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Beautiful birds!  I love the dark tail on "Brown"!  I really want to put some more eggs in the bator, but I have to sell some Isbar juvies to make room.
With the exception of my first 2 hatches 3 years ago (before I knew better), I always start my chicks on organic, non-medicated feed. They just seem to do much better on it. I switched everyone back to non-GMO feeds a few months ago. I used to feed all organic, but couldn't afford it over the winter when no one was laying. Plus, I had to make a special trip over an hour away to get it and they ate like pigs on it. I didn't notice a big difference from the conventional...
BYC is being obnoxious right now so I can't quote, but CackleJoy, in reference to your photos, #1 & #2 above look like cockerels to me. The crested ones take longer to out themselves, usually. #3 looks like a pullet. The older one in the next post also looks like a cockerel. And the last picture, I would say cockerel, too, because of the coloring. Sorry, I hope I am wrong.
How are they different?
You have good taste in chickens! 
We usually go to Chicago over Christmas and I could hatch some and bring them up then. God willing, I may even have a few started pairs available by then, including some from GFF new import line. 
In addition to the SFH, I currently have Isbars, White American Bresse, Black Ameraucanas, Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas, Black Copper Marans, Rhodebars and Royal Palm turkeys (for a very colorful egg basket, LOL). I am seriously thinking about cutting back on my number of breeds in the near future to concentrate more on my Swedes, Isbars and a couple of projects. I do sell hatching eggs, and chicks when I have them, and I am always willing to hatch on request, as long...
 Welcome to KY and the KY thread!
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