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How many roosters do you have? I have seen pullets that are reaching POL be so chased by cockerels and roosters, that they can't even eat or drink. They waste away very quickly and it is hard to tell because of all the feathers. When it gets cold out, they have no meat on them to keep them warm. They either starve to death or freeze to death.
If you have never done a swap before, you are in good standing. All that means is if you have any outstanding swaps that you haven't sent out in a timely manner yet, you need to do that before swapping over here. New swappers are welcome!  And don't be shy, dive right in. If you do something wrong, we'll help you get on the right track.  CURRENT OFFER:
But Mom, this nest can hold ALL my eggs! 
Yes, those are side sprigs. If I have a choice, and all other things are equal, I will choose a roo without side sprigs as they are a disqualifier for showing. But if he is all you have and you want to be a serious breeder, just work to get it out of your line eventually. 
Yes, you claim the offer by posting "Mine" and then put up what you are offering.  Then PM me with what you are claiming and your shipping information.
If anyone wants to claim the eggs, I can ship tomorrow, wait until Friday, or wait until after the New Year. I am flexible and want the weather to be good on both ends. :)
Mine!Offer: 6+ SFH eggsor6+ Easter Egger eggs - probably a couple Black Ameraucana roo over Rhodebar and some Isbar roo over IsbarxOrpington pullets.orMetal bobble rooster - new with tagsMetal bobble rooster - new with tagsMetal hen - new with tags - same both sidesMetal hen - new with tagsOther side of aboveApron with pockets - can added to any one of the metal chicken decor aboveFull view of apron
So sorry for your loss. She was beautiful.
I think males can be single or double barred and can pass the barring gene to both male and female offspring. Females are single barred and only pass the barring gene to male offspring, which is why you use a solid colored roo over a barred hen to make sexlinks.
Is this something new for them? Mine are spoiled. The older ones start going in about 3:30 in the afternoon.  
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