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  I am so sorry to hear about your roo :(  It must be heartbreaking. I have a newbie question.  I was planning in candling midway through.  With never having candled before should I wait until halfway or is 5 days a good time to take a peek (for a novice)?
Great! I was hoping I could leave them.  The mommas are are in there together and are all hatchmates themselves.  I haven't seen any aggressive behaviors (besides the usual pecking order stuff).  Hoping they all just simply get along :)
This is probably been answered a million times before but I haven't found it yet.  I have three broody girls on eggs at the moment.  I picked up some fertilized eggs for them to hatch out. I am however wondering when/if They hatch chicks do I HAVE to separate the mommas and babies to a different location or will letting them remain in the main coop be adequate?   We do not have any roosters if that matters
So far My Salmons are the only ones to go broody!  And three at the same time Go figure.  So far they are doing well.  Settled in and sitting on those eggs :)  
This is my first time trying things "the natural way".  Three of My Salmon Favorelles all went broody at once.  My first time with broody hens too! haha I picked up some eggs and all three are happily sitting on them now.  The wait may KILL me, however! :) Glad to have some partners in crime.
I am pretty sure they are walnut combs?  But I have been known to be wrong once or twice
In my experience, it just takes a couple of times guiding them in and shooing them out and they just "get it"  
My daughter once cried when we cracked open a green egg and it wasnt green on the inside
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