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Oooh some people make me so mad! I went out to feed this morning and found one of my roosters with a bunch of string wrapped around his legs. It looked like someone tried to tie them together and he got away, but he was having trouble walking. There was no string or cloth anywhere near that pen yesterday > Just one more reminder to get a memory card for my game cam. Makes me so mad!
Lisan1984, I'll bet it's a duck egg. Chickens seem to need a bare minimum of 4.5 months before they're old enough to lay, usually longer. My turkeys didn't start laying until they were close to a year old, from what I saw. Ace, your coop looks great! Good job! I still need to get some feed bags to you for hand bags My husband thought I was a goofball for that, but I don't care. Cynthia, sorry about the roo collar. That boy is gorgeous.
Thank you both. They are Icelandic, with the exception of the penguin chick. That one is half Icelandic. I'm 99% sure it's momma was my Leghorn I just lost. I just love them, even though I'll have to sell most of them.Lisa, I think three are crested Yum!Madchicken, those smooth sizzles are beautiful. I like their creamy color.Iluv, love the pictures of your fluffballs
Wow. Cynthia, that blue roo is stunning! Lisa, I hope Cinders ends up looking like that. Gorgeous! Rural, all I gotta say is that Lisa is a huge sweetheart, and such a charming host Lisa......too bad I don't live closer to you. I've got a couple of roos that would probably fix that hen real of my boys is a total softie, but the alpha roo thinks he's Mr. Macho and the third boy is young and super insistent on doing his job, haha. I had to put my psycho hen...
Aww Cynthia, what a cute baby duck Welcome, Grammie!
The Leghorn mix.
Elk, very sorry about your brother in law. Your family is in my prayers. Cynthia, yay I think? I have a total of six chicks out of the incubator. The seventh wasn't doing well and passed (chick from a crushed egg) Interesting side note, the last chick to hatch probably came from the hen I just lost. It has Exchequer coloring
Sorry, which blog did you mean? If it's the gardening blog, here you go: http://thedesertpicker.blogspot.comI have six chicks! Five Icelandics and one Icee x Leghorn, which is awesome, because I just lost my Leghorn hen the other day. They are all beautiful. I'll get pictures up when I can.
Thanks Mary. Lost the struggling chick last night, but I think something was wrong with it. Gaela is a pretty girl Haha, thanks Ace
I have five babies hatched now! One more egg is pipped, and another is jiving around inside like it's getting ready. I'm kind of in shock that I have this many eggs hatching. Here are the first four. I now have a blonde baby in there, as well. The bottom most chick is really struggling. I had two eggs that got cracked pretty bad by some rowdy hens a few days ago, and this one came from one of the damaged eggs. It is beautiful. Light underbelly, chocolatey back and gold...
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