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I called the people of purina and asked if feeding flock raiser to my laying hens would cause them to lay bigger eggs because of the increased protien. They said that the amount of protien had nothing to do with egg size. After some experimenting I can tell you that extra protien causes lots of big eggs. There is also increased manure production. I turned down the protien untill I can figure out what the best percentage is.
They sell the layer pellet size by me. I didn't know if they would swell up in their bellies like the bird and the wedding rice thing.
Can I feed alfalfa pellets without soaking them first?
What do you do about them laying eggs in the bushes and tall grass?
I sell my eggs as well and I use the red and black stars. The feed conversion, foraging ability, and attitude are great. What I do is use the different colors to tell how old they are. Happy Egg Selling 
A friend of mine has been using it for years in his horses water to keep flies down. I think it works. He had 4 horses at the time I was there last and I don't remember more than 1 or 2 flies in the area.
1. makes it so parasites have a hard time living in their bellies.2. Acts somewhat as a nutrient source.3. keeps their water dispenser from getting slimy.4. helps keep flies down in the summer because it is in their bodies and their manure. others please add to the list of benefits.It is 1 tablespoon per gallon
I would like to start an egg and broiler co-op can anyone help? What are the steps to get started? Any resources you have would be helpful.
How about feeding the grey stripe sunflower seeds that have been hulled? I saw on the bag that they were 23% protein. I was going to mix it into their feed for winter.
Ok I will put the regular in then go looking again for the raw stuff. Thank you
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