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It looks to me that they must have a hearing on the matter before they can enforce a request for you to get rid of your chickens. I would request a hearing, in writing, by a certified letter. Then start right now preparing for it by reading through the posts of others who have had to convince their HOA to allow chickens. If you can afford it, get an attorney, preferably before requesting the hearing. You can't win if you don't fight.
I have to disagree with you here. I KNOW my free ranging cocks have chased off hawks and fox, at least long enough for the ladies to find cover and the guard animals to come take charge of the situation. I have heard of many others that have given their lives trying to protect their flock. The key is to get a breed that still has the proper protective instincts. Most hatchery stock has been bred only to maximize egg and/or meat production and therefore have lost many of...
I use the Duke Dog-safe hand-hold traps here. They are more effective for raccoons than the cage-type live traps, IMO. While I live out where I can shoot, the person who told me about these traps lives in the city. He uses a good whack with a shovel to dispatch the critters. I use marshmallows to bait them. I should mention that while they do "live" trap the critters, there is no safe way to remove them witbout killing the critter first.
Yes, you can get Tylan at Tractor Supply. That is the only one I have used and I used the injectible. @casportpony is more knowledgeable than I am about what is best to use and dosage. I tagged her, so maybe she will check in with some advice. 
I would leave her in the coop as long as the others are not picking on her. Support her with vitamins and electrolytes in the water, and some extra protein (boiled egg yolks are great) to help her heal. I would clean the puncture wound(s) very well and apply the Vetricyn. Watch the wound very carefully for a few days to make sure there is no sign of infection. Personally, I would probably give her a round of antibiotics to ward off infection. Puncture wounds can easily...
The chocolate pullet started laying this week and she lays a pretty green egg. 
What beautiful birds!  A very nice pair you have there!  We have a Great Pyrenees named Freya!  Adorable!  That crest could be due to a crested-to-crested breeding. These 2 girls I know are uncrested to crested breeding, though, and still have pretty big crests. I think there is more than one gene involved that determines the size of the crest. 
This means she is getting very close to starting to lay eggs.  Definitely a pretty pullet!
I second the suggestion to get a lab diagnosis. It sounds more like a bacterial infection to me, not viral like herpes. If it is, it may be treatable, but you have to know for sure what you are dealing with first.
I have some pairs of Svarthöna available if you find yourself down in Northern KY. Gorgeous!  He is definitely looking like a Svarthöna mix with that dark face. 
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