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  Pictures might help... 
Isbars were bred to be a production breed and are excellent layers. They are very cold hardy and took the shortest break of all my breeds to molt this winter and get back to laying. The only colors that Isbars come in are blue, black and splash.
You know it's not true until you post pics. 
There is no breed standard, not even in Sweden, which is part of the problem. Can you explain what "Swedish reserve stock" is and do you have proof (USDA import permit) to prove that they are not originally from GFF and were imported legally?
What brand of chicken feed do you guys use and like? Due to supply issues, I need to find a new brand and I am looking for suggestions.
Very pretty!  Is she laying yet?
I should be hatching chicks from him in a couple months.  
You might try fattening them up on milk and grains for a couple weeks before you process them. I haven't tried it yet so I can't say how much good it will do. Check out the Bresse thread for suggestions. Congratulations!  and welcome to the thread!  I agree, you will love these. However, be warned - they are highly addictive!  Picture time! The first 2 pics are my two boys, Adolf and Gustaf (the camera shy),from Dale Fisher's German line, and the third are the sons and...
Welcome! It sounds like you have a good plan. If you are able, try to set up 3 or 4 different breeding groups and follow a spiral breeding program. Make a plan as to what you are aiming for so that you can set your breeding groups and cull intelligently. Personally, I would look at the characteristics of the original import line for guidance. In setting up your different groups, think first about diversity and making sure your roosters are not related to your hens. If you...
I have been praying for relief for you and your community.  
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