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agreed, but I love this RP and I hate to see it die, but truthfully, I think we need to just make a completely different RP new story plot etc I think what kills this thread every time is we remember the old rwtp RP and try to make it like that and get frustrated.
( that's fine )Aki gazed at the lake, his warm golden eyes feel upon a slim figure near the bank. He watched the smallish wolf from the shadows, his broad figure silhouetted by the moon, the wind shifted to his back and blew out to the lake.
Wolf Name: Aki Gender: male Pack: loner Rank: loner Age: 3 Mate:..... Pups:..... History: his brother kilo and sister Skyuka got into a feud, he wanted nothing to do with it and left. That's about all he'll say about it. Personality: total opposite of his siblings, he is calm, trusting, loving, protective and has an air about him that makes other wolves want to trust him. Picture or description: Username: wildriverswolf  
Wolf Name: Skyuka Gender: female Pack: cold pack Rank: alpha female Age: 3 Mate: alpha male Pups: History: born in hot pack a fight lead to her fleeing the territory, she wound up in cold pack and became the mate to the current alpha male. Her brother kilo is hot pack alpha and and aki is a loner. Personality: she is quick to anger, quick to expect the worse, smart, cunning, voices her opinion. Picture or description: Username: wildriverswolf  
Wolf Name: Kilo Gender: male Pack: hot pack Rank: alpha male Age: 3 Mate: alpha female Pups: History: born and raised in hot pack he was a litter of three, Aki has run off and I'd a loner now, and his sister is the alpha female of cold pack, a bad feud drive the siblings apart and into constant fighting. Personality: quite, can be quick to anger with a explosive aggression. Well always put his pack first. Picture or description: Username: wildriverswolf  
Will you hold the alpha male of hot pack and the alpha female if cold pack, making forms right now
(hey guys finally got my new laptop so I'm back what did I miss )
North looked up at her, he saw how beautiful she was, his eyes swam with a loving brightness, then he shook his head "Y...yes?" He asked staring into her light eyes
"thank you!" Her voice trembled as she sobbed "I won't let you down!"
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