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Ack! I just saw this, sorry! If you are still interested, pm me.
Northeast Kansas and yes.
Thank you! I started off with eggs from Toadbriar. I have since added in genetics from birds I bought local to me (Kansas).
I am messaging you with details.
NPIP certified Ancona duck hatching eggs for sale for $2.50 each plus a flat fee of $12 (for up to 1 dozen eggs) to cover shipping and packing materials. If you want more than 1 dozen eggs, please request a shipping quote. If I have extra eggs, I will include some with your order.   Our 2014 breeding stock consists of chocolate and black drakes and blue, lilac, lavender, chocolate, and black ducks.   Before you order, please read...
In my experience the foot pigmentation is pretty much permanent.
Congrats! I love my Anconas.They do keep a pattern, though it will change as they get older and their feathers grow in. For example, one of my chocolate Anconas was named Chubby checker because she had a very checkered pattern when she hatched. Now as an adult her markings aren't so spotty and she has more chocolate.
Perhaps this from the Metzer Farms FAQ page will help:   "What causes the black spots on my duck's bill? Black spots on the bill and legs are due to melanin skin pigment. They are normally present (not harmful) but are covered with yellow colored xanthophyll pigment absorbed from feeds containing corn, alfalfa and other feed ingredients containing xanthophyll. In mature breeder ducks, after they have been laying eggs for awhile, more xanthophyll is absorbed by the egg...
New line as in Jill Rees' line? Be sure to tell us all about it!
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