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Adorable! congrats on a great hatch!
I'm Jealous and pouting!  ;)  my birds are on strike and molting.  lol..
I've been giving my dogs button eggs.  I only have 1 hen laying right now.  So every 3 days I give the dogs (3 dogs) a raw egg as a treat.  I swear they are learning to count and sit and stare are my on the 3rd day.  LOL!  
  Well, while I have the "bug" I'll save a few button eggs over the next few days too.  lol...  I wasn't going to run the bator for just a few button (only have 1 hen laying) but now that I have the 4 "Japanese chicken quials " ;)  I'll start it up.    I had to sell 2 Silkies this week, so I have some birds to replace.  lol...
  Now why didn't I think of that!  Great one bfrancis!  Boy it's bad when someone hands you 4 little eggs, and all you can think of is firing up an incubator and throwing them in. 
Well... My quail went on strike and decided to molt!  LOL!  I"ve had 3 eggs in the last 2 weeks and should have about 100   by now. .. so .... But... A lady was here yesterday to get quail... and left me 4 Japanese Bantam eggs to try.  She meant eat.. but hey, I think I will throw them in the bator.   So, it will be a chicken hatch along.. for me ....
Toss it Mibotsu....   Not worth getting your dogs sick.  I'm sure after that many days at 100 it's full of bacteria.   If it's something I wouldn't eat, I wouldn't give it to my dogs.  :)  If others do and dogs aren't getting sick, I'd say luck which is always subject to change.    
ROFL!!! Well, I do need another one!  LOL!  So will start saving pennies.  ;)  It has a great view of the eggs too!  I love my 1588, but I've always had a hard time seeing the temp, needing glasses and the bator sits in kinda a dark corner.  Had to almost stand on my head to read it!  LOL!  
Looks Great!  Now I want one!  LOL!
How long do they continue to grow?  At what age is a good time to weigh to determine if they are jumbo?
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