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I'm sorry, I don't have any available at the moment. Those I have growing out now are already spoken for. Right now I don't have anything available. I may in another month or 2, though.
 Welcome to BYC and the Isbar thread. Where are your first group of Isbars from? Do you have pictures? GFF has mottled genes in their Isbar program , so even those that are not showing the mottled coloring may be carrying the mottling gene. Mottled genes are not allowed in the foundation flocks in Sweden. If you want to breed Silverudd's Blues (formerly known as Isbars  ) you will need to do some test breeding to make sure your birds do not carry the gene. A few people who...
I believe I have a couple of cockerel chicks in my brooder now from my quad. You are welcome to one if you are anywhere near N. KY. These are my breeders
 I feel your pain. I have the same issue with my Black Ameraucana quad. I do get a fertile egg every once in a while, so don't give up yet. How old is he? Your chicks both look like pullets to me.
If it is from TSC, you can't count on it to be anything in particular. It could just as easily be a silkie mix, or a Cemani mix. You say it is small, but it looks big to me (for a week old) to be SH, Silkie or Cemani. I hope it is a pullet for you so at least it will lay eggs.
It may be possible, but it is also possible that it is not. What is the history of the chick?
 Cute chicks! Congratulations on your new Silverudd's Blues!   Welcome to Silverudd's Blues! Actually, it only takes one copy of the blue egg gene to make the shells blue. It is a dominant gene. A white shell inside means the hen does not carry the blue egg gene at all and should be removed from the breeding pool, but they usually make excellent members of a layer flock. To see the color of the shell inside, you must peel away both inner membranes.  The color of green can...
One of the reasons that I prefer kefir. While both yogurt and kefir contain bacterias that aid in the digestion of lactose, kefir has more. Kefir is actually suggested to help with lactose intolerance, especially if made with raw milk.
I am sorry you are having trouble with your chickens.  Have you tried yogurt, or better yet kefir? Or other probiotics? If you keep giving antibiotics you are going to kill off all the good flora in the digestive tract, which causes havoc with digestion - i.e. runny poop or other symptoms. As others has said, random administration of antibiotics can do more harm than good. I only use them as a very last resort.   I am not sure where you are in KY, but if you want to come...
You would know if they were Cornish X by now as they would be much larger than the black chicks. Meat chicks grow very fast.
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