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So happy for you both!
It's a bronze, most likely a commercial Broad-Breasted Bronze (BBB)
More waterfowl cuteness.  A gosling pedicure   And yes, waterfowl think you are mom (or dad) and will follow you anywhere
His feathers just look beat up and molty to me, maybe he's just going through his first set of feathers. Just wanted to comment that his color is lovely.
Absolutely, welcome to the forum.
 I think when I hit the 500, I was including grow outs and chicks in the I just stopped including them,    I had to exclude them, the count scared me
 Included in the 30 chicks over the weekend were 8 secreted by the bantam barred rocks.  The other 20 were Golden & Silver Campines, Lakenvelders, eggs from my breeding project and a few cochins.  Solitary!  Looks good.
 We've been doing some serious downsizing around here for several months and eliminated quite a few breeds altogether, including all my breeding turkeys. Oh, I just remembered..............when I counted how many birds were left, I forgot the waterfowl.  We have around 30 ducks and geese. Yes Kathy, DH and I are both retired.  When the feed bill hit around $1,000 per month and I was having to hit my savings each month to stay up, I realized the hobby had gotten...
 I have feathers everywhere, it looks like I've been plucking in the chicken yard.  It has been getting quieter around here too.  In the last couple of weeks I've sold about thirty laying hens and a couple of roos, gave away five roosters, sent 27 roosters to my person that buys birds for the freezer and yesterday took 35 small/bantam roosters and two gimpy pullets to the auction. I STILL hear crowing constantly, but it's certainly quieter. I need to do one more sort...
 I used to show Maltese and Afghans...........................then I said enough and switched to non-coated breeds.  Life became here I am bathing chickens,   Looks delicious, I have it bookmarked.  I'm always looking for egg-y recipes!
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