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@napahunter does not have enough posts to participate in the BST forum, per BYC rules, so @BrandyJK has the bid. (unless napahumter gets busy and makes some more posts - hint, hint )
That's so cute! Yes, they should be fine. It will probably just drag your hatch out a little bit.
  and Ohhh, so TRUE!!! I had to do that in our turkey coop a couple of summer ago. The door latched behind me and no one was within shouting distance. I kicked out the door and that got DH to add the extra ventilation that I had been asking for! 
With the comb that pink at only 3 weeks old, my guess would be cockerel.   Eggs are tougher than most give them credit for and even though the bator got down to 85F, it takes the eggs a while longer to get that cold. They will most likely be fine, but might hatch a bit late.  Hang in there and just do the best you can keeping the temp up. Be patient when hatch day comes.  They should hatch on the same day of the week that you set them - i.e. if you set them on a Friday,...
Well... yes..., but only "a little fun"   The BIG fun is still here! 
A little extra info on my Black Am eggs - They are some of her first eggs. She just started laying about 10 days ago. I am sure they will lighten with age and as the eggs get bigger, but I am enjoying that color while they last. My Black Ams originally came from @dak here on BYC. I haven't seen her on in quite a while. I believe these Black Ams are from a black only line - never any blue or splash or other color - which I have read is renowned for their egg color. So, if...
From what I have read, there is no withdrawl time for corid. Personally, I would keep them for my own use while they are on it, though. The amount you use per gallon depends on how bad the infestation is - the worse the problem, the more Corid you use. I use the powder when needed, so I don't know the liquid dosage. I would keep them on it for 5-7 days. It is a thiamin blocker so make sure you do not give them vitamins containing thiamine while they are taking the Corid or...
I have to share another egg photo - these are from one of my Black Ameraucanas 
I'm so glad to hear she is feeling better! 
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