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yes, there were no signs of broodiness. i picked 2 hens because we lost half our flock to a fox and i wanted to hatch the fertile eggs, some from the fridge. i picked orpingtons. both middle of the pecking order. the hutch was in the coop but the hens were shut away apart from brief excursions to eat and drink. i think it took about a week.    i don't ever leave broodies with chicks running with the others but the eggs did hatch and i would try it again. the hutch i used...
we have successfully hatched several chicks in the hutch, shut in. i start them off on infertile eggs and swap them once broodiness is established. not an expert but orpingtons make good broody hens.
for me it turned out to be red mites. i wouldn't have believed it but none have died since i discovered them in their millions and i really thought i didn't have them because it didn't tick the boxes. i hope you solve the problem. it is so upsetting. do check at night when it is really dark with a torch, just in case.  
hi it was red mite that was killing them. my computer is playing up so i can't find the link to my post about it but i would never have thought it possible that red mite could produce such a range of symptoms. i saw no evidence of actual mites because i was looking too early at dusk. it needs to be really dark and with a torch.
i saw them an hour after it was properly dark in their millions.... dd looked after them while i was away. there have been less every day.   i advise you put vaseline on the ends of the roosting poles. that will let you know if there is a problem as some of them will stick in it.   i saw no evidence on my girls during the day at all.  
i was delighted last night to see no sign of any mites. i know i must keep treating to keep the hatchlings at bay but i feel glad that things seem under control.
thank you for asking. i have been away for 3 days . we lost the pullet then i think i found the cause. i had ruled out red mite because i checked at dusk and they didn't show most of the symptoms. well the well birds showed none of them. i have started a thread about it but we had a bad infestation. i feel bad that i didn't know. i did look but wasn't looking late enough at night. i now know you need to treat routinely for red mite. not assume you don't have a problem.  
not sure what country you are in. i am in the uk and had a bad infestation that killed several birds before i found the cause. i took drastic action with frontline (sold for dogs) a drop under each wing and not licenced for chickens in UK but it is something vets might suggest. i also steam cleaned the coop which seemed to reduce numbers by 90 % and then sprayed the coop  with something like ardap.i put vaseline on each end of the roosting poles. that helps kill a few...
yes diatom is the same as DE. the steaming worked very well, vasaline on your roosting poles will let you see if there is a problem. DE can be used alongside sprays for the coop and whatever else you treat your bird with.  
hi i have sent the link to my earlier post as i am dealing with this. if you think you saw red mite you probably did. if you have not treated your chicken house regularly you almost certainly have an infestation. it took me 8 deaths to find out because i was looking at the symptoms and not ticking most of the boxes. i was also looking too dusk. you need to go in the dark and look with a torch.     i was riddled yesterday. all chickens have now had...
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