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Black Orpington or Black Australorp?  Either way, that's not typical.  Austalorps might have a couple of white tipped wing feathers, but not what you have.  Hopefully someone can identify them.
I don't have anyway to tell how old they are for sure.  Most breeds of hens lay at about 5-7 months, although we had some that didn't lay until after the winter so they were 9 months old.     Taming your chickens is a little easier, although it can take awhile.  First off, food goes a long way to making them feel friendly toward you.  Sunflower seeds, cracked corn, meal worms and table scraps are favorites.  Make sure anyone spending time with the chickens remembers...
She flew the coop (literally) when I reached for the eggs.  
She didn't budge until I reached for the eggs.  I had this little bird glaring at me in one box and a broody hen bristling at me in the next.  I was beginning to feel unwanted.  Hope this bird wasn't sick and passing something on to my chickens.
This is what I found in one of my nest boxes today.  One strange looking chicken.  
I put a dozen GL Polish in the incubator Sunday evening. I am a few days ahead, but would like to hatch along.  I have a broody hen that I am going to put eggs under on Saturday if thing go alright.  
Thanks everyone.  We had someone give us two meat chickens that they bought for Easter Pics and didn't want them.  My husband took them not knowing what they were.  I am trying to keep my distance, but the rooster is so excited to see me when I come in the pen with food.  He waddles up to me and then sits and stares adoringly at me.  (Not good.)  I am telling myself that they are outside in a pen, not overcrowded and being taken spoiled, so they are having a better life...
Had to cull one of the Belgian d'Uccle chicks we hatched about 6 weeks ago.  It was fine starting out, but sometime over the past couple of weeks, it stopped being able to stand up.  It would try and legs would shake, but it mostly moved on the lower leg.  Sometimes it would pitch forward and sometimes it would rock back and it's toes would come off the ground.  It was getting around in it's way and didn't seem to be in pain, but since it was a cockerel, and probably...
As long as the others aren't picking at her feathers, I wouldn't worry.  It just takes some longer than others.  
We almost always end up with at least one rooster when we buy pullets (unless we actually try to get one).  Some we have kept, some we dispatched and some we ate.  Our store does offer to refund your money for the non-pullets, since they are always more expensive.  However, my DH knows the manager at our farm store and he told her that we would be returning any roos this year.  
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