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HaplessRunner - have you ever tried Oxine? Supposed to be more effective than bleach and OMRI listed. 
Congrats on the clean bill of health! 
Here's another good one that can be adapted  
I like this one  
Happy Hatching! 
When do you get your eggs?
I keep my pump on a plastic container next to the incubator. It is not above the incubator, though I have thought about doing that so the pump doesn't have to work so hard. Also, the longer the tubing, the harder the pump has to work to push the water. You can try cutting the tubing shorter, if that is possible. A few air bubbles in the tubing won't hurt, but if you are seeing a lot of bubbles, you may have a pinhole leak in the tubing somewhere. 
Glad it is working.  58% seems kind of high. What are you incubating and what day are you on?
Did you get it to work? 
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