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 I'd say "his name is Peg" is a good summary.
All my polish have always been very good layers, basically an egg a day per hen for most of the year.  They lay a large, bright white egg.  I sell a hen for $60+ depending on the quality of the hen and I give breaks to kids and people I like that I know will give a good home.  I've never had one of my polish (Tolbunt, WCB & bantam SL) ever go broody (probably just jinxed myself).
That's the taping technique I always use, but I use the white sport's tape.  Mostly because DH used to be a coach and has cases of the stuff, but it works great.  It sticks, stays, but when you're ready to remove it, it comes right off without any skin damage.
From my experience, the bigger the crest, the more of a fold you get.  So you need to hit a happy medium.
 Yes, and that first egg costs $5,000, the rest are free. 
Actually, the German strain are the ones that Kathy used to develop her new line of Delawares.  The typical American strain of New Hampshires were improved upon by the Germans and now have been imported back here to the States.    
@caychris I do have some other youngsters about the right age.  I believe there is a WC Black Polish, a German New Hampshire, a Heritage RIR and an OE (BC Marans x Araucana), all pullets.   I also have some younger birds, but I haven't sorted them yet.  I'm moving them into a larger grow out on Monday.
I am still downsizing birds and I have the following that are going.  Let me know if you're interested in anything.   Olandsk Dwarfs Bantam Silver Laced Polish Cream Legbars White Legbars Serama (frizzled and smooth - I think I'll only have cocks left) Icelandics Tomaru Longcrowers Bantam Columbian Cochin (only two cocks left) Silver Penciled Plymouth Rocks Slate & Royal Palm turkeys   I'm also going to thin out my silver & golden campines, lakenvelders and...
 Yes they are.  Some folklore about a wild pheasant cock breeding a hen to start the breed.  I have my doubts.   I think so, I know she has an auction down close to her.
Thirty-five years ago, I worked for an LP gas company.  At the time the fuel was about 95 cents per gallon.  Employees got to buy it at cost, we paid 25 cents.  All the guys had their vehicles converted and I did all my heating/water with LP.  It was a luxury.
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