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Hi I will put this up to then. My husband and I can do this to for anyone for the same things in Indiana and we are in East Central Indiana! We would be happy to help you out if you are not too far.
I dropped a cemani egg and cracked it the other day, I gave it to my little 7 pound egg sucking dog to eat. I guess I should have asked her if it tasted differently from other chicken eggs. I did tell her I bet she was the only dog in the US dining on a cemani egg that night. I'm going to try really hard not to drop any again. I was so excited to get an egg from each hen in the pen for the 1st time.
HiGreat to see you here too. All my birds from you are doing great. What do I have to do to get some of your SH?
Hi I figured I might as well introduce myself. My name is Rachael and I am retired and raise rare breed chickens. I mostly share my eggs with friends, 4-h kids and anyone who asks. It is my hobby. We don't have any kids so I am blessed to be able to have a lot of. Rare breed birds. I have a lot of GFF stuff, imported orps, Bahamas, seramas well some of everything for everyone. I am the local "chicken lady". We sponsor a lot of youth in chickens and are setting up programs...
I just bought 1000 of each size mixed colors of the spiral bands PM me and I'll be happy to send you some or anyone else who wants to try them, I'll never use that many in a zillion years! I got them from Kuhl in NJ. If you need chicken supplies it is a great place and they have great prices!
Very pretty I can't wait to get my pair next week!! I'm so excited!! I also have Svart Hona coming!
I think that you cannot really understand this until you have lived thru it. But after you live thru it your life will never be the same.
Hmm I thought they were white but maybe they are off-white now that I think about it. Of course I can't say for sure now because 2 Partridge Barthuner hens snuck into their run under the fence so I left them there and put 2 extra PB roosters I had in with the lot.I still haven't found a breda rooster yet, if anyone has one I would be willing to send you eggs from any of my breeds for helping me locate one. I found a Breda in the grow out barn and was hoping it was a...
Yep my 4 hens are each laying a white egg each every day but since we don't have a rooster we are eating them.
We lost our Breda rooster during the "polar Vortex" we had -52 for 48 hours straight and the Breda fowl coop is the furthest from the house and we could not see that their heat lamp had gone out and the covers on their windows had blown off. If anyone has a spare Breda rooster please let me know what you are asking for it. I would need it shipped to Indiana. If you happen to have any Breda pullets or hens for sale I would love a few more to go with my 4 girls. Thank you
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