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aw I'm sorry!   My little one might have died last night in the cold, but I decided to look with a flashlight to make sure he was tucked away under the mom before I went to bed. Nope! Only one baby under dog, Munchie, found the other baby across the run and I was able to tuck him or her in in time. whew  :) He/she is doing fine today.
That is what I thought too  :)  Welcome to BYC!
I just love the way they look pecking around in the green grass, all sizes, colors, ages...its so peaceful.   I have been adding babies, new hens, problems so far! There are even a couple of days old babies in this mix, following the mom. I do have a few older roosters outside the main enclosure, kind of free ranging because they were getting too rough on the girls.   I have noticed how my cochin bantam roos seem to court the new girls, very...
My lonely chick is now with his sibling and mom. He or she is doing fine. The goopy eye and bottom cleared up, the mom and sibling happily accepted him. He/she is a little slow responding to mom's call, but I think he/she is going to be fine.
Hopefully he will make it. I'm still trying to decide what to do with my lonely baby chick. His eye is still goopy, but seems fine other than that..I'm not sure I want him with the other seemingly healthy chick. 
I wonder if you could hatch it, keep it with you for a day, then sneak it under the mom the next night?
The reason I would definitely help that one along is because you don't have a mama or incubator. I think it would have a better chance out of the shell. Of course raising one baby alone is going to be an issue too. 
If it is pipping, it is ready to hatch. I have helped a few hatch before at that stage, and they thrived. I have left others to do it themselves even when the time seemed too long, and they did die. I would help it hatch if its been many hours without change. I guess I would give the others time in the shell, but if they are same age, I would probably help those along (or confirm death) in a day or so. Your makeshift incubator sounds good. You should aim for 100 degrees...
I had golf balls to start, and added real eggs a little later. I have only noticed one broody trait since the hens moved in. One of the hens fluffs up every once in awhile. They have mostly stayed on the perch in the sun while in the kennel coop, and when I had them in the yard, they pecked around in the grass, dustbathed, etc...I have nesting areas in many places and have shown them to the hens. 
Hi all. I adopted two broody hens last night and am eagerly awaiting for my eggs to arrive, but the hens don't seem interested in sitting anymore.   Any thoughts?
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