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I just ordered 25 brown egg layers and received 31 chicks (including the free exotic, which looks to be an EE 'roo).  They were healthy and active right out of the box...I've spent the past two days trying to keep up.  :-)  They look like barred rocks and RIRs.  Ordered from Murray McMurray and couldn't be happier.Good luck!
That trilling sound...they're PURRING!  Mine do that as they go to sleep at night.
I am so sorry this is a duplicate...I was just so excited when I found it!  Mods, please delete and accept my apology. a look at the nice coop make from an IKEA bunk bed!  And while you're there, vote for it!  It's about 40 votes from winning...the number one contender right now is a hamster habitat.  :-)This is really creative, looks great, and costs about an arm and a leg LESS than my from-scratch coop.
Depending on the size of your yard and flock, you may have a GRASS free yard if they free range.    I am amazed at how effective my girls are at tossing up the dirt.And I say that fondly.
We had a marvelous time on our visit to Arizona.  Fountain Hills is amazing -- the fountain is beautiful and has an interesting history.  The people are enormously friendly and the scenery is unbelievable.  We visited Monthan Davis after arriving in Phoenix and driving to Tombstone and spending the night there.  What fun Tombstone is!  The Chamber of Commerce folks there were SO nice...they pointed us to some treasures we would have otherwise missed and we actually got to...
OMG, I'm so glad you still have it. I thought I might be crazy.  I had my daughter take pictures of this one and I'm carrying the egg in my purse wrapped in several layers of paper towels and in a zip lock baggie.  I have shown it to anyone who makes the mistake of acknowledging my presence.:-)Yep...the crazy chicken lady...they fear me in the post office...
9 chickens, 3 days, 3 gorgeous eggs...each one a tad larger...I think she's getting the hang of it!  I can't wait to figure out who it is!I'm proud of ALL of my girls, though.  Still can't believe they're all grown up!   And Lynne, I'm ready for more!  I have friends who are lined up.  :-)  They've saved their egg cartons for me, so I guess I gotta share!
My husband walked in this morning and said very seriously, "You'd better go look in the coop."  I dropped everything and ran because the way he sounded I was convinced there were half a dozen dead birds in there...but instead, I found the prettiest little brown egg I've ever seen.That it should happen this morning, of all mornings, just brings me the deepest joy.
Girl, your picture looks alot like my daughter and your post title is EXACTLY what I came in here to ask about!
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