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Oh! I forgot, Harvey and I had a blast algae wrestling last night. Needless to say it took a while for me to cleaned up afterwards, but Harvey........ well he's Harvey. He didn't want to get cleaned up, even though it seemed that he smelled a bit better after a good romp in the green algae.
Yes it's true, I rule my own kingdom. Unfortunately I have beeen unusually busy as of late and have not been able to visit like I would have liked too. As for the citizens in my realm, they are calm and content for time being.Bunny, a tattoo? Oooooh, I have to see this!
Everything has been going quite well here, seriously thinking of firing up the bators in the next 30 to 45 days.
Howdy folks. I can't afford one either........but somehow I've ended up with 3 LGs and a Hovabator.
Howdy folk! Greetings to all new citizens of the Kingdom. It's been awhile since I stopped in last. Hey Sour, you still trying deflect all the "stories" about you? Don't worry. Folks, all those "stories" aren't true..... just most of them. Sorry Sour, just couldn't resist.
Oh, maybe.....just sayin', maybe a guy that has full body tattoos while weighing only 120 lbs. shouldn't wear a bikini.......just sayin'.
Folks, things can get really weird at work. As A employee of this company I am not at liberty to....ahem voice some of my opinions,!!
Happy Thanksgiving to all........ .....and pray for me, I have to work a black Friday sale a Wal-mart
Come come now people. Even famous people aren't always in the best of fiorm. Scary? You should see me before I have had ny coffee!!!!!
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