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Congratulations!  We would love to see pictures. 
I can't say as I blame you - I would hatch it too as long as I could be sure which one it is. Even though it shouldn't be used for breeding, if it is a pullet, it should be a great layer.  Here is a similar post about the egg color genetics:
I'm sorry, but not always true. Shipping hatching eggs is a gamble, and something new hatchers (or even those just new to shipped eggs) often fail to realize. They buy 12+ hatching eggs, shipped through the unreliable and brutally rough USPS, and get mad and sometimes trash the seller because they only had 9 hatch - a number that experienced shipped egg buyers know is a very good hatch rate. Some of them will even make a claim with PayPal to get their money back and PayPal...
It did surprise me because I knew you knew they laid green eggs. I actually started to address your question last night, but didn't feel like tapping out any more on the small keyboard of my tablet, so I dropped it. As the green egg color of the Isbar is an integral part of the breed description, I would have to agree that a brown egg layer is not an Isbar, regardless of its parentage. They should not be used for breeding no matter how good they look because doing so would...
Isbars are GREEN egg layers. Unfortunately, not all the stock carries two copies of the blue egg gene to make the green, so brown egg layers are possible. (I think I explained the genetics earlier in this thread, or the other Isbar thread.) The brown egg layers should not be used for breeding, but they should still make great layers.
 You're going to need to have at least 20 posts in order to participate in the Buy-Sell-Trade Forum (BYC rules), so you might want to make a few more posts to be prepared.  
Oh, and some lavender can help to calm her and help with blood flow. Dandelion greens and plantain can probably be found in your yard and are both very good.
The darker and brighter colored fruits and vegetables are best. Kale and dark green lettuce are good, spinach in moderation. Berries are also an excellent source of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Have you seen the treat chart for suggestions:   Herbs like parsley, rosemary, mint and oregano are also very helpful.
I do hope she is feeling better.  However, the egg was probably already in the works before she got injured. Do not be surprised if she takes a few weeks or even months to start laying regularly again. Her body is going to give priority to healing right now. The more you can help her with supportive care, the faster she will get back to laying normally. Make sure she gets extra protein, vitamins and probiotics for at least a few weeks.
It is not too late to save the eggs. It takes a few to several hours for them to get cool enough to die. Great suggestions! It is not too late to save the eggs. It takes a few to several hours for them to get cool enough to die. At lest gather them and put them in a warm towel to keep them from losing more heat until you can get an alternate arrangement set up. Head over to either the hatching forum or the duck forum for help. Good luck!
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