1.10 at the current exchange rate. The ratio 100/20 means a maximum data rate of 100 gigabytes per second and 20 Gbps minimum..... the other ratios go the same way. Also hsdpa is high speed data packet access. Sorry, my inner geek came out
River (from "Tree of Life")
Carmina Burana
Prelude, Op.28
Happy Birthday Wisher! I made sure I didn't forget.......or you might have to put me in cuffs for being bad.
Sorry Em.....I would never want to make you sad. It's just that the image can get stuck in one's head......... Bunny, I'm only turning some swords into plowshares. I'm still well armed, but some systems were no longer effective and or have become rather exspensive to service. Economics even effects one's defensive capabilities.
Hello all. My dear dear Queen, let me assure you that you are not forgettable( especially as nurse Goodbody ) . It's funny how things change . I used to build up armaments in my I'm thinning them out. National defense was the main focus, now it's food production and transportation. What's happening to me ?
Oh, the ever so innocent Queen Em.......yup innocent.
Hey Sour, it's great to hear from you.....and that you and the Princess are alright.
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