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Hey everybody! Darn it, I missed both Queens and Blue!?! Oh well, it's good to see everybody in the Kingdom.....and that includes you too Eenie.
My dear Queen, from my experience as a production welder I can assuredly say that a really good welder will leave their employer wanting more.
Hey Sour, I've been busy here. As for self welds, with enough practice one can get very satisfactory results. . . . . but it's still hard to beat professional type results.
 Howdy folks! Hey, I see that the Kingdom has many new residents. What is this I hear about a party? Well the mischievous cat is already here. Hey Bunny, ready for another round of shapeshifter Twister?  By the way, where is the Queen Pro-Tem? I was supposed to do some work for her.
Uh, Dear Queen a opening just has occurred and I can get to to work immediately.
Howdy folks! I have to say congratulations to the Queen Pro-Tem, for she is truly a friend to all. Dear Queen, I'll have to take a rain check on the welding work. It's amazing how one skills can be in such demand.
Wisher, sorry I'm running a bit late. Happy Birthday your Royal Hotness. . . . . .er Highness.  Ok, sometimes I just can't help it!
Happy Anniversary Sour, albeit belated. George, you and the Princess make me envious. . . . . and it takes a lot to do that. Lots of love to both of you.          J.D.
Everyone have a Happy and prosperous New Year!!!!!
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good and blessed night!!             Warm wishes from the soon to be King JD.
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