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 DH likes his with sliced tomato (ick) and floods of mustard (ick ick).
 Grilled cheese (Havarti) on sourdough here.
I just had a CL boy hatch a couple of days ago.  He will be looking for a home or a freezer.
Personally, I would tell him that the rooster is mean and needs to go. But I also understand family/neighborhood politics.  If the only way you can move him out is clandestinely, go for it. Today is warm, sunny, the mud has receded in the's chicken pen sort day.  Or at least the start of it.  Let me look to see how many NH boys are running around.  I did just have a NH chick hatch the other day and I think there are a few more NH eggs in the...
I look forward to seeing you as always Walt!
The kids are a big part of it.  I enjoy working with them (most of them anyways, LOL)  and the majority of the parents are great people. I always said a good leader is one that likes to see all the kids succeed, not just their own.  I think sometimes the best leaders are the ones that stick with it after their own kids have "aged out".  I've always wanted to see my son get back into the animals.  Everyone thought he would end up a licensed rabbit judge.
I always said if my finances tanked during retirement, my food plan was to have a garden, some free range chickens and four pens of rabbits, a buck and three does.  You can glean a lot of their food and rabbits will produce a steady supply of meat for very little outlay of money.
 Mary, does this mean you have to be naked?  
Yes, that's where it all started.  I always figured if I had to sit there anyway while he was showing, etc. I might as well volunteer to do something.  I volunteered at State Fair for so many years, they just started offering me a contract and paying me, LOL.
When my son was in 4H, his primary project were rabbits.  He kept a herd of around 200 and we went to National Convention every year.  In 1994 (I think that was the year), he won best in show in Tulsa, OK.  Anyway, the poultry was a secondary project, he only kept around 50-100 birds.  I've worked at rabbit shows for the last 20 years.  This year when the State sent my contract they asked if I'd be willing (for a little extra $$$ of course) to complete all the leg &...
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