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This one is looking like a very handsome cockerel. Love the dark eyes!  Feathered legs, coppery hackles (should be silver or gold), small pea-like combs and very small or no wattles, light eyes, larger body-type, just to name a few. A very handsome boy you have there. 
Are your hens original line? I bet you could find someone to swap eggs with to get new stock.  Since the CCL was used to create the Isbar, I think you could add the CCL x to your breeding group as long as you kept it in "project" stage for at least a few generations to make sure nothing nefarious popped up. I would be much more hesitant about the Marans x as there are more genes there that could cause trouble down the line even if she doesn't express them. Size, feathered...
Welcome!  She is a beautiful pullet. LOVE the dark eyes!  Is she laying yet? Her comb and wattles look to me like she is 5-6 months old and getting close to POL. The Isbars are a smaller breed, but generally lay large eggs (though they start out small for a while). What other breeds are you comparing her to? Is she your only Isbar? Where did you get her?
I originally got into Swedish Flower Hens because of my DH's Swedish heritage... and all the beautiful colors! The more colors of them I see, the more I want!  It is so much fun to watch them grow up and see them change - you never know exactly what they are going to look like as adults. I can collect all the different colors and keep them all together in one flock - no separate pens needed for purebred breeding. They are wonderfully friendly birds, too, though they are...
Very handsome! But my guess is a cockerel.  The crest looks too spiky to be a pullet. The crested cockerels are sneaky little buggers and often take until 10 - 11 weeks old to reveal themselves.  With those wattles at 7 weeks old, this one is most likely a cockerel also, although some lines of SFH have early developing pullets so don't get rid of him yet.  Show us another pic in a couple of weeks and it will probably be evident by then. Beautiful birds, cree57i! 
  Pictures might help... 
Isbars were bred to be a production breed and are excellent layers. They are very cold hardy and took the shortest break of all my breeds to molt this winter and get back to laying. The only colors that Isbars come in are blue, black and splash.
You know it's not true until you post pics. 
There is no breed standard, not even in Sweden, which is part of the problem. Can you explain what "Swedish reserve stock" is and do you have proof (USDA import permit) to prove that they are not originally from GFF and were imported legally?
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