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Congrats on your new birds!  Breeding splash to black will give you all blue chicks.   ETA - Oh, and I almost forgot! I have fertile Isbar eggs in my incubator!!!  I hatched 5 pullets from 2 different breeders last year and only recently was able to obtain a cockerel for them.
No, only one claim per offer.  The one with the fastest fingers wins.
Very cute!  The dark one and the light one - cockerels, the brown one - pullet
I REALLY need to get my NPIP done this fall so that maybe we can swap some eggs! Of course, that means I have to stop hatching eggs from other people and let all the new babies grow up. Oh well, I guess I can just keep the incubators full of eggs from my own birds for now!  
Gorgeous birds!  It amazes me the diversity of the patterns that are showing up as more generations are bred. I think each of the imports that GFF did added more color patterns to the mix. It is so much fun seeing how they grow out! I have some interesting colors growing out from eggs I got from AR. I'll try to get some pictures soon.
You have to have purebred eggs to offer in order to swap on this chain. I do offer my turkey eggs on the auction chains now and then, though.
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