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I threaten to make mine into throw rugs and pillows.  Then they laugh at me and go find my stash of walnuts.
Maybe you should stop bathing in au jus!!  I dunno what we'll do with em after we bash em though.  They don't look at all like they'd make good eating.  Even with sauce.
I have one that has to have half a Klonopin during thunderstorms.
Wow, that's way more trouble than it used to be![img][/img]
Well, I don't have a llama, but they do eat and roll in horse poop, they eat all my walnuts on a regular basis, and one of my retired champions totally just puked in my bed.  Does that count?
What am I doing wrong with the image?  You used to could just put a URL from Flickr in between those img brackets...someone help me out here.And out of the ten, I have at least EIGHT that are straight up smooth criminals.  That's why they're called the ninjas.
And I have ten poodles in residence currently, so I win the poodle-basher's crown!    8 minis and 2 standards.
Life's been upside down, but I want things back to normal!  Hubby had a debilitating brain injury that he is recovering from, and I'm trying to figure out how to support us all, help him get better, and not lose my mind.  How 'bout you?
Delta, who just celebrated her 12th birthday and posed for this pic today, resembles these remarks.BelindaCentral ArkansasWELL, SHOOT.  I've apparently been gone too long to remember how to link pics.  Trust me, it's a dog. 
Hey, guys!  I am looking for a source of fresh, free-range (that part is important) eggs for a friend who is a college professor in Birmingham.  Anyone got any leads for me?  Thanks!
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