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Ok so everyone might be wondering why we ran this contest here just to give stuff away? That and to get you all to come check out our well MY crazypetlady proboard swap. You have two choices to claim your prizes. PM me here with your prize choice or register for the proboard swap and PM me there anyone who joins will get a prize. Membership will be free until Spring. Everyone who participated here will get a prize so get those addresses to me so we can get them...
I hope so I don't want to have to mail myself a prize
330 208 485 870 775 167 Ok gang let's see who they are. Go look and come back and let us know who you are.
Wow looks like you all had fun!! Sorry I was not here more. Thanking advantage of the weather to get some farm chores done. Ok let's pick some random posts BRB
wow what a day
mine mine
hey someone just told me something new. you are supposed to make money with chickens?  I  missed that chapter. I have been doing it wrong this whole time. buying all the best most sought after birds to share them with EVERYONE!! swap for em paypal, cookies, dog jammines, aww heck if you can't afford them I'll give em to you if you really want them. EVERYONE should have em in their back yard.      If any of you ever have a problem with your chickens or chicken people or...
OK lets give away some prizes for lasts night antics!! You all did GREAT for beginners!!    CPL would like to see THIS thread at the top of the MOST active thread counts on the front page of the BYC site!! That is the goal!! Well My goal. GO BIG or GO home.      Ok Lets award some prizes and open some more threads.    Lets make one for the serious chatters who don't like it when we jack their thread for our shenanagans while they are talking important chicken...
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