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 They look pretty boyish, but check the saddle feathers.  The side feathers just in front of the tail.  If they are pointed, they are boys, if they are rounded, they are girls. Pretty birds though.
 I am not an adventurous eater, so for me it would be psychological.  I think all bird eggs taste pretty much the same.  Here we eat chicken, turkey, duck, goose & quail.  The only differences I've noticed, the waterfowl are a little richer tasting to me and the quail have a much higher percentage of yolk to white, so they are quite yummy.  I just got out of the turkey business, someone came to buy a breeding pair of slates from me yesterday and ended up leaving with the...
I've had a hawk take out a half grown turkey, it was quite large was the hawk.
 Wow, that was quite a showmanship class, peahen & dove (never seen either of those used before) and a duck (just saw one used at State Fair and that was a first after 25 years for me).  My son used to be commented on for using a HUGE RIR cock.  Normally it's all bantams.  Peafowl, you raise them because you like them.  Of course any eggs are edible and I have a VERY old cookbook that lists roasted peafowl.  Not sure I would eat either though, just because. Guineas, yes,...
So glad it didn't get any closer to you Linda.   I hadn't noticed any smoke here at home until this morning and then the smell is only slight.  The smoke must have been going the other way.   I heard that the Amador fairgrounds were taking in all animals and finding space for them, even though they were right in the middle of their fair.  They were accepting all large animals, but even chickens, rabbits and dogs.  Just moving over the exhibits to make space for the pets.
I had a lady approach me today at State Fair, she is looking for a few fertile eggs to slip under a broody.  She is located in Vacaville.  She has a home based nursery school and wanted to hatch for the kids.  I don't think she was too concerned about the breed.  She currently has three pet chickens and one is firmly planted on a nest.   Is there someone close to her that can help her out?  If you PM me, I'll pass along her email address.
I'd say pictures 2,3 & 5 are boys, the others were too far away to tell.
You know they are the lost boys.....................just a big polygamist community.
I still have the following available Golden & Silver Campines (once I've finished sorting them)Lakenvelders (hens - same, I still need to sort)New Hampshires hensBantam Silver Laced Polish (3 pairs)The Olandsk DwarfsBantam Barred Rocks (still need to sort)Seramas (smooth and frizzle - one hen and way too many roos)Silkies (roos - a couple of SQ, mostly pet quality left)Then I have a pen of misc. hens (Iowa Blues, WCB polish, BCM, Cream & White Legbars, SPPR)Bantam...
Best of luck Linda, I've been down here at State Fair since Thursday, so I've missed all the smoke.  My lungs thank me. Of course since I've been here, there have been four fires so far around the fairgrounds.  Yesterday when I was driving back to my hotel, the fast lane of 160 was closed because the median was on fire. We need some rain in this state!
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