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sdm111, Do you have any other Sweaters? What line are they?
They are Rat Graves, I got them from Bruce. Actually the Leiper in my avatar is one directly from him. I bred him tosome Leiper hens from Gary Cooper, I then took the pullets from this mating and bred them back to a Leiper cockfrom Gary Cooper. The results were amazing. I made a few different blends of the two lines, but for me this was the most impressive.
This guy does have some good birds. My family of Leipers are made up of his Leipers and the Leipers of Pinnon Hatch farms.I bred more to the High Noon gamefarm side as I found his Leipers to be more calm and easily handled. If you wanted somegood Leiper blood, you've made a good choice. Check out some of my photos.
Hey Antietam, another Leiper lover I assume. How do like them? Check these guys out.  
Saladin, I just recently purchased him. He could use a little clean up on the trim job. I bought him for breeding purposes. He's got a great temperament, easily handled, nice solid tall stationed body and beautiful healthy feathering. When I picked him out I let the earlobes slide. 
Sweater Broodcock
Hey Jungle and Cuda, show us some of those quality gamefowl you possess. I would love to see them.
 I have two lines of Clarets. One is direct from "Its gametime gamefarm"..very beautiful dark red, white legged birds.The other line came direct from "Pinnon Hatch Farms" which come yellow legged. Most of the chicks produced this yearwere an infusion of both lines although I did order some more day old Claret chicks from Pinnon Hatch farms. Lots of culling.Both lines are Madigin Clarets.
I'll get some up soon. Most of the Clarets I have are still fairly young. I have a couplegoing through a molt right now that I'm really impressed with. Can't wait for them to feather out.
 They are pea combed. I've heard of some Leiper Hatches coming straight combed once in awhilebut generally they are a pea combed bird, never rose combed. 
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