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My 2nd Gen. FR are growing like weeds and only a few are lagging.... They are so active and rambunctious, I love watching them. I am happy to say there is a market for them, I have half of them sold already.. I will start posting pics soon..
I had that happen with a chick and the mom had buried it under the shavings and when i found it, it was almost dead and ended up dying a short while later.. I would dig in the shavings if I were you.. Just to make sure..
I would take it back too, that is alot of food to have to regrind yourself and you didn't get what you paid for..
What % protein is your feed and do you feed 24/7?? I lost 2 birds to flip the last week and I processed at 8wks.. You run a risk of losing birds the longer you wait... I would choose the 19th..
I would seperate her and the babies from the flock for at least a month.. I fenced off an area and used an old dog house for shelter.... It's just too much for a new mama to constantly have to defend her babies, it sounds like she is just really stressed out.. I think you will be happier if you give them their own area for a while, she will probably settle right down..
Price per bird, bedding costs, processing costs, supplies, electricity.. My total was $10.50 per bird this last time and they ate over 15lbs of feed per bird.. They had access to feed 24/7... My birds averaged 4.5lbs processed at 8wks.
Thank you Bossroo, that is what I thought too.. I wondered how you would get the biggest bird possible, if you didn't start with the biggest birds..
Is it still with the mama?? If so she would be able to take care of it outside from day one.. If not I would wait til it is almost full grown, otherwise it will get picked on and it doesn't have brothers and sister to snuggle with to stay warm.
My cats are free to roam (they use the doggy door).. My neighbors love that we have two females that love to hunt (no mice problems).. They do kill birds, but have yet to mess with my chickens.. I live in the country and refuse to keep my animals cooped up in the house.. Cat boxes are disgusting and unhealthy, that's JMO...
Good luck and keep me posted..
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