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Sorry to break it to you, but those are both boys. The crested cockerels take longer for the combs and wattles to become obvious, but that is a cockerel crest.
Actually, I believe they are her own that we helped encourage her to hatch. 
PM sent 
I have some cockerels with the lacing on the chest, both original line and new line. I don't think it is as prominant on the original line. I am going to try to get some new pictures of my juvies soon. My rooster's earlobes are bluish-white, I think. 
 Welcome! Glad to have you here and looking forward to some Swedish input into these wonderful chickens. You have some very pretty girls. I have a daughter named Anya. 
Awww, I'm so sorry for your girl!  That looks painful!   I found this very informative for alternative treatments:   How are the dynamics of your flock? Could someone be picking on her? Once they draw blood, chickens can be REALLY mean! It may or may not be fowl pox, but if it were me, I would treat as if it was. Fowl pox spores can last for many...
Congrats on those that did hatch. Sorry that it wasn't more. Love the coloring on the chick in the pic! Please keep us updated on how she feathers out.
On second thought, I'll send the box to you and you can put that boy in it and ship him to me!  
If you would like a used box, I have a double Horizon one here that I could ship to Leigh for the cost of postage. I got two young pullets in it about 7 weeks ago and they have been very healthy. :) I could spray it down with activated Oxine before I ship it if you like.
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