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Well, because it is more expensive to ship there. I don't use the flat rate boxes unless it is only a few eggs because I can't get enough padding around the inner box for my liking. The temperatures can be a problem, too. It is a longer trip at higher altitudes which can mess up the aircells more, so hatch rates are not generally good coming from here. That said, I have and will send to Alaska on a case by case basis, but I want to make sure the person receiving the eggs...
If anyone is looking for eggs, I put some up here:
Auction #1   12+ Swedish Flower Hen hatching eggs - I have 14 hens and 3 roosters from 5 different breeders, so you will get a very diverse bunch, colorwise and genetically. I have 12 eggs collected 7/22 - 7/24 and will add what they lay tomorrow. Excellent fertility on these. The bidding starts at $30, shipping included. Last bid considered will be 10:30 p.m. ET Friday (7/25). I will PM payment information to the winner at the end of the auction; payment to be made by...
We have a pair of the minis.
Oh, and yes, foxes can climb very well.
I use my Ipod hooked to battery speakers and play podcast sermons all day long. Or use a radio tuned to talk radio in the run. You want talk, not music. I move the Ipod each day and there are different speakers for each sermon so the fox doesn't get used to the same thing each day. Yes, I know there is a fox in the area, lives in the barn next door as a matter of fact. And it has gotten one of my chickens this year before I started putting out the Ipod. No issues since I...
I am booked up for a few weeks, but if you don't find some in a couple of weeks let me know and I'll see if me and the girls can help you out. 
Congrats on your new birds!  Breeding splash to black will give you all blue chicks.   ETA - Oh, and I almost forgot! I have fertile Isbar eggs in my incubator!!!  I hatched 5 pullets from 2 different breeders last year and only recently was able to obtain a cockerel for them.
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