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Name: River Gender: Male Pack: spruce Rank: pack mate Mate: none yet Personality: kind, easy going, rarely gets angry, calm, rational. If he weren't such a great hunter he'd be omega, because of his laid back demeanor. History: TBR Picture: Username: Wildriverswolf
All excepted
Name: Kota Gender: male Pack: valley Rank: pack mate Mate: none yet Personality: he is quite, smart, calculating, loyal and protective History: he was once a loner, shot and inured by a hunter, valley pack foundhim on their borders and took him in. Picture: Username: Wildriverswolf
Name: Skyuka or sky Gender: female Pack: tundra Rank: pack mate Mate: none yet Personality: defensive, jumpy, untrusting, but once she comes around is a fierce friend. History: she hates taking about it in detail, but from what others have gathered she is from the nomad pack called spruce pack Picture: Username: Wildriverswolf
Name: Luka Gender: male Pack: loner Rank: loner Mate: wants one Personality: TBR History: born to loners and raised a loner, has never know the companionship of a pack and doesn't want to. Picture: Username: Wildriverswolf
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Name: ghost (black) and Isis (white) Gender: male female Pack: mountain Rank: omega (ghost) pack mate (Isis) Mate: both want. Personality: ghost~~ he is kind, but tends to keep to himself. Isis ~~ excitable, playful, but can be stern and brave when called for. History: Ghost was a loner and found Isis as she was a young pup, he brought her to mountain pack so she could grow up in a pack, she fit right in taking quickly to pack life, but ghost still wishes he was a...
He is doing wonderful now, has gained back all his weight and strength, well actually maybe a little to much weight he was 110 lbs before he got parvo he dropped to 75 because he couldn't eat and us now at 125 I might have over fed him
Name: North Gender: male Pack: spruce Rank: beta male Mate: beta female..... Personality: he is watchful of the pack, short temper, but would die/kill for any member, is excellent at tracking the elk during their migrations, he is wary of newcomers, but a loyal friend once you get to know him, he even watches out for the pups and omega. History: he was born to the alpha pair that began spruce pack, but was young when they died so couldn't assume the role of...
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