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FOR SALE: I will keep the list current and will be adding birds all week so check back often. 4) Splash Rooster. 1 year old. $25 Pictured 5) Splash cockerel. 4 months old. $20 7) 7 Cochin chicks: 2-3 weeks. $10 each. SALE PENDING 8) Blue Hen. $50. SALE PENDING I am thinning the flock due to a super busy schedule this year. I am only keeping a limited number to continue breeding. I started my program with birds from well known breeders. I am NPIP and I can ship.
They are looking great. The lacing on the darker girls is wonderful. Looks like this cross is working so far!
If anyone is interested in some bantams I have a blue pair and a splash pair for sale right now. Pm me for info. We are building a house this year and I'm cutting back on my Cochins some.
I am hoping to get some ideas here. For years I have used stock tanks for brooders. Well they take up a lot of room and thinking about doing something a little different this year. I am wanting to get some ideas. What do ya'll use for brooders or what does our setup look like? I would like to do something stackable if possible, and easy to clean and senitize is preferred. I love the idea of GQF brooders but they are so pricey. I also just saw the GQF Start and Grow Unit....
Oh wow. Your buffs are dreamy!!! Love them.
Beautiful birds everyone. I love all the different colors. The jubilee and mottleds are so eye catching. Everything about breeding, buying, caring for and improving these birds is a learning process. I learn everyday. Sometimes I learn by reading or talking to veteran breeders and sometimes I learn the hard way. I tried to buy the best stock I could afford and find when I started. I think most people do. But now it's up to me to continue with them and continue improving...
I think they are looking great.
Oh Nellie, I love them!!!! Ugh how temping
Alton that looks like a goose egg!! Wowie!!! And the black hen is beautiful!!!! Congrats. So jealous. And love the little red guy too. Awesome birds. Roger hope you get to feeling better.
Roger you have amazing birds. Your hard work really shows with them. I love seeing their pictures that you post. Keep up the good work!!
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