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idk..i say girl..are u sure its not a california grey? there part leghorn. so that would explain the comb
a black sex link can come from any color egg, My black sex link came from a white egg and lays dark brown eggs, her father was a Partridge pendensenca        
looks like a  hatchery Salmon Faverolles hen   heres some info
i got them from the pullet bin. Hoping to get one cockerel and the rest pullets. 
haha its ok 
They are buttercup chicks lol. Im trying to figure out gender
 just checked there sight and i agree, Both could be marans   and last could also be leghorn
To soon to tell gender?   1     2     3     4 (cochin is a cockerel)  
heres new pics. I think 2 r boys and 2 are girls. What u guys think?     Pullet       pullet     cokerel     cokerel  
not penedeseca-thos have slate legs   and i think the splash is also an adalusain   marans have pink legs
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