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Gotcha covered 
It is at the Tractor Supply in Lawrenceburg. They have a FB page. PM me if you would like more info. :)
I cook and feed the clears to my chickens, dogs and cats. The rest I toss in the compost pile.
I know. And I am trying so hard to stick with the breeds I have. 
 I'm sorry for your loss. Are you sure it was your dog that killed your hen? Given that he hadn't tried it before, I would believe another dog or animal came into the yard and killed your hen and your dog was just trying to protect it. Just a thought.
Kinda like old home week here! I grew up in East Grand Rapids and went to college in East Lansing.  
Congratulations!  Welcome to your newest addiction!  Many people have better luck doing dry incubation. I am not one who does it really, but I am sure there are others here that can help you with that. Also, it is best to use unmedicated starter and some vitamins for the chicks. Good luck and we want to see pictures when they hatch!
 I'm sorry that your eggs were handled roughly. IMO that box is not deep enough to protect the eggs. I know not everyone double boxes, but you have to at least allow enough room for padding to protect the eggs.
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