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Mine on the biscotti Offer:Kombucha scoby and starteror2 dozen blown-out eggs for decorating, asst. colors Stand by for more... the photos won't load right now 
Congratulations, TxFlowers! Sending great hatching vibes!  
I am heartbroken. I haven't even been able to post it until now. I lost Astolf last week.  I saw blood on him after the last hawk attack where I lost my "chocolate" hen. I looked him over and didn't find anything. I thought it must have been from someone else, or just a nick somewhere, and he seemed to be fine as I watched him the next few days. I must have missed something. It must have festered and with the harsh weather we have been having, he passed away during one of...
If you don't hear from her soon, let me know and I'll message her on FB. I raise Isbars, Swedish Flower Hens, Svart Hona (Swedish Black Hens), White American Bresse, and Black Ameraucanas.  
Try PMing crfarm. I don't think she comes on here much anymore, but she has beautiful birds and many varieties of Brahmas. 
Are those fox or coyote? With this weather, all the animals are scrambling to find food whenever and wherever they can. You need some donkeys to run them off. 
I have 2 of the Octo 20's and neither one has that. They must have changed the turning mechanism - it certainly needed to be changed. Does it still have the flimsy arm connecting the base to the motor? Does that piece keep the bator from spilling the eggs out if the arm breaks? That would definitely be an improvement!
Disregard, I forgot you said it was a cabinet.
I have actually hatched one that had a loose aircell. It was turned right along with the rest because I never expected it to hatch, but wanted to give it a chance to reattach. The aircell remained loose for at least a week that I remember and the chick hatched right along with the rest! I think it is very rare, but they can hatch.
That must be very disappointing!  What is the dark thing coming out of the hole?
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