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Congrats!  Pictures! Pictures! 
Yesterday's Hatch 
But they are beautiful!
I have 12 Swedish flower Hen chicks that I hatched for a customer who is unable to pick them up. They hatched 4/17/15 and are $65/6 or $120/12. (price will increase $1/chick/week). Chicks are straight run. I feed only non-GMO feeds and chicks are started on organic feed (Scratch and Peck).   I have a flock of 16 hens hatched from 6 different sources covered by 2 roosters - one is related to one of my hens and the second is unrelated to any of my hens. Pictures of many in...
I used to get Half-Moon Bettas shipped in from Thailand. Thinking about it, Bettas were a less time and money consuming habit. But chickens are fluffier and make my breakfast, so I guess I'll stick with them! 
It can take a few days to a couple of months for them to start laying again.
Congrats on your new layers!  Since they are new layers, I wouldn't worry too much about it yet. It happens while the pullets' systems are working out the kinks in the egg-producing system. Just make sure they have plenty of calcium (crushed egg shells or oyster shell) available free choice. 
Sure! Let me get them boxed and I'll have a quote for you. 
Congratulations Purpletie3 is the winner! 
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