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i know what kind of combs EEs have. I want to know what kind of comb this one has. the only thing that looks EE about it is the color. It looks just like my buttercup pullet so i just want to make sure we are not all saying EE if it could be something else. and if it has a single comb it could be a campine. It most likely is an EE but i hate jumping straight to EE if its possible it isnt one
what kind of comb does the "beardless EE" have?
looks like a buff orp/rir mix to me
They both are most likely EES. and they babies would be EES. Most likely of all differnt colors including mostly white with buff and blue leackage and some looking like the mom, because of unknown background of these two u could get anything
take the turner out and dont put them in cartons. I have two LGs and never have to adjust the temp at lockdown. I just lay the eggs on the bottom and they all hatch fine. I usually have a 98% hatch rate in my LGs. The eggs that dont hatch is because of a problem with the chick and not the bator. If u leave the turner or egg carton then u risk the chicks hitting the heating element and hurting them selves. Ive never had mine hit the heating element when nothing is in it
that is no way at all an Ameracana or EE. Looks like a rhode island white or a cross of some sort
thats y i said Hatchery lol. U can get any color legs and combs. I had a sebright with a single comb from a hatchery
post pics in a few weeks when they have feathered out some. so far i see one that looks like it will be barred, one all black, and the chipmunck one could turn out like the mother. just a guess tho
if these guys father is the male pictured above then no they are not sex linked, they could be any gender
kinda looks like a hatchery black wyandotte
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