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Ditto, was going to say the same! I can't commit to making it to anything these days but I will do my absolute best to make it to the Sussex fair. For you newbies, first of all, WELCOME!, and second, this is a really fun fair, just the right size and of course lots and lots of chickens! And some very cool looking pigeons, a few geese & ducks and I think there was one Emu last time too. :)
 Welcome to the enablers' club!
 Love it! Chicken Math strikes again!
Ok, non-chicken related stuff:   This artist is so adorable, I have a few of her prints framed for the girls' rooms. I was thinking of New Grandchild presents and was on etsy and saw her shop again but really, it's just adorable for anyone that loves reading and children:   I am also reading a great book called the Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart - so much fun! All about plants and how man has...
Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!    I'm sorry for your daughter in law, having gone through exactly the same thing - 24hrs of labor then a c-section - that part sucked. Becoming a mom though, that was fantastic. So glad all is well otherwise, and tell her she is allowed to milk the 'but that's too heavy for me to pick up!" excuse as long as she wants.   Congrats to all!
I am so sorry for this tremendous grief your family is going through. I can't imagine how hard it must be. Is there a teaching college not far from you where you could take him for reduced treatment? Certainly he seems to have quite a range of problems that one might face as a vet in an entire career. *sigh* Hugs to you all - 
I think I have an egg eater.... I have her in isolation from everyone now and I'll see if anything gets smushed today. We shall see...   Mags eagerly awaiting pics!!!
Good luck! You never do know though, they take their time getting out to meet everyone for sure.
I was just wondering what was happening with your cows. Glad you got some of them back and I hope they weren't badly injured or anything. The brown steer and I share a birthday! I doubt you'd want to name it heather though. Hope you get mama back!
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