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I ship, but I don't have any bantams.
Thanks! I am hoping since these were not shipped that most of them hatch.  I have 8 or 9 more waiting to go in. 
Congratulations everyone on the chicks! I hope to join you soon. I have 19 eggs in the bator at various stages of development. Lockdown for the first group is this weekend.
I would hatch them and sell the chicks.
If you zoom in on the pictures, you can see the legs are green.  That is the same lady that I bought eggs from a couple of years ago. They are NOT true Ameraucanas. 
Probably the same Ebayer that I got duped by a couple of years ago. She probably got them from a hatchery that mistakenly called them Ameraucanas, but they are EE. Mine all had green legs. I still have one of the hens. She is very sweet and lays nice green eggs, but is too dark to look like a wheaten.
Here ya' go!
They have a page on FB where you can find out who is going and what they will be bringing.  
Very cute! Welcome to BYC and the SFH thread! I'm guessing your little one will be a black based mills fleur and either a pullet or a cockerel. That's as close as I can get at this point.
My farm is closed to visitors for bio-security reasons, but I go to the Lawrenceburg swap (they have a page on Facebook) when I have eggs or chicks to sell. I am in Owen County and can arrange to meet in NKY if that is more convenient. I will also take pre-orders for chicks or hatching eggs. You can PM for details if you are interested.
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