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Always fun (and a bit stressful ) to do a hatch-a-long with a first timer!  Yes, lockdown refers to the period 3 - 4 days before hatch when to stop turning or rocking.  Hopefully someone else can assist you on the best way to do a staggered hatch. Looking good!!
Well at least you can tell it's not clear!
Thanks for posting your name. I am Judith Wagner. :D  Mine are due on the 10th. We have a snow storm coming tomorrow night so I'm hoping no power outages. It got down to 11 degrees last night. A record cold for this date, I believe. Ugh! I shouldn't complain. When I watch the news I don't know how people survive these ice storms....
Okay! Fun!!
 Shippment to Maryland is $21.42 which comes to $15.35 per box.
 Shipment to Maryland for 4 is $21.42. That is the highest destination for me to ship to. Shippment to West coast area is around $9.00
I am selling my extra New Horizon poultry shipping boxes again. Sorry but the price went up for me so they are more than last spring.   $10.00 ea. in packs of  3 or 4. Plus actual priority shipping costs. (My zip code is 93518 in California. Highest shipping for me is east coast. $21.42 for 4 boxes. West coast is less than $9.00)   I accept paypal ( money order or personal check.   Dimensions of assembled box are 20" long x 16" tall x 8"...
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