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I have a high roo to hen ratio too. They get along well, but the roosters always want to mate. One jumps on, and they all pile on! I have all the girls separated now while they regrow back feathers! The poor boys just walk all along the perimeter of the fence looking for a way in lol
Ideal Poultry does! I ordered silver laced and blue cochins a few weeks ago.
My thoughts exactly! I have beagle mixes and they won't harm my chicks. In fact one of them, loveesss the chicks and tries to take care of them. I posted a story recently of "Munchie." He stood guard over my young chicks when a large black snake was in the coop. He also herds them back towards the coop if they wander too much. The other two dogs, related/same breed, don't pay much attention to the birds, but won't hurt them.
The eggs are hatching :)  My australorp is very sweet. She doesn't even mind me looking and/or touching the babies.
Thank you for sharing!!! :)
 I haven't gotten my first turkeys yet, but I am leaning towards midget whites and bourbon reds. Both are heritage breeds (reproduce naturally) and I've read they have fantastic tasting meat. I don't eat much meat, but turkey is my favorite!  I will probably buy my first poults early spring 2013. I do like to incubate eggs, but I prefer letting the broody hens take care of babies. Bourbon reds are good moms so I hear...   I need to practice processing chickens. I haven't...
You're welcome! :)
okay...I guess that is probably the best method. Thanks. I was going to try the artery method, but I was so scared of hurting them and not doing the deed quickly enough. Did the towels secure them so they didn't move or run around afterwards?
How did you kill them? I am going to eventually learn to do this to help feed my family.
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