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Hey, ya'll can't be dancing yet! I'm not wearing my kilt! (Princess babffel doesn't like me wearing it. She thinks my legs are too cute for public display.)
Hey Sour, I could hit Alaskan with the Rooster Voodoo Juju. . . . . .that stuff ain't funny at all! Sniff, sniff , sniff. Ugh, Harvey is near by and he has definately been eating the brown moss! NO OPEN FLAMES OR SPARKS! That pooka could send himself into orbit without a spaceship! Wait a minute, Sour would love that!
Hey Wisher, I've been working. The welding thing is just to shake it up a bit........just not too much.
P.S., as for nutiness........... I love welding.......... Nuff said.............
Too true Sour! Folks, I miss the gentleman that Bunny speaks of......he was my friend and a mentor. The insanity of this thread has kept me sane.......especially while I was recouperating from work related injuries. That was three long months for a workaholic to be sidelined. Thanks guys for the unending nuttiness.
Uh oh!!!!!!!!!!! Harvey has done something truly insane! He went and ate his fill of brown moss!
(JD appears while holding a cloth bag)Hey Bunny. Yeah, I still have both of is locked away for safe keeping. (snicker, snicker) Can you folks guess what's in the bag? (snicker, snicker) All I'll say is there is one seriously ticked pooka on the loose! (snicker, snicker)
Bama, I don't need keys........I have a Pheonix Gate. I can go where or to when I want. ( JD diappears into a strange vortex)
By the way, I lurked for almost 2 years before I joined.....albeit I've been raising chickens for 34 years, but only have been incubating for 4 years......and I'm finding I have more to learn. Far more.
Sswanee, I've gotten excellent results out of my Hova just takes a bit more attention to detail since it's a still air. My forced air LG works quite well for chicks but I prefer to use the Hova or the still air LGs on ducklings.
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