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Both are pullets......
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these chicken aprons.  I ordered eleven (11) of them in different styles and every one of them is absolutely adorable.  They are made extremely well and I love the snaps which make it easy to put the aprons on the chickens.  The seller answered all my emails promptly and was very helpful and kind.  10 Stars!  These aprons really are the BEST!    In my opinion, LOVEMYCHIX is the best maker/seller of chicken aprons!   Love them all. 
I have owned German Shepherd dogs for 31 years.  I have never had a problem with them hurting my chickens (or any other animal and that includes baby squirrels, parrots, cockatiels, rabbits, pet rats and other animals).  I did get all of my German Shepherds as puppies and taught them not to hurt any animals.  German Shepherds are extremely intelligent and only want to please.  P.S.  Not sure if it matters, but all my German Shepherds were and are female.  
I have a fan in every one of my coops.  I have a total of five coops.  I have 21 chickens and not one is afraid of the fans.  They just love being cooled off by the cool breeze.  I had fans in my coops for over 12 years.....never had one problem.  The only problem I ever had was when one of my chickens died from the heat....that's when I decided to install fans.  They are fastened well above the perches.  All I can say is it works for me.  Do what you feel will work for you.
All my chickens live here until they die from natural causes.  They give to me and my family excellent eggs for as long as they can so I give back to them by keeping them as my pets from the time they are born till the time they die.  I could never kill them nor could my husband.
In my opinion, your chickens will use every bit of the space.  The more room to run and play the happier they are.
Yes they are EEs.  At 16 weeks old they both look like pullets.
Phew, am I relieved.  Thank you so much for responding.  I've owned chickens for over 12 years and never saw this reddish rash on any other rooster I ever had (and I have 5 roosters right now).  Elmer is really sweet and I wouldn't want anything to happen to him.  All my chickens and roosters are my pets.  Glad to hear it's normal.   
I have two 5 month old buff orpington roosters.  Both seem very healthy, are eating well and have good weight.  I purchased them along with three other buff orpingtons.  They are from the same clutch.  All are very healthy except for one thing I noticed within the past week on one of my roosters.  He has what looks like a red rash going up and down both of his legs onto his feet.  The other rooster does not have this.  I read on one website that it could be a sign of...
Some of my chickens make weird noises.  As long as they are eating, pooping and look healthy I don't worry.
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