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North grabbed the nose holding down the head as the life drained from the dying moose
Luna hadn't ever really trusted Katar, she turned standing tall, Katar may be echo's sister but Luna was beta, she growled throwing back up her tough persona. "what do you want?"
(is she a loner or part of the pack??)
Luna looked up and tried to locate who the voice belonged to
Isis plowed deep into the first searching for a meal for her and Ghost, her stomach rumbled, she wished she could find something anything to stop the hunger. Then suddenly she spotted a large group of grouse in a clearing, the snow was falling heavy now and the wind was kicking up.
North raced up beside the large cow snapping at her head, the old dying cow tried to stand but river leapt upon her back, they waited for chance to make the kill
Luna retreated from the den, she jogged to the tree line and sat beneath a bending pine tree, she stared at the falling snow collecting herself
Isis sat a few feet from Ghost, she looked out at the woods, then up at the alphas den, she know noticed Adar up there, she wondered if maybe she wanted to go hunting.
"that's fine."aki smiled, "be safe, don't get caught in the coming storm." He looked at Senkah, "I may catch up later."
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