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Here's one of my sweater hens. Not the best pic but it shows her conformation.
Thanks Kung Fu Rooster. One thing I can say about my Leipers, they are very uniform. Not many surprises. 
Here are some young Leiper pullets about 3 and a half months old
So you get into those fights too? What I would do.... is sell a couple and then buy her something nice, she'll look at your chickens differently. She'll still think your a chicken nut though.
That's Clarets for ya. I'm a sucker for wine red birds.
Thanks Farm Raised, Yeah those pullets are like diamonds to me.
Young Madigin Clarets.... Yellow and White leg
What about the hen/hens the eggs were from?
Just lookin out for ya. His previous posts suggested his unfamiliarity with American game strains. Alot of strain names get thrownaround quite a bit and sometimes names get thrown at fowl just on how they look without knowing their background. I'm not sayingthat's what he did but if you're going to play the name game make sure you have the right blood and know the background.Especially if you sell.
I've seen this picture on this thread many of times. It's Jungleexplorers. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he never knew exactly what strain it was. He always referred to it as BBR. 
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