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she is using her wings for extra balance. she is  being spoilt with all sorts of goodies.
thank you. i am amazed she hasn't died of infection as she was caked in poop when i found her. she is however doing fine. learning to balance and looking perkey.
still eating and drinking. seems less shocked but reactions can be delayed. using antibiotic wound powder.
she is inside. did eat and drink earlier. has been bathed and put to bed in a box. we will see how she does. i thought she was dead this morning but is a bit perkier now. she was dirty so i guess infection could set in.
the electric fence worked just fine. the foxes where i live now are far more determined and just jump it. i had a top make electric fence. now they are fully enclosed. thanks for replying.
guess i should be thankful it is just one. usually a successful fox attack decimates the flock.
hi i used to live 15 miles away and free ranged my chickens for sereral years. then we began to have fox problems and i invested in a fox busting electric fence which kept them safe. i then moved house and was delighted because we are enclosed by 6 ft fencing. i hadn't known foxes could climb fences. the electric fence no longer worked. the fox managed to jump it and the wire fence nect to it. i them paid a lot of money for a walk in enclosure. great in the summer but...
thank you. no, no racoons wild here. everyone else seems fine. what worries me is i've no idea how it happened. there are no holes on the coop or run. poor chicken. 
i am sick of foxes and spend hundreds of pounds trying to protect my chickens. yesterday i found one looking very sorry for itself and not able to balance. i have discovered to my horror she has lost a leg. i can't see how. the coop is attached to a run and is stillfirmly attached. there is a small gap between the two but hard to inagine a fox fitting it's nose through.   have fed bathed and watered the chicken but i expect she will not recover. the fox comes daily to...
yes, there were no signs of broodiness. i picked 2 hens because we lost half our flock to a fox and i wanted to hatch the fertile eggs, some from the fridge. i picked orpingtons. both middle of the pecking order. the hutch was in the coop but the hens were shut away apart from brief excursions to eat and drink. i think it took about a week.    i don't ever leave broodies with chicks running with the others but the eggs did hatch and i would try it again. the hutch i used...
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