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 Darn PO 
   Is there such a time?   ....... 
 We're glad to have you here! I'm sorry that more of your chicks, and especially pullets, did not survive.   Perhaps we can help you find more in your area if you like. FYI- Did you know that the name of the breed we know here in the states as Isbar or Blue Isbar has been officially changed in their home country of Sweden? Story here: This one looks to be mottled. Mottled birds are disqualified...
 We're glad you're here , but BYC rules ( require that you have at least 20 posts to participate in the Buy/Sell/Trade section. You can do it if you hurry! Try the New Member Introductions: or find your state thread and introduce yourself here:
Hatching chicks naturally raise the humidity. It will go down as they dry. They will be fine, so just relax and enjoy! Congratulations!
 No bids yet.                
  She's got 2 auctions going now. Please specify which one you are bidding on.  
 and the KY thread!  @crfarm might have one.
I think the last auction on the auction page was for these. Maybe she will list more , or you could try contacting her.
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