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1 is a silver laced wyandotte 2 is an easter egger 3 looks to be a blue orp or andalusain  4 looks like a spash orp or andalusian 5 looks like some kind of game hen
can u get a full body pic
then they are california whites 
looks like a barred rock, could be a pullet based on dark coloring but based on comb size could be roo. Post pics when it feathers out a bit more
ive owned birds for years but i just started teaching a FFA group on showing. Ive shown for 5 years but i wanted to get something they could read and learn about the differnt breeds.
tetra tents and california whites are the same thing. just called different names from differnt hatcherys. Like the california grey is sometimes called production black or barred leghorn. And Black sex links are sometimes called black stars. it just depends which hatchery breeds them and what  they decide to call them. They sometimes have black feathers but not all the time
they are also called production whites   The California White Chicken is a cross between  White Leghorn chicken hen with a California Grey Chicken Rooster. Adults are covered with white feathers with flecks of black. They grow fast and lay lots of big white eggs. They are a hardy chicken and will surpass the White Leghorn in laying ability and long longevity. They take well to close confinement.
ok thanks for the info, Ill check that book out also 
its called   Storey's Illustrated Guide to Poultry Breeds   i just ordered it online cuz i heard its a good book on poultry   does anyone own it? is it a good book? 
ok thank u both for the info. 
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