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I have one in my order of new line Isbars from GFF that has a small comb. It doesn't look like the pea comb on my Ameraucanas, but more like a tiny single comb. There are distinct points on her comb, but tiny. I will try to get a better picture later today, but this is her a couple of weeks ago at about 5 weeks old. As for your splash boy, I have no idea what he is. Body type is all wrong for an Isbar. Perhaps one of their infamous unidentifiable extras.  You could email...
Another GFF mystery?  
I have found that pullets hatched in the spring and summer that mature during the shortening days of fall will begin laying at a much older age than pullets hatched in the fall and winter that mature during the lengthening days of spring. Usually 6 months and up for those that start laying in the fall and winter, and 18 weeks and up for those that start laying in the spring. Just give them a litlle more time. Once one starts, they probably all will. 
Sending good hatching vibes!                   
Oh, yes, please keep me advised! Maybe I'll have something you would like in trade. 
Come on little chickies! 
Pretty pullet! I'll echo what others have said - should not be a problem as long as it doesn't continue. Beautiful flock! Have you made it to the swap in Lawrenceburg yet? It is the largest in the state. The last one for the year was last Saturday, but they will be starting back up in March, I believe. How far are you from Lawrenceburg? I would love to trade eggs with you if we could meet up somewhere.  They don't call me a Master Enabler for nothing!  I'm hatching right...
You know what is REALLY sad? They could have made this an extremely positive experience simply by marking the chicks that were extras. They didn't even need to tell me what they were (that would have been fun - watching them grow and figuring it out!), only make it clear which were not Isbars. For want of a simple toe punch...  Jenny said that the first and third are Orust and the middle one is Swedish Flower Hen. Everything I have found says the Orust are ONLY black and...
 and the SFH thread! Pictures of your chickens are mandatory here. 
You're looking in the wrong place for support NOT to hatch!  I say go for it! 
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