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Hi everyone!!! I haven't logged on in ages and just was checking to see if anyone was still hatching.  I rehomed my muscovy ducks and three of my chickens to a farm.  My yard was just too small for all my ducks and chickens.  I kept my three favorite chickens Laverne (a red), Shirley (black copper maran) and Cinnamon (Swedish Flower Hen).  
Hi everyone!!! I haven't been on in a while due to computer issues again!!! I probably will not be hatching until next year at the earliest.  How is everyone doing?
just dropping by to say hi!  
Hi everyone!!!  I missed about 6k posts but hopefully will be back on if the internet cooperates!  Those Silver appenzeller spitzhauben are cute! 
After reading about the split wing, I checked my chickens and it looks like two of my three hens have it and possibly my roo.  I didn't notice any defect when they were chicks but I see the gap now.  
And I think my Black Copper Marans hen laid her first egg .  Not entirely sure it was her or if it was the RIR hen that is about a month older but it is a fairly dark brown egg.   This is a dirty muscovy egg and the BCM egg, both were found in random places in the yard.    
Hi everyone!!!  I have been sick a lot this winter too....   This turkey sounds like my muscovy drake Mr Worf....if there hadn't been ducklings I wouldn't have been sure he ever figured it out.  
So horrible!!!  
Hi everyone!  Here are some pics of my SFHs   Roo from Papa Brooder     Hen from Papa Brooder       The trio playing in my side yard     The two pure SFH and two mixes from ebay.  The crested one has really bad curled toes even after multiple treatments since hatch(hatched with fist feet)
  Not until around April when I get my replacement Swedish Flower Hen eggs.   But here are some new pics of some of my birds!   SFH.  I will not be able to convince my DH that this one is not a roo much longer.  because we are not keeping any roos!        SFH    Garek silver muscovy drake   Laverne(RIR formerly known as Squeek) and Shirley(BCM)       Part of the gang playing in the side yard
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