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They have about a 5' x 14' coop, and their range area is within a 200' perimeter fence that I can move around if they eat it down too far, which has not been a problem this summer so far. They still go out and range during the winter, so not much changes unless I leave them locked in on the days that the weather is really nasty, but that doesn't happen very often.
I currently have 3 roosters in with 14 hens. They do challenge each other occasionally, but my Astolf definitely rules the flock. Each rooster knows his place and his duties. It is actually amazing to watch how they cooperate to keep the flock safe. My youngest roo is the sentry - out on the edges of the flock always on the watch for intruders. I have raised young roosters up within the flock and had no problems as long as I re-home the excess ones before they get old...
Yes, I do ship my eggs. I don't have a lot laying right now, though. The raccoons have caused them a lot of grief in the last couple of weeks. Make sure you REALLY predator-proof your new coop! I have Black Copper Marans (blue possible, but not likely), Swedish Flower Hens, White Bresse, Black Ameraucanas, Olive Eggers, Royal Palm turkeys and soon will have Isbars available. I also get an occasional Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana egg, but I only have 1 hen at the moment...
 and welcome to the KY thread! 
My pullet from a NYD hatch started laying about 2 weeks ago, just before a raccoon got her. 
Arielle won the White Bresse. Congratulations! 
Auction #1   7+ White American Bresse eggs - The gourmet meat bird of France and wonderful layers to boot! I have 7 eggs collected 7/5 - 7/7 and will add what they lay today and tomorrow before I have to pack them. Excellent fertility on these. My last customer reported development on 18/18. The bidding starts at $25, shipping included. Last bid considered will be 12:00 p.m. ET (noon) tomorrow (7/9). I will PM payment information to the winner at the end of the...
 It is hard to lose such wonderful birds, even if you only had them for a short time. I was heartbroken when I gave a friend a couple of my extra SFH roos for flockwatchers and they both were killed by raccoons.  My daughter inquires of me on EVERY bird I sell if they are going to a good home and whether they plan to eat them.   I don't really have a hard time letting go, but I do want them to go to good homes where they will be well taken care of.
As long as the firecrackers last night and the recent coon and fox attacks don't stop the girls from laying, I will try to list another auction on Monday for Tues. or Wed. shipping.  
Arielle is the winner!  Thank you! I will PM you.
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