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How are they different?
You have good taste in chickens! 
We usually go to Chicago over Christmas and I could hatch some and bring them up then. God willing, I may even have a few started pairs available by then, including some from GFF new import line. 
In addition to the SFH, I currently have Isbars, White American Bresse, Black Ameraucanas, Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas, Black Copper Marans, Rhodebars and Royal Palm turkeys (for a very colorful egg basket, LOL). I am seriously thinking about cutting back on my number of breeds in the near future to concentrate more on my Swedes, Isbars and a couple of projects. I do sell hatching eggs, and chicks when I have them, and I am always willing to hatch on request, as long...
 Welcome to KY and the KY thread!
I have Swedish Flower Hens.  I have one of the larger and genetically diverse flocks of them - 3 roosters from 3 different breeders and 14 hens from 5 different breeders, plus 5 young pullets from a sixth breeder growing out. (I have a crested cockerel growing out that is available) I have quite a few pictures here:   Most of my girls are molting and with this heat have slowed down on laying for the moment (or...
Very pretty! I was going to say she looks like a Swedish Flower Hen, but she is much too small for that.
 and welcome to the SFH thread! Beautiful chicks! They all appear to be SFH to me, but make sure you keep us updated with lots of photos so we can help you more.  Yes, the pics are so we can HELP her. OK, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Psst...we love looking at pics of SFH!
My Isbars come from 3 different people. The cockerel is not related to any of the hens (except originally through GFF, of course.) I think that will help with some of the issues. And as more people hatch them out and swap eggs/birds, I think the original line will get stronger. I think the new line will also help a great deal. Early on, there were similar problems with the Swedish Flower Hens, but I think they are becoming more vigorous with each new generation. 
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